I was so shocked that I stopped crying immediately. When I say stopped crying, I basically just mean that the tears stopped. I was still sniffling and shaking, so I guess Berwald thought I was still crying, because... He didn't let go.

My mind was absolutely reeling. What one earth was I supposed to do in this situation? As strange as it may seem, this wasn't exactly something that happened to me on a regular basis. And as the socially awkward person that I am.. Well, lets just say that this meant exactly my forte.

As confusing as these thoughts were, they weren't exactly at the forefront of my mind at this time. I was more focused on the fact that Berwald was hugging me, and that.. Well I didn't really mind. It was actually really comforting. A week ago I would have laughed at you if you had said that I wouldn't mind Berwald hugging me, but I guess it's true.

I was still shaking a bit, but the sniffles had died down, and despite myself I away starting to relax. Berwald wasn't showing any signs of letting go anytime soon, and he was really warm.. And comfortable... And his arms were really strong and I felt really safe for the first time since moving here. And it also felt really nice the way he was stroking my back...

Wait, stroking my back?

I stiffened up, and I guess Berwald felt it, because he let go. Part of me was relived, but it was very small compared to the part that really wanted another hug... God, Tino, stop! He was just being nice, like he always is, it didn't mean anything, nothing is going on in his head besides friendship. And that is all. I mean, why would there be anything else?

I couldn't bring myself to meet his eyes, knowing by the fact that it felt like my head was on fire that I was blushing like a fire hydrant. I glanced up just for a second, but it was enough to see that his face was bright red too, his eyes flicking up to me and the down to the ground again. It was actually really cute... TINO STOP NOW.

"Hehe... Sorry, Berwald... I'm not usually like this, I swear..." I mumbled with a weak chuckle. The silence was getting a bit too awkward for me.

" 'S f'ne. I d'n't m'nd. Y' needed t' g't it out." He mumbled back.

For a moment I was relived, because it looked like I wouldn't need to answer his question after all, but again, no such luck for the unlucky Tino.

"So wh't w's th' quest'n?" He asked, finally looking me straight in the eye. His face was still tinged pink, but nowhere near as red as mine probably still was. He had his goal in mind again, I guess, so he was more focused. Me, on the other hand... I couldn't stop thinking about how warm and comforting and safe his arms were, and how nice it felt to be pressed up against him and able to hear his heart and I need to stop now.

"H-he just... Askedmeifiwasgay." The words just jumbled out of my mouth, all mixed up like a puzzle or something. If it was anyone but Berwald they wouldn't have been able to understand mew. But either Berwald was so used to picking out jumbled words that he could understand me, or he just knew me better than I thought he did, because he got it.


That was all he said. All he said was "oh" as I sat there with my face burning up and unable to even look at him because I was just so embarrassed and hoping to god that he wouldn't hate me. Because I honestly don't think I could deal with that.

"Um... Are y'?"

Of course. Of course he had to ask the obvious follow up question. With an immense amount of effort, I was able to move my head slowly up and down in a reluctant nod, still looking at the ground. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and then silence.

I turned to start to walk away, absolutely certain that he wouldn't want to talk to me anymore or every again, when I felt his when hesitantly touch my arm. I looked up. He was staring at me more intently than he ever had before, eyes boring into my very soul. But it wasn't a mean gaze.

"T'no... It's ok." He said. He opened his mouth again like he wanted to say something else, but closed it again abruptly. He squeezed my arm gently, than walked away.

As I stood there in the chill, staring after him, only one thought came to my mind.

God, I think I'm in love.

Hey guys! Here's some extra cheesy fluffy sweetness for ya! Hope you like it!

I hope this wasn't too cheesy for all of you... I don't know if most people are like this, but this is pretty much how I feel whenever my boyfriend huge me, so I'm trying to keep it as realistic as possible, at least with the emotions and what Tino was thinking about after the hug.