A one-shot I made on tumblr that I decided to upload onto here. Enjoy!

Messing With Aki

Yusei sat on a couch in the garage at Poppo Time; staring at his D-Wheel questionably. Jack entered the room to find his fellow signer this way, and gave his friend a perplexed look.

"What are you doing?"

Yusei, startled by Jack's abrupt question, kept an unwavering stare on his most beloved vehicle while answering, "There's nothing more I can do right now. It's done… What am I going to do with myself?"

Jack smirked as he took a seat next to the crab-head, fixing his own eyes on the D-Wheel being discussed, "I never thought I'd see the day you actually finished working on that thing."

Yusei slightly smiled at this - slightly. He removed a grease covered gloved and flung it onto the coffee table in front of him before leaning back into the couch, "I never thought we'd end up like this. Here."

Jack let his smirk falter, turning a raised eyebrow onto his friend, "Oh? What did you think would happen?"

Yusei had to give this one some thought. What did he expect to happen to them all? "Well, for starters; I didn't think I'd be on friendly terms with you ever again."

Jack couldn't help but laugh at that, "Neither did I to be honest. Funny how that works."

Yusei gave a slightly confused frown as he looked over to the blonde, "You're in a surprisingly good mood today."

Jack nodded as he returned the eye contact, arms and legs crossed on the couch.

Aki entered the spacious room, a polite smile plastered on her face, "Hello! Yusei! Jack!"

Jack gave a small eye-roll as Aki made her way over to the two young men. Yusei looked up at her and gave a warm smile, "Hey there Aki."

Aki took a seat in a chair near the couch, making herself comfortable. She glanced between the two boys, "What are you guys up to?"

"Just… reminiscing I suppose," Yusei answered.

"Oh? About what?"

Jack spoke up this time, "About the time Yusei and I made out."

Aki nearly fell off her chair as Yusei glared at the towering blonde. Jack was obviously trying to mess with Aki, since it was evident by now that she had feelings for the head signer. Yusei practically threatened murder through his eyes. Jack simply smirked.

"You and Yusei made out!?"

Jack nodded, "Back in the days of Team Satisfaction. We were drunk and wanted to experiment."

Aki's jaw hung low, utter disbelief painting over her porcelain face, "That's-… I don't even know…"

Jack continued the torment, inner glee partying in his mind, "What do you expect from four teenage boys who spent all their time together, leaving no room for girlfriends?"

Yusei had gone red at this point - a true rarity in and of itself. From anger or from embarrassment - Jack couldn't tell. He wasn't too focused on Yusei however, since he was too busy watching Aki squirm in her seat, "A-All of you?"

Jack's smirk grew, "All of us. Especially Yusei and Kiryu. They were even 'official' at one point. Didn't last long though."

Aki flew off her seat entirely. Jack had to restrain himself from laughing as he watched Aki try to pick herself up and Yusei squirm with frustration.

Once Aki recollected herself, she asked, "Are you guys-… Does that make you- gay?"

Jack shrugged, "Bi, I suppose. I don't know about Yusei though. He seemed to enjoy being with all of us quite a bit. Here, watch-"

Jack leaned over to Yusei and planted his lips on the crab-head, kissing him full on. Yusei turned a furious red and flailed as Jack continued kissing him. Aki sat there, her nose exploding in red liquid.

Jack - after a few minutes - pulled out of the kiss and got up to leave. He turned to Aki, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's gay."

The Master of Faster walked off, leaving a bloodied Aki and a burning Yusei in his wake.

"All in a day's work…"