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Chapter 3

The animagii settled into life in Egypt in very short order. Harry expected the area to be hot, having learned about the area in primary, but theory never prepared the english boy for the actual heat. Harry was determined not to let the heat get to him, starting out as soon as the sun rose exploring the outdoors, but during the hottest part of the day Harry and Sirius would retreat indoors where the temperatures were more bearable.

They would sit together and talk about anything that caught their fancy which for both of them happened to be Harry's Parents. Harry was starved for information on his parents, and Sirius was all to happy to regale his pup with tales of the adventures of the Marauders and James antics to win Lily's affection. Sirius spoke fondly of how James was a prankster, how the pair of them met on the train and how they were joined by shy, but intelligent, Remus and the coward tag-along Peter. He spoke on finding out Remus was a werewolf, and learning the animagus skill to stay with their friend during the full moon. And when Sirius exhausted his tales of James and the Marauders, he moved onto Lily. He told of how it was Love at first sight for James, and how Lily wouldn't give him the time of day. How she tried to ignore the pranksters antics, and how she secretly enjoyed

After story time Sirius would try and coach Harry through the process of turning back into a boy. Theoretically, Harry soon knew what to do, but actually transforming was something else entirely. Sirius and Shadi believed it had to do with the accidental magic that transformed the boy in the first place, and he would not turn back until he felt safe again. Shadi would then use his mind key to speak to Harry directly, coaching the boy in how to clean up and protect his soul room. Like with cleaning any room, the process was slow and some bits looked messier before anything looked cleaner.

By the time Harry was bored of cleaning his mind, the day had cooled off enough to return to exploring outside. His new friends were crypt keepers, and lived close to a cluster of ancient tombs. These toombs turned out to be excellent places to explore with the interesting carvings and picture words everywhere.

Tourists flooded in from all over the world to see the tombs, bus load upon bus load dropping off and picking up the amateur explorers. Most tourists who saw Harry or Sirius as they wandered the complex smiled, and some even tried to pet them.

Harry would run and hide from the pettings, normally ducking around Sirius if he could. Sirius loved the pettings, going out of his way to seek them while keeping between his pup and the friendly hands. Eventually Harry got used to hands reaching down to touch him, although he did not let people pet him more than a little bit before he would take the chance and escape.

Then there were the other tourists. These tourists dressed very strangely in mismatched clothes and clashing colors. At the sight of either Sirius or Harry, they would freeze (often just in front of another person) before going pale and then moving swiftly in the opposite direction. They would avoid both animagus for the rest of their time in the complex. It was as if these tourists thought the black dogs were monsters, but when Harry remarked as much to Sirius, the older wizard just laughed.

"They think we are Grim." Sirius explained one day.

"What are Grim?" Harry asked.

"They are black dogs that haunt crypts. Superstition says they are portents of death to anyone who sees them."

"Then I guess we are Grim," Harry decided. "After all, we do wander the toombs, and superstition is mostly wrong anyway."

Sirius had no argument for his puppy's logic and just shrugged and decided to go with it.

It was a day like any other when the gaggle of redheads arrived at the tombs. At first Harry didn't even notice they were there, focused as he was on avoiding a set of rather demanding hands trying to pet him. However, the noise the family made was soon enough to gather his attention. There were nine of them, all with the shocking red hair of the Weasley fame. Harry could see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley following around an older boy with is long hair pulled back in a ponytail. Of all the brood, he was the only one who did not stand out too much from the normal tourists. Another older redhead, and Ginny were sticking close to their parents. A bit away stood Percy attempting to not be a part of the group with the twins sneaking up behind him. And finally, scuffing his feet at the back was Ron.

Harry quickly ran to Ron. For a moment he forgot that he was a dog and tried to bark out a warning to his best friend.

"Ron! Ron!" He barked.

The youngest weasley male turned towards the barking sound drawing near. When he saw the small black puppy all color drained from his face.

"g-g-grim!" He screamed, drawing the attention of Fred and George.

"Is likkle Ronniekins scared of a little puppy dog?" One twin asked as they approached.

"I think so, brother" the other replied.

There was no telling how long the twins would have teased their brother if at that moment Padfoot had not chosen to come along. The larger animagus was surprised when Harry had taken off. The pup was too skittish to go chasing after humans, even young ones. He was even more confused when he heard the boy Harry was chasing scream out like a little girl. Why would Harry be chasing after a wizarding child? Soon two more young boys had joined the younger redhead and fearing Harry would begin to feel crowded, Sirius went to rescue his pup.

The moment the twins finally noticed the larger black dog they too screed out "Grim!" And clutched at their little brother.

All the screaming and jostling awoke a secret member to the ever largening crowd, a ugly old rat. When he poked his head out of the boy Ron's pocket he froze as two low, threatening growls began. The one he would know anywhere as it belonged to an old once friend, while the other was unknown but younger. When the growling intensified the ever cowardly Pettigrew made his escape.

Unfortunately for him, the dogs were much quicker and had the advantage of terrain knowledge on their side. In a last ditch effort he dove into a crack in a nearby wall only to have the puppy dive in after him. The twisting turning passageway was harder to navigate than the rat originally thought. Finally there was light at the passages end and Pettigrew sped up in an attempt to outrun his pursuer only to come face to face with his old childhood friend.

He was well and truly trapped now with the puppy at his back and Padfoot at his front. Pettigrew also knew that the animagus would kill him for his betrayal as he intended to twelve years before. There was only one way to save himself from certain death... Peter transformed.

Several gasps were the first he noticed the crowd that had gathered to see the commotion the three animagi had created. Pettigrew did not know anymore after that as someone sent a stunner flying at him.

For most of the crowd, it was quite a shock to see a rat turn into a full grown man. Many of the onlookers weren't even aware magic was possible before that moment. In light of this, the Egyptian equivalent to the obliviator squad promptly arrived on the scene to set about rectifying the situation. They took the statements of everyone involved, including the muggle tourists before obliviating most of them. The few who were not obliviated either had a wizarding relation or were exempt from the law due to special qualifications. One such man was the crypt keeper Shadi, whose dogs found the suspicious man.

Finally, the officials escorted the Weasley family, the rat man, and Shadi and his dogs to the Palace of Magic to speak to the High Justice in his Temple. The Palace was quite a site, being where the Pharaoh of Magic retreated when the wizarding and muggle worlds split. The palace was as elaborate as any that could be found elsewhere in Egypt, but this complex was maintained and much more lively.

The place was also bustling with daily life, men and women of all ages scurried about on their way to official business. Only a few of them looking at the ragtag group of foreigners being escorted through the complex.

The Temple of Justice was itself a work of art. The place was decorated with depictions of trials and Justices doing their duty to the Temple and the people of Egypt. Justices themselves moved about in a much more sedate manner in their stately black and white robes.

Once in the Temple, the group was ushered onto a spacious waiting room by a small group of officials while the aurors took the rat man into another room for questioning. Molly Weasley, who up to this time had been in shock, clutched Ron to her chest and went hysterical. Arthur tried to calm her down with comforting words and a hand to the shoulder. Sirius and Harry laid down by Shadi's feet curled around each other.

A few minutes after they had been settled, a commotion drew their attention back outside the room. The older Weasley boy, the one with the ponytail, went to investigate. Outside the justices were in an uproar: the rat man had declared himself Peter Pettigrew.

But that was merely the first shock of the day. As the time passed commotion after commotion came from outside. Under Veritaserum Pettigrew admitted to being a death eater, betraying the Potters and framing Sirius Black.

The Weasleys were in shock to find this out, but the animagi were ecstatic. Sirius was cleared. Or so they thought.

It was shortly after the last revelation that the British Ambassador and a squadron of Aurors arrived. The Ambassador looked apologetically at the justices while the lead auror glared down his nose imperiously.

"We are here to take the suspect back to England." Declared the auror.

"On what grounds." Demanded the Justice.

"The suspect has declared himself to be Peter Pettigrew, an English citizen, and the victims are the Weasley's also of British citizenship. Therefore it is a matter for the British Ministry to investigate." The auror sneared at the Justice.

"And what are you going to do with the evidence we have discovered?"

"All evidence must be discovered by the proper channels. We will question him again and verify your findings."

"You don't even use veritaserum. How are you to prevent him from lying to you? Is that how you treat all death eaters?"

"Right now all we have is a suspicious man found in the pocket of a little boy. He is not even a suspected death eater."

The Justices glared at the aurors but there was nothing they could do. The aurors took Pettigrew into their custody. The Weasley matriarch had decided it was time to return home so they got ready to leave as well. Before anyone had left though,an elderly man wearing a robe similar to the Justice robe but in many gray values approached.

"In light of what my people have discovered here today," the High Justice began, "we, the Justices of Egypt, in accordance with laws given to us by magic and Pharaoh, do find one Sirius Black, accused of betraying the family Potter to the Dark Lord known as Voldemort, not guilty of all crimes. May he find safe harbor in Egypt, so mote it be."

"So mote it be." The rest of the Justices echoed.

The head auror sneared, but some of the others looked shocked and a bit afraid. The Weasleys looked shocked too, but they had not stopped looking afraid since Peter's initial transformation. And then they were gone.

The High Justice sighed. "Ah well, we tried. But we do mean it Sirius Black. You are a freeman here."

This was said looking at the large black dog. The Grim blinked, and then stood up. There was a sheepish smile on his face.

"How'd you know it was me?" He questioned.

"There is no lie within the temple." The High Justice declared. "We saw you enter the temple and knew, as we know the little one too. But fear not. We know you to be innocent of that which you were accused."

With a mischievous smile he added "And protecting you will piss off the Brits. Even more so if we make you a naturalized citizen. You are godfather to one Harry James Potter, it would be only proper for you to keep him with you as you are his legal guardian."

"That would be quite the coup." Sirius replied with a feral grin. "Where do I sign.