Authors Note; This came about from another challenge on TTH, where you're supposed to put a bunch of names in a hat and shake it about, then pulling at random. What I've done is get four different hat's, so to speak, and placed different things in each. One is names, where I then pull two out and they become the story's pairing. Next up is setting, i.e. which season and whether or not it's time travel or alternate universe, etc. The third 'hat' has the complication; Vampire, spell, human law, so on. Finally, the fourth 'hat' contains names of bad guys, like Illyria, Zankou, Angelus and so forth.

Are you with me so far? Great. Let's get started on the first challenge.

*shaking my 'hat'*


Stream Of Fire

Pairing: Spike/Doyle.
Setting: Angel Post-Series.
Complication: Guns.
Villain: Warren Meers.

Whether or not Spike was the only survivor at the end of NFA is completely up to you, but he has to survive. Other things that are up to the author is where the story is set and how much time has passed since the end of the show. Anyway, moving on...

The Powers That Be send Doyle back down to earth, with his visions back now that Cordelia is dead, to help guide the other Vampire with a soul, who has been feeling lost since the fight against the Circle. They don't tell him much, just like with Angel, only that Spike needs to get back on a certain path. The visions are meant to guide him, as they did with his Grandsire before him.

While the two men try to move past their own memories and previous experiences with dying to save the world, a force of great evil is dabbling in dangerous magic, as they attempt to revive the armies of the First. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, they make a griveous mistake somewhere along the way and end up resurrecting an old foe of the Sunnydale team, instead.

Whether Warren returns completely human, with his skin still off like in the comics or something completely third, is up to the author. But he has to go after either Spike or Doyle, and like with Tara's death, he has to use guns to do it.

This story should then introduce firearms into Spike's fights, especially after having known someone like Wesley, who was more than comfortable with a set of automatics.

How you decide to start the romance between Spike and Doyle is also up to you, as long as they go beyond friendship. The pairing doesn't have to be love, but it has to be physical, at the very least. If this squicks you, move on to the next challenge, please :)

I think that's it, though I should give a few guidelines, just in case you decide to follow this challenge to the T and not change anything. I'm not completely comfortable with lemons, and I don't just mean because it's slash, I mean in general. I love fade-to-black :) I love plot-driven stories, with twists and turns and I definitely don't mind an unhappy ending, or even an NFA ending, where the rest is left up to the imagination of the reader.

Feel free to review this, and tell me your thoughts, even if you have no interest in taking on the challenge.