A Small Probability

Chapter 2: Learning

This whole chapter is in the Capitol building.

Obi-Wan snapped into awareness. Where am I? he thought, rolling out of the bed he was lying on and reaching for his lightsaber.

His hand felt empty air where his weapon should have been.

Oh, no. A sinking feeling rose in his chest. If his lightsaber wasn't on his utility belt, where could it possibly be?

Desperately, he reached into the pocket of his cloak.

He wore no cloak.

Obi-Wan patted himself down. No cloak, no tunic- just pants and a shirt, like a regular civilian.

Thank goodness I'm not naked.

And then he made a terrible discovery.

Where's my Padawan braid?


Anakin could feel two Force-sensitives on the same floor of the building he was on. There were three more on the floor below. The ones on the same floor were vastly different- one was awake, alert, and distressed (but had a presence that suggested he or she was usually calm). The other obviously never bothered to hide his or her emotions, but was currently asleep.

He wasn't stupid. He decided to look for the one that was awake and have him or her explain why he was dressed like a civilian.

And why he lacked his lightsaber and Padawan braid.

Man, Master Obi-Wan was going to kill him when he found out about his lightsaber. He'd lost it twice this month already.

Anakin walked out the door and turned down the hallway, glancing at the wall of glass briefly.

Wait, wall of glass? he thought, surprised, doing a double take.

Oh, wait, no, it's a window.

He ran over to the window and pressed his hands against it, peering downwards.

His viewpoint was from a high level, about ten stories up. The surrounding streets were filled with humans moving in different directions.

His mouth dropped open.

They were weird humans. They had tattoos and all sorts of hair and skin colors, almost giving off the impression of the Coruscanti Zoo.

Except they weren't animals.

He just stared at them anyways, watching the rainbow of colors and tattoos, completely forgetting his previous mission.


Obi-Wan crept out of his room, walking silently across the floor. His muscles were tight and tense as he moved closer and closer to the source of energy in the Force.

He peeked around the corner.

Pressed against a glass window stood a boy, the same age as he was, staring down into the streets.

The boy turned around sharply, and Obi-Wan pulled his head back.

"Master Obi-Wan?" A voice, presumably the boy's, asked.

That took him off guard completely. I'm no one's Master, he thought, and slammed rudimentary shields around his mind.

He peeked out again, and his gaze immediately locked with the boy's piercing blue eyes.

Well, now I have to step out.

Obi-Wan cautiously stepped out from behind the wall, still watching the other boy carefully.

"You look so young!" the boy exclaimed, suddenly smiling. "How did you do it, Master?"

"I- I'm only fifteen," he said, confused. "And I'm not your Master."

The boy quieted. "Yes, you are. You're my Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I'm your Padawan, Anakin Skywalker.

And you're thirty-one, and I'm the one who's fifteen."


Ahsoka slid down the hallway, quieter than a cat, listening.

"That's not possible."

"Well, it seems to have happened."

The moment those two voices reached her ears, her mouth widened into a smile and she dashed right around the corner.

"Master Kenobi! Skyguy!"

But standing in front of her weren't her Masters.

There were two boys her age.

She skidded to a stop.

"How many times do I have to say that I am not a Master? I'm only fifteen," the one dressed in tan grumbled. He had auburn hair, blue-gray eyes, and familiar features...

"Obi-Wan?" she asked hesitantly, pulling at the hem of her dark blue blouse. He looked so young. And he was a little cute.

"How do you know me?" he said instantly, defenses up.

She turned to the other boy. He was dressed all in black, with electric blue eyes and blond hair, just like-

"Anakin," she whispered. "Master."

He gave her this puzzled glance. "I... don't know you. And I'm still a Padawan."

"No," she said. "I'm your Padawan. I'm Ahsoka Tano."


Dany walked down the hallway, eyes wide and heart thumping.

This place doesn't look familiar at all.

Where was she?

Then, as an example of true queenliness, she walked right into someone.


The two of them stumbled backwards at the same time.

Dany appraised the person she'd crashed into. He was a young man, about her age, with dark hair, a lean build, and gray eyes, dressed in pants and a shirt.

She liked him at once.

"Who are you?" he snapped, leveling her with a fierce gray glare.

She stared back at him with feigned annoyance. "I am Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, rightful Queen of Westeros."

I will be Queen, no matter what happens. I will.

"You're a Targaryen?" he yelled, reaching for something at his belt. "You are an enemy of Westeros!"

Dany watched him fumble around for something at his belt (probably a sword to run her through with), and when he realized it wasn't there, blanch.

"So, who are you?" she asked calmly, having already realized that her captors had stripped her of weapons.

"I... am Jon Snow."


Jaina stepped out of her room, looking down both sides of the hallway, checking for enemies. Seeing none, she walked out of her room-

A door banged open to her left and she dropped into a ready stance, fingering the place on her belt where her lightsaber should have been.

Jacen stumbled out, half-asleep.

"Hey Jaina," he muttered, running a hand through his hair. "Where are we?"

"I have no clue," she said, grinning at him affectionately.

Another door slowly creaked open, and Jacen immediately stiffened, Jaina dropping into a fighting stance again.

A foot edged out, followed by a leg, a hip, a torso, and-

"Ani!" Jaina exclaimed, leaping forward to hug him.


Okay, so this story is actually pretty much about Game of Thrones, Katniss and Gale, and Star Wars, so you can just assume they all went through the "ohmygoodness where are we? what's gonna happen to us?" routine, okay? Plus, I'm just really lazy.

Katniss stroked the mockingjay pin thoughtfully, leaning against Gale's shoulder. Just this morning they'd discussed running off together, and now they were together- but away from their families.

And to top it off, it was public.

Haymitch was actually somewhat sober as they watched the reruns of the reapings. Effie, a bright pink beacon, was filing her nails.

These Games were different. Apparently, the tributes that weren't from Panem had only arrived today, and they were all gathering on the first floor to learn about the Games.

Katniss pitied them. They'd been torn from their homes, and now they only just learned about their method of death.

She and Gale at least knew how they were going to die. They were going to try to be in the last five for their families, and if they ended up as the last two, they'd commit suicide.

They'd never said it out loud (boy, wouldn't that spoil the Capitol's fun), but they'd determined it over the years as they hunted. They determined it through quick glances at each other on the train. Brief whispers.

If Gale stuck with her, Katniss knew that they probably wouldn't last until the top five, not with these new tributes plus her disadvantages.

"Time to go," Effie suddenly announced brightly, turning off the television and straightening to her full height in her hot pink heels.

I didn't even knew that shade of pink existed, Katniss thought, turning her eyes away from the grisly sight.


Honestly, Gale was captivated by the elevator. It was made of glass on all sides, and they could see EVERYTHING! It would actually have been really nice if he wasn't being sent to his death.

He could tell Katniss wanted to ride up and down again, but didn't want to look like a little girl.

Actually, he wanted to ride up and down again too.

The doors opened in front of them and they walked out confidently, accompanied by a slightly drunk man and a flamingo.

Oops, not a flamingo. I mean Effie.

The other twenty-two tributes, backed by their mentors and escorts, stared at him and Katniss as they strode up, sizing them up and determining if they were enemies. The District Two girl smirked, Johanna Mason frowned, and Finnick was trying to get the attention of the other female tributes.

Smart move, for kids who just got ripped from their homes. Even the other Panem tributes are trying to intimidate us.

"Welcome, District Twelve Tributes," the head trainer says. "My name is Atala, and I will be training you for the Games."

"Games? What games?" a red-skinned girl asked, blue eyes narrowing dangerously.

A blue-eyed, blond-haired boy glared at her, as if telling her to shut up. She glared right back, but you could tell that neither of them were really angry at each other.

The gray-eyed, auburn-haired boy between them gently pushed their faces away from each other and directed them back to Atala.

"Miss Tano, I would appreciate it if you do not interrupt me. But the event you will participate in is called the Hunger Games."

"So it's like a pie-eating competition or something?" a short, sixteen-year-old, mischievous-looking boy asked. "That sounds easy enough."

Behind them, Gale heard Haymitch facepalm.

"No, Mr. Valdez. This is a competition to the death."

There was a shocked silence from about twenty-one tributes.

"Uh... you're joking, right?" A pretty girl with brown hair and unusual eyes asked from next to Valdez.

"No, I am not, Miss McLean. You will fight to the death in our arena."

The same twenty-one tributes looked at each other, grasping hands or moving closer to each other.

"So we all die?" Tano asked, her voice scared.

The boy next to her squeezed her shoulders, gray eyes worried.

"Not all of you," Atala assured her.

"Just one of you."