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Harry could hear murmuring coming from the kitchen and knew that they were talking about him.  It angered him to know that they were deliberately talking about him behind his back.  He didn't know why he was so upset lately, but why the heck not?  His life at the Dursley's had to gone to hell in a hand basket.  The only time he could remember ever truly being happy was when he was at Hogwarts with his friends.  Now he just felt contempt for them.  He had never felt so disoriented in all his life.  He knew he needed to just get over it and move on.  But somehow, Harry didn't think it was going to be that easy. 

The sound of his name being said many times in the kitchen finally got the better of him and he decided to get up and see what they were talking about.  He slowly got up from the couch and gingerly made his way into the hall that led to the kitchen.  As he drew closer, he could hear their voices more clearly.

"I'm really worried about him.  I've never seen him be so distant before.  It can't be healthy for him, especially after everything he has been through in the past few years." He heard the unmistakable voice of Molly Weasley coming through loud and clear.  "If I could just get my hands on those horrible people, ring their fat bloody necks, it would just make my day." She said with a little hate filtering into her voice.  'You and me both, lady' Harry thought to himself. 

"I know you're worried about him Molly, we all are."  Dumbledore's voice seemed full of wisdom as he spoke.  "If I had only known what was going on there, I would have put a stop to it immediately."  Harry could hear the anger and pain in Dumbledore's voice.  He knew everyone in the room hated what had happened to him.  He had half the urge to walk into the room and give everyone hugs, and where that urge came from, God only knew. 

"What about his stuff dad?  We have to get it for him.  Hedwig is still there, and you know Harry would die if anything happened to her."  Ron's voice carried out into the hallway and Harry felt a sudden surge of gratefulness that Ron had thought of her. 

"None of his things were in his room; he was locked in it as a matter of fact." Arthur spat this little tid-bit of information through clinched teeth as he remembered the scene that had unfolded when he finally was able to get through the door.   Everyone in the room looked fit to be tied.  "I don't think he's had anything to eat in a few days, probably longer by the looks of him.  We should probably try and get him to eat something when he wakes up." 

"Alright then, I will make him something to eat when he gets up, if he's asleep at all.  It looks like he hasn't had much of that either.  No surprise though, probably worried that his uncle would come in and beat the holy living tar out of him."  Everyone looked extremely grave at this prospect.  "Arthur, why don't you and the twins go back to the Dursley's and pick up his things.  They're probably in the cupboard like last year."  Molly said as she stood up to get started on making an extremely large meal for all the people who had gathered at her house.  Also, she planned on Harry gaining a few pounds before he left her sight.  At this, there was a loud sound of chairs being scooted away from the table.  Harry knew now would be a very good time to get his butt back on the couch before they realized he had been eavesdropping on them.  He half limped and half ran back to the living room and carefully laid himself back down, right in time, as he could hear someone entering the room.  He felt someone touch his back and involuntarily flinched away from the contact.  "Oh, Harry."  It was Hermione's voice.  He could tell she had started to cry, she still thought he was asleep.  He wanted to turn over and tell her that everything was alright, but in the back of his mind, he knew it would be a lie.  His anger resurfaced at the thought of the Dursley's.  His hatred of the Dursley's ranked right up there with Voldemort and Wormtail.  He felt Hermione get up and leave, her spot only to be replaced a few minutes later by Ron. 

"You're awake, aren't you?"  Harry was mildly surprised by the question. He slowly turned over and looked Ron in the eyes.  "We've shared the same dorm room for the past four years. You should have known I would know whether you were actually asleep or just faking it." 

"Yeah."   Harry said dully, turning his head away from Ron. 

"Dad, Fred, and George just got back with your things.  Hedwig's okay."  Ron said, trying to lighten the mood. 

"We're they there?"  Harry had turned his head back and looked at Ron again. 

"No, they weren't.  But dad said he warned them not to be there when they came back."

"Figures.  They're too scared of what 'wizards' would do to them." He paused for a moment, looking somewhat dejectedly towards the wall.  "I should have been able to stop him."

"Harry, no offense, but one punch from that oversized buffalo and I would have been unconscious for a month.  You couldn't use magic, it's against the rules.  There was nothing you could do.  In the muggle world, you're just an ordinary kid.  Now quit blaming yourself for something that was totally out of your control.  It was not your fault."  Ron stated the last part in slow syllables, as if talking to a deaf person. 

"Thank you captain obvious."  Harry smiled a little, although he still didn't feel totally better.  "Now get out of here so I can get some sleep."

"Alright then.  Sleep well."  Ron stood up from his position on the floor and walked out of the living room.  Harry rolled back over, and quickly fell into a fitful sleep. 


Harry could sense a presence just beyond his vision.  He looked over and saw what looked to be a person lying on the ground.  As he viewed the rest of the ground around him, he realized where he was.  A cemetery.  He also knew who was lying on the ground, it was Cederic.  An intense pain started growing in his scar.  He could see Voldemort coming ever closer to his prone body.  He couldn't move and could only watch as Voldemort took out his wand.  With a bright flash of light, the scenery suddenly changed.  He was standing just outside of Hogwarts.  And what he saw next horrified him beyond comprehension.  With a sickening thud he tried to look away from the grisly sight, but he seemed stuck to the spot.  There were bodies littering the front of the castle, and the Dark Mark was hovering above the school.  The pain in his scar had become unbearable.  He was slightly aware of the fact that he was screaming….

"Harry!  Harry, wake up!"  The voice broke through his dream state and sent him hurdling into the present.  His eyes shot open so fast that the people in the room had to stifle a yell.  He gasped for breath and sat up, holding his scar all the while.  He found himself being cradled in the comforting arms of Molly Weasley.  He was dimly aware of the fact that it didn't exactly bother him that she was making physical contact with him.  "It's okay Harry, it was only a dream.  Just calm down."  Harry had no intention of calming down.  People were going to die, he just knew it. 

"I think Voldemort is going to attack Hogwarts."  He blurted out suddenly, silencing the people that had gathered in the room after they had heard his blood curdling screams. 

"Come again?" 

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