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"I'm here to see Dr. Novak."

The receptionist looked through the glass at the dark haired, blue eyed man in confusion. "Do you have an appointment?" she asked hesitantly.

Castiel sighed knowing when he made the appointment; it was going to look weird for a grown man to see a pediatrician. "Yes, I do have an appointment. My name is…"

"Cassie!" Gabe came up behind the receptionist, a lollipop hanging out of his mouth.

"But sir, he's not a child…"stuttered the woman at the desk.

Gabe laughed. "It's fine Becky, I make exceptions for family. This is my brother, Cassie…"

"Castiel." he interrupted, giving his brother an irritated look.

Becky's eyes widened. "You're Castiel?" she breathed.

Castiel recognized that look and felt a small stab of anxiety before squashing it down. He glared at his brother. "You told her, didn't you?"

Gabe had the grace to look a little guilty before he resumed his usual smirk. "That's what happens when the girls here at the office take me out for my birthday and force drinks on me."

"Sir, you only had one drink before you were telling us that Castiel was…"

"You must be mistaken, Becky." Gabriel hastily cut off, going to the door to let his brother in to lead him to one of the exam rooms.

Castiel followed Gabriel down the hall to the last examination room. "Now Cassie," Gabriel started once Castiel sat in one of the chairs instead of on the table, "what's been the problem?"

Castiel knew Gabriel was trying to avoid the conversation he knew was coming about telling people his identity. Gabriel must have seen the look on his face because he added, "I only told Becky and Charlie. Charlie won't tell anybody, I promise. As for Becky, she is in such awe of you that she would probably willingly die to protect your privacy. From other people that is, maybe not so much from her though." Gabriel laughed.

Castiel simply nodded and let the subject drop. Gabriel cleared his throat. "So tell me, what brings you here?"

"I'm just not feeling like myself. I'm getting headaches all the time and I'm having a hard time sleeping. I just feel lethargic…." he trailed off.

Gabriel really looked at his baby brother. He could see that Castiel looked pale and a little haggard. "Cassie," he started out gently, "I think your problem is really stress. I would understand with your deadlines and what happened to you a few months ago. On top of that, you just moved nearly a thousand miles to be closer to family, which I think it's funny that you moved to be closer to only one relative instead going back to our hometown."

Castiel couldn't look his brother in the eye. He knew he was right. As for moving to the same town as Gabe, well, he was the one he felt the closest to unlike Michael and Raphael who tended to be more aloof. Gabriel was different from all of them, always trying to put a smile on somebody face with his antics. That's probably why he was such a popular doctor with children.

"I have an idea. You need to get out more and meet people. You also need to relieve some of that stress and I have the perfect solution. Join a gym."

Castiel let out a small huff of laughter. "A gym? Come on, I don't have time for that or the inclination."

"Well make time because if you don't, you won't be any use to anybody. Doing regular exercise will help relieve stress and help you sleep. That will also help with your headaches as well. I know the perfect place!" Gabriel took one of his prescription pads and started scribbling. He handed it to Castiel with a flourish.

"Join Gym Winchester?" he arched an eyebrow. "As in Sam Winchester? Are you trying to promote your boyfriend's gym, Gabe? A boyfriend, I might add, have yet to meet."

"Yes, Sam and his brother own the gym. Regardless, I would still send you there because I was a member there before I even met Sam. Besides, the exercise will do you good and there are a lot of nice and interesting people there. Some are even more eccentric than you." Gabriel laughed.

This time Castiel let out a real laugh. "You…workout? Since when?"

Gabriel popped the sucker out of his mouth. "Do you see how much candy I eat? If I didn't exercise, I wouldn't fit through the door!"

"Okay, okay, I'll do it. What's the worst that could happen?"

The next day, Castiel met his brother at Gym Winchester. He was going to kill two birds with one stone by getting a membership and meeting Gabriel's boyfriend, Sam. Castiel stepped out of his car, wrapping his overcoat around him a little tighter to ward off the bitter wind. He stared up at the building that housed the gym. It was once a high school before a new one was built ten years earlier. The old school was converted into apartments for the exception of the part of the school that was devoted to physical education. Gym Winchester took over that part of the building. It boasted a gymnasium, pool, weight room and cardio rooms.

He hurried up the steps and walked into the lobby, seeing Gabriel leaned over the reception counter talking to a young blonde woman. They both looked at Castiel when he entered. The blonde girl straightened up and gave him a smile. Gabriel strode over and gave him a hug in which Castiel awkwardly returned.

"Cassie, you made it! Hey, what are you wearing?" Gabriel frowned at Castiel's attire. Castiel looked down and didn't see anything wrong with his dark suit, blue tie and overcoat. "What? I had a meeting today." he shrugged.

Gabriel laughed. "So you planned on working out in a trench coat? Lucky for you, I had a feeling you wouldn't be prepared so I packed you something to wear." He smirked as he handed him a duffel bag. Castiel nodded his head in thanks.

Gabriel grabbed his arm and took him to the counter. "Jo, this is my baby brother Cassie…"


". . .and Cassie, this is Jo, one of the personal trainers here. She's also one of the kickboxing instructors and she's damn good, so make sure you don't make her angry. She'll kick your ass."

Jo laughed. "Hi Castiel, it's nice to meet you." She gave him a handshake. "I was just telling Gabe here that I'll start you on your paperwork and when you are finished, Sam should be done with his client. He can show you around the gym."

Jo handed him some forms to fill out. He went to one of the tables off to the side and got to work. Gabriel went back to talking to Jo. He couldn't make out what they were talking about, but he could hear Jo give an occasional laugh to whatever Gabriel was saying to her.

Castiel finished up and handed the paperwork back to Jo. She took his credit card information and went to the back to make copies for him. By this time, Gabriel had wandered off to who knows where, leaving Castiel standing alone at the counter. The door of gym opened, letting a little of the winter air breeze momentarily through the lobby as a man stepped in.

Castiel stood frozen as he unabashedly stared at the man. He was tall, a little taller than Castiel with light brown hair. He was wearing a leather jacket and jeans, with a black gym bag slung over his shoulder. As he stepped closer, he looked up and Castiel saw the man had an almost pretty face with perfectly shaped lips, freckles and sparkling green eyes. The man was simply breathtaking. Literally because Castiel felt like he couldn't breathe.

The green-eyed man smiled and then looked around at the deserted lobby. "Have you been helped?"

You can help by giving me CPR, Castiel thought. His breath finally came stuttering back to him in a small whoosh. "Erm, yes, Jo was just making copies of the membership forms." It sounded like his deep voice dropped an octave to his ears. He saw the man's eyes widen fractionally before his smile grew bigger.

"So you are joining the gym? That's great man! I'm Dean." He offered out his hand.

"Castiel." He took Dean's hand and as cliché as it sounded, he felt electricity go up his arm. He quickly dropped his hand and awkwardly looked anywhere but at Dean.

"Well, nice meeting you Cas, hope to see you around here often." He gave him a wink before heading downstairs.

"So, I see you met Dean." Castiel jumped and turned around to see a smirking Gabriel next to a giant of a man with floppy brown hair and kind hazel eyes.

"Castiel, this is the love of my life, Sam. Sam, this is my too serious of a baby brother Castiel." Gabriel smiled, happy to have his two favorite people in the world finally getting to meet. Castiel looked up at Sam and saw a slight blush cross his cheekbones, most likely from Gabriel's "love of my life" comment.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Sam." Castiel smiled as he shook Sam's hand. They exchanged a few pleasantries and promised to all meet up at Gabe's house one night for dinner.

"Okay, let's get you to the locker room to change and I'll show you around and how all the equipment works. I'll introduce you to the staff. You already met Jo and it appears you already met my brother Dean."

"That's your b-brother?" Castiel couldn't help to stutter out. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gabriel's smirk increase.

"We own the gym together. He does personal training and teaches some classes. He also heads the bootcamp that we offer here." Sam supplied as they walked downstairs to the locker rooms.

Since Sam and Gabriel were already dressed for the gym, Gabe in gray sweatpants and t-shirt and Sam in black athletic pants and a white polo shirt with Gym Winchester across the top right of the shirt, they stayed in the hall to wait for him.

Castiel went into the empty locker room and started to pull out the workout gear that Gabriel supplied. His mouth dropped open when saw what his brother so thoughtfully gave him to wear. In his right hand, he held a pair of obscenely short pink shorts. In his left hand was a black tank top with the lettering "I'm Sexy and I Know It" in neon purple letters.

"I'm going to murder him." he muttered as he placed the items on the bench, took off his overcoat and loosened his tie.