This is it. The final chapter.

"What's taking them so long?" Dean groused, laying on the horn for a third time.

"Quit honking. I'm sure the neighbors are about to come out here to kill you. It is six in the morning. I'll go to the door and see if they are up." Castiel laid his hand on Dean's arm when it appeared he was going for the horn for a fourth time.

"Tell Sammy he better get his ass up. He's the one that wanted to leave at this unholy hour."

"Are you always this grumpy in the morning?" Castiel asked, fighting his laughter at Dean's petulant mood.

"Laugh it up Chuckles. Just get those two up." Dean started strumming his fingers on the steering wheel most likely in an effort not to hit the horn again.

Castiel was still laughing when he got out of the Impala and walked up to the townhouse. When he got to the door, he went to ring the doorbell, but noises from within stopped him.

"Oh fucking yes, Sam! Harder baby!" an accompanying crash followed Gabriel's muffled cry through the door.

"Oh god Gabe, I'm com-…" Castiel raced back to the car before he could hear the rest of Sam's moans.

Dean gave him a perplexed look when Castiel slid back into the passenger seat.

"Well?" Dean huffed out his question.

"Well what?" Castiel stared straight ahead, feeling the red blush of embarrassment crawl up his neck to his face.

"Is Sam and Gabe coming or not?"

Castiel felt his face get hotter and muttered, "I don't know about Gabe, but Sam is definitely coming."

Castiel risked looking at Dean to see his brows drawn together. "Do I need to go up there and give them a hand?"

Castiel gave out a startled squeak at Dean's offer, not knowing whether to laugh or sink down further into the leather seat. Instead he leaned over Dean and frantically laid on the horn.

Dean gave an amused snort. "What about the precious neighbors?"

Castiel refused to look Dean in the eye. "Fuck the neighbors."

After Sam and Gabriel decided to join them in the car twenty minutes later with Sam sporting quite an impressive hickey on his neck, they finally had taken off for the over nine hour trip to Sioux Falls.

They made pretty good time, keeping the stops to a minimum for bathroom breaks or gas. The longest stop was when they stopped at a truck stop for gas. When they saw a diner attached, they stayed for lunch. Dean was on a mission to get to Bobby's by dinner time.

Early evening, the Impala rumbled past Bobby Singer's salvage yard, up to the house. Castiel was grateful to get out of the car to stretch his legs. He couldn't imagine how Sam felt being cooped up in the back seat for the entire ride. He had offered to give him shotgun, but he had just smiled and said he would rather stay in the back with Gabriel. He was afraid the reason for Sam's refusal was because the two of them wanted to fool around in the backseat.

He was right.

They had been travelling down the road for a while, windows down, classic rock blaring on the radio when it happened. Castiel was staring out the window, letting the cool air kiss his face when the car suddenly swerved. He gasped and gripped the door to keep from smashing into the frame. Dean pulled the car over and slammed it into park.

"What the hell are you two doing back there?" Dean roared.

Castiel whipped around to look at the guilty couple. Sam's face was red while Gabriel's was defiant. At first, Castiel couldn't see what Dean was angry about until he saw Gabriel's hand slip out of Sam's jeans. Castiel couldn't contain the shocked intake of breath at the size of Sam's bulge.

Good lord…that is impressive. Shit, what am I doing? I'm checking out Sam's package! He cringed. Dean was almost too large for him, but he couldn't imagine that monster…. Castiel snapped his eyes away, but not quick enough not to be noticed. Sam covered his eyes and groaned while Gabriel smirked knowingly.

Castiel turned to Dean to see his green eyes filled with jealousy and amusement at Castiel's reaction. Luckily, amusement won out. Dean chuckled at his chagrin expression. He then schooled his features and turned to the occupants in the backseat.

"What did I tell you about no funny business in the back of my baby? Couldn't you two wait until you had some privacy?"

"Hey, I went three days, l repeat, three days without sex because of Michael. I'm trying to make up for lost time."

"You didn't have sex because of Michael, but its okay to do things in front of me and Cas?" he asked incredulously.

"Michael is my oldest brother, the man that helped raise me. It would be like having sex with your parents in the next room. Now you and Cassie, I just like doing it because I know it pisses you two off." He laughed.

Dean growled. "Just knock it off….I don't want to see this. I need bleach for my eyes now." Dean shifted gears and got back onto the road.

Gabriel was done torturing Dean, but apparently not his baby brother. He leaned up in his seat and whispered in Castiel's ear.

"What did I tell you, Cassie? I really should erect a fucking shrine and pay homage to it daily…several times a day!"

"Please shut up, Gabe." He valiantly tried to stop the mental images.

"Cas? Cas! You in there?" Castiel jumped slightly when he saw Dean's hand wave in front of his face, interrupting his thoughts.

"Sorry, just spaced off for a moment." Castiel smiled and then looked up at the two story house that was next to the salvage yard. He saw an older, bearded man wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and an old ratty cap come out onto the porch. Castiel felt his nerves rise to the surface as they walked up to the house.

"About time you idjits got here." the man groused, but Castiel could see the love and affection in his eyes as he first hugged Sam and then Dean.

Castiel and Gabriel hung back a little to give the boys time to introduce them to Bobby. He could sense Gabriel's own nervousness as he shifted from foot to foot.

Before Sam or Dean could say anything, Bobby was down the steps and standing in front of them. "So, you're the angel boys, huh?"

Castiel and Gabriel looked at each other in confusion. "Angel boys, sir?" Castiel asked hesitantly.

"That's what these idjits here call you. Their angel boys." Bobby jerked a thumb over his shoulder to indicate the two suspiciously red faced men standing on the porch.

Gabriel's lips twitched, fighting a smile. "I don't know about Cassie here, but I know I'm pretty heavenly in the sack." Gabriel started to smirk, but realized what he said in front of Sam's father figure. An uncharacteristic rosy hue painted over Gabriel's face.

"Gabe!" Castiel whispered mortified, jabbing him in the side.

"It was because of your names. You two have angel names." Castiel could hear Sam mutter from the porch while Dean covered his face in embarrassment.

"Bobby, did you have to tell them?" Dean groaned.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't drunk call me, ya idjit!" Bobby snapped back with no real heat in his voice. "Angel boys was the least of the things you told me when you were drunk. There are some things I never needed to know about you," Bobby stopped to look at Castiel, appraisingly, "or your kinky ass sex life."

Castiel shot an accusing glare at Dean, wishing a hole would open up in the ground and swallow him.

Dean's eyes rolled heavenward. "Just kill me now."

Gabriel started to choke on his laughter. "I think I like you Mr. Singer."

"I'm still reserving judgment on you." Bobby told Gabriel gruffly, but the old man's eyes crinkled with suppressed laughter.

After they got their bags inside and got settled, the boys joined Bobby in the backyard where he was grilling steaks. Bobby wasn't much of a cook, too busy to eat nothing more than what he could heat up from a can, but he was the master when it came to grilling.

"Smells good, Bobby." Sam sniffed appreciatively as Dean, Castiel and Gabriel scanned the side dishes.

"Did you make all this?" Dean asked in disbelief, staring at the array of food that looked too good to be made by Bobby's hands.

"No, I had help." Bobby stared intently at the sizzling steaks. A little too intently.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Who helped you?" Dean tried to go for nonchalant, but knew he failed with he heard Sam's snicker.

Bobby adjusted the brim of his cap and fidgeted with the steaks. "Ah, Jody helped me."

Sam and Dean broke out in surprised laughter. "The sheriff? About damn time old man." Dean slapped Bobby on the back.

"All she did was make some sides for me, don't be making anything of it." Bobby grumbled as he turned back toward the grill.

Soon, it was time to eat and everybody helped themselves. At first, Castiel and Gabriel was mostly quiet, listening to Dean and Sam talk excitingly about their plans for the gym and how Dean, with Castiel's encouragement, decided to go back to school to study physical therapy. Once he graduated, Dean's practice would be an extension of the gym.

"So, I would work only with physical therapy patients while Sam will be working on the health club side of the business. When the time comes, we will probably have to hire another trainer to replace me, but I think it will work." Dean said earnestly.

"Of course it will. If there was one thing I know about you boys, you always manage to land on your feet and make the most of things."

Dean beamed when he saw the pride shining in Bobby's eyes. Castiel must have seen it too because he could feel his hand take a hold of his under the table and gave a squeeze.

Dean looked over at Castiel. His blue eyes seemed to shimmer and glow in the fading light. He felt his mouth tip into a crooked smile and gave Castiel's hand a squeeze back.

"They are eye-fucking again." Gabriel pointed out to Sam in a stage whisper.

"Boy, you don't need to point out the obvious. We all have damn eyes." Bobby retorted as he continued to cut into his steak. He then lifted up his knife and pointed it in Dean and Castiel's direction.

"Your room is next to mine, so while you're here, I don't want to be hearing anything coming from that bedroom that's going to induce nightmares."

Dean choked on his beer causing Castiel to give him a few thumps on his back as he flushed red. Sam and Gabriel roared with laughter, Sam's knee bumped up against the underside of the table, nearly toppling it over.

Bobby grabbed his plate to keep it from knocking onto the floor. "Damn idjits," he muttered affectionately, with a small smile on his weathered face.

The week at Bobby's flew by too quickly in Castiel's opinion. Dean and Sam showed the brothers all their favorite places. One night, Dean and Castiel snuck out of the house like teenagers and drove the Impala to one of the places Dean would take girls to when he was in high school.

Apparently, the place wasn't so secret anymore because when Castiel was straddling Dean in the backseat, both of them shirtless, the windows steamed up, there was a knock on the passenger side window.

Even though he was embarrassed to be caught, he couldn't help to find Dean adorable as he stuttered his way through an explanation to Sheriff Mills who only laughed and told him she was glad to see him back in town.

Also during the week, they ran into one of Sam's best friends, Jess. At first, Gabriel appeared jealous when Sam's face brightened and smothered the blonde in a big hug. Jess was Sam's first and only girlfriend. She was the one that seemed to realize before even Sam did that he was gay. She also was by his side when he came out to Bobby and Dean.

After realizing what she had done for Sam, he too gave her a big hug and the two had become inseparable during the rest trip, much to Sam's delight and chagrin. Sam realized quickly that Gabriel and Jess loved swapping stories about him. Embarrassing stories. Castiel noticed that Sam seemed happy though that his boyfriend and best friend was getting along so well.

On the last day of the trip, everybody was loading up the car, but Castiel ran back to the room to grab the last bag. That was where Bobby had found him.

"Hey Castiel," Bobby greeted as he came into the room.

"Hello, Mr. Singer." Castiel smiled as he zipped up his duffel bag.

"I told you to call me Bobby." he stated gruffly.


"While I have a moment alone with you, I wanted to say something."

Castiel felt his body tighten up with nerves. Apparently Bobby noticed too and frowned.

"Take it easy boy, it's nothin' bad."

Castiel relaxed and gave a shaky laugh.

Bobby rubbed the back of his neck and Castiel found it endearing since he'd seen Dean do that numerous times himself when he was nervous.

"Yes Bobby?"

"I just wanted to say, I like you. You're good for Dean. It appears you bring out the best in him and I can tell that boy loves you. I don't know if you know this or not, but Dean has never really officially came out as liking both men and women even though everybody seemed to know. I've only seen him date women, never men. And he's never brought anybody, man or woman, home to meet me. So when he told me he was bringing you up here with him, I knew you must be pretty damn special." Bobby sighed and rubbed his neck again before continuing.

"That boy has a difficulty with loving anybody. Sam and me, we're the only ones he showed love to after his parents died. Ever since then, he had this damn fool notion in his head that if he loved somebody, they'd leave 'im. So, for him to love you, that's a pretty damn big deal. You better treasure that and not disappoint or hurt him. If you do, I have a sawed off in my closet and I have no compunction in using it."

Castiel nodded. "Don't worry, Bobby, I know the gift I've been given and I will never take it for granted." He told Bobby, sincerity bleeding through his voice.

"Good, keep it that way. Better get down there before those yahoos leave you." He said gruffly, obviously done with the uncomfortable heart-to-heart and left the room.

Castiel missed Dean. He missed him so much that he was arriving home early from his book tour to see him.

The book tour had been a revelation for Castiel. Before the Nick incident, he had always been wary of crowds, but Nick had exacerbated it to the point where the fear was overwhelming at times. Now that he knew he no longer had anything to worry about, he was able to finally relax and enjoy the signings and his fans.

Apparently the news of the Nick incident had spread like wildfire with the fans and they tended to view him as some romantic hero from a sappy novel. He would just laugh it off, uncomfortable with the praise.

The one day during the tour that Castiel got to see Dean was when he was in Chicago. The fans went crazy over them and were convinced that Dean was the inspiration for Dane even though he created the character long before he met Dean. Castiel never noticed though that his description of Dane, both physically and personality wise were eerily similar.

Anna catching on to what the fans were saying, made the joke that if Dean was needing money for school, he should pose for the covers of Castiel's books. Before Dean could whip out a wise ass remark, a few fans had overheard what Anna had said and insisted that they have their picture taken with "Dane".

Castiel had never laughed as much as he did that day, watching Dean's long suffering expression as he took picture after picture with fans. Dean was more popular that day than he was.

However, that was a week and a half ago and he was anxious to get home. Indianapolis was his last stop so instead of spending the night and leaving the next morning as planned, he left directly after the signing for home.

He made it back to Pontiac in just over three hours where he drove straight to the gym. It was a few minutes before closing and he knew Dean was working late.

"Castiel, welcome back!" Jo greeted from the counter.

"It's good to be back." He smiled and looked around for Dean.

Jo gave him a knowing smile. "He just ushered the last person out of here. I think he's at the pool right now. Can you tell him I'm locking up and getting out of here when you find him?"

"I can do that. Thanks Jo." He made his way to the pool to find Dean putting pool equipment away.

"Hello, Dean."

He chuckled when Dean jumped slightly and whirled around. "Cas? You weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow."

"I couldn't stay away, I missed you too much."

Dean's face softened as he strode over to Castiel to envelop him in a hug. "I missed you too, Cas. So glad you're home." Dean closed what little distance there was between them and kissed Castiel in welcome.

The chaste kiss quickly sizzled out of control as they grasped at each other tightly, gasping into one another's mouth.

Dean was the first to pull away and once he caught his breath, he gave Castiel a wicked grin. "You know, I never did give you that last training session. I think now is the perfect time to do that. Strip and get into the pool."

Normally Castiel would balk at the suggestion for fear of somebody seeing them, but he knew Jo would have left by now and they had the entire gym to themselves. He quickly shucked his button up shirt, jeans and boxers and jumped in the pool.

Dean followed suit, splashing into the pool, Castiel was mesmerized as he watched ripples flow outward from Dean's lightly golden body.

"I'm going to see how fast you can swim a lap. I'll be timing you." Dean mockingly threatened him. Castiel laughed at the lack of a stopwatch, but started swimming.

Castiel hadn't gotten very far when he realized that Dean was chasing him, trying to distract him by grabbing an ankle or briefly running a hand over his naked ass causing Castiel to sink and sputter.

Dean lazily swam ahead. "Come on Cas, you're too slow, you can do better than that."

Castiel growled and narrowed his eyes. He started swimming again, this time being the one to chase Dean. Once they got back to the shallow end, Castiel got a hold of Dean and pushed his chest into the edge of the pool.

Dean shoved his ass against Castiel's hardened arousal, causing both men to moan.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you." Castiel growled into Dean's neck, his hands running over his slick body, feeling goosebumps follow in their wake.

"I have a pretty good idea," Dean rasped and then moaned when Castiel pushed one finger in from underneath the water.

Castiel nipped at Dean's neck and shoulders as he worked a finger in and then two. His other hand ran up Dean's chest to pinch his nipple, working on one and then the other until both were red and tender. They were so sensitive from Castiel's ministrations that even the pool water lapping against them made him gasp and push back onto Castiel's fingers even more.

When Castiel felt that Dean was stretched enough, he replaced his fingers with the head of his cock. He eased into Dean, water not making the best lubricant, but it was all they had to work with at the moment.

"You're so damn tight." Castiel breathed into the shell of Dean's ear as Dean's ass clamped down on his cock. As one hand took a hold of Dean's hip while the other glided down and gave teasing grazes to his cock. Dean bucked and thrashed in the water, his moans echoing.

"Please, move faster, harder," Dean chocked out.

Castiel chuckled seductively. "Like this?" He started a grueling pace, slamming in and out of Dean, causing them both to gasp and water to splash out of the pool.

"Yes, fuck yes!" Dean cried and Castiel knew he was hitting Dean's prostate.

"When I fuck you like this, do you still view me as an angel? Would an angel fuck you like I'm fucking your hole?" Castiel still refused to tighten his grip on Dean's cock as he pounded into him furiously.

"Fuck Cas, please," Dean begged as he tried to push back more onto his cock while at the same time trying to tunnel himself into Castiel's hand.

When Dean didn't answer, Castiel's hand left Dean's cock to tug sharply at Dean's hair, pulling his head back. Dean whimpered at the loss of the hand on his dick.

He bit down on Dean's earlobe. "Tell me Dean. Am I still an angel?"

Dean whined when Castiel thrusting slowed. "No-o," his breath stuttered out.

"Who am I?" he demanded, tugging harder on the short sandy colored hair. Even though his thrusts were slower, they were harder and were completely directed on Dean's prostate.

"Oh god…." Dean grounded out, breathing wrecked.

Castiel smirked. "Close enough."

He sped up his thrusts again and his hand left Dean's hair to grip his cock tightly. Dean thrashed at the contact and it only took a few strokes for Dean to come hard.

"Cas, fucking yes, Casss…!"

Castiel felt his balls tighten up and his own climax rushed upon him when he felt Dean's muscles clench around his cock. He was so far gone in the pleasure of being in Dean; he could only give a shout when he came, unable to form coherent words.

Castiel's buried his face in the back of Dean's neck, trying to remember how to breathe. "I love you." He gasped into Dean's neck.

Dean was struggling for breath also. "I love you too, Cas." his voice was strained and raspy from all the moaning and screaming he had just done.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!"

Dean and Castiel's heads snapped up to see the shocked faces of Sam and Gabriel.

"Damn it Dean, you're cleaning the pool. I'll never be able to swim in there again."

"Apparently you and Gabe had the same idea or you wouldn't be here right now. You're just jealous because we got here first."

Sam clenched his teeth, "Jerk," he pouted as he stormed out.

"Bitch!" Dean yelled back, laughing.

Castiel huddled closer to Dean and the edge of the pool in an attempt to hide their nudity from Gabriel. Gabriel smirked.

"It seemed like what I prescribed worked. I knew Deano here would be the best medicine."

"Dean? You just had me join the gym for stress relief."

"Well duh because that's the only way I figured I could get the two of you to interact. I knew some wild crazy sex between the two of you would do the trick. Why did you think I packed that outfit for you to wear that first day? To get Dean's attention!"

Castiel felt his jaw drop. "You planned this the entire time? Dean was my "medicine"?"

Castiel lightly punched Dean's shoulder when Castiel felt Dean's back shaking with laughter against his chest.

"Exactamundo little bro. Now if you excuse me, I need to comfort my poor scarred Moose. I'll send you my bill, Cassie." Gabriel made a grand bow and exited the room.

Dean and Castiel's laughter bounced off the walls.

The End.

I just wanted to say thank you for everybody that had read this story and have reviewed, favorited and followed. I really enjoyed writing this and I hoped you all enjoyed reading it!