Chapter 7: Last Stand

"Six attack!" Po yelled when he stood up to face Frostbite. Spade flew at the monsterous alligator pecking and throwing punches at him while Club knocked him to the ground punching him without mercy. Frostbite bucked Club off and he got thrown into a tree. Joker and Ace tagged teamed as Joker threw attacks at Frostbite with his staff and Ace threw punches in. Frostbite grabbed Ace by the throat and Joker's staff at the same time. Joker got thrown into the ground and Ace he squeezed tighter.

"Last time I did this it was that little lynx all well I am flexible", Frostbite cackled.

"No!" Po screamed he ran at Frostbite with full speed as he slammed into him causing Frostbite to drop Ace. Po caught her and the poor fox was gasping for air. "Frostbite now you will fight me!" Po yelled his eyes blazing with anger.

"Ah yes the little panda boy with the sling shot you broke off one of my teeth!" Frostbite yelled. He lunged at Po while Diamond dragged Ace to safety. Po dodged Frostbite's teeth as he kicked him in the snout. Then using his arms he managed to close Frostbite's mouth and climb on his back. "Diamond I need an arrow now!" Po yelled. Diamond understood and sent an arrow with a rope on it. Po grabbed it and tied Frostbite's mouth shut. Frostbite growled in anger as he couldn't open his mouth. He gave Po a death glare and lunged at him with full speed. Hitting him and kicking him while using his tail to wrap around Po's waist and throw him to the ground.

"Heart!" Diamond yelled and ran to help her friend and Club regained conscious and ran to help his friends. Club grabbed Frostbite by the waist and squeezed him while Diamond freed Po. Frostbite threw them all off and finally with a huge amount of strength freed is jaws. He was about to hit Diamond when Joker awoke and attacked him biting and clawing and Spade fly in his eye of sight giving Ace time to grab Diamond.

"You stupid children you cannot beat me!" Frostbite yelled. He ducked and whacked Spade with his tail and grabbed Ace by her tail and threw her into a tree. Grabbing Club by the neck he slammed him into the ground and kicked Joker into a rock. Then slammed Diamond to the ground and Po was on the ground breathing heavily. Frostbite stalked towards him with his cold eyes and said", I will kill you all starting with you say goodbye Heart". He raised his claw and Po was too weak to move. Yet he would not look away he stared back into Frostbite's eyes and prepared for the end. A loud growl was heard as Tigress appeared striking from behind and slamming Frostbite into a rock. Mantis and Monkey helped the members of the Six while Crane and Viper took on Frostbite.

"Po are you alright?" Tigress asked in a worried tone.

"I'm okay but what are you guys doing here? I thought you all hated me?" Po asked in a confused tone.

"We would never hate you and we understand why you lied but that doesn't mean you are not the same Po that fell into our lives and that I love. And there is no way I am letting some pale alligator hurt you", Tigress said.

"Thanks Ti I love you", Po said smiling.

"Just no more secrets okay" Tigress said softly.

"Deal", Po said. Then he faced the danger as he scanned the area and formed a plan. "Crane, Viper lead Frostbite over here!" Po yelled.

"Po what are you doing?" Tigress asked.

"Tigress do you trust me?" Po asked.

"Yes", Tigress said unsure as to where Po was going with this.

"Good when I say jump you jump", Po told her. Frostbite moved towards them his eyes raging with hate. Po stepped in front of Tigress and whispered", Get ready". Tigress tensed up ready for anything.

"Stupid panda even after all these years you and your meddling friends are no match for me", Frostbite cackled.

"Maybe not but I know one thing about you", Po said.

"What is that?" Frostbite asked.

"You fall for the same trap twice", Po said and raised his sling shot hitting some bigger rocks with his pebbled. The rocks headed straight for Frostbite, Po, and Tigress. "Jump!" Po yelled and Tigress and him got out of the way. Frostbite was not so lucky he got buried and by the time they got him out he was stone cold out. They tied him up and began to drag him back to jail. Then it was time to say goodbye. Ace walked up to Tigress and Tigress was expecting a fight instead Ace held up her paw.

"I was wrong about you guys. You all really do care about Heart I mean Po and I am sorry I misjudged you all", she said.

"Apology accepted", Tigress said shaking her paw. The other members of the six walked over to Po to say good bye.

"That was truly an adventure but I think I will stick with selling joke books", Joker said.

"Thanks for coming Daniel", Po said and they shook paw.

"Farewell brother till we meet again", Daniel said.

"Till we meet again brother", Po said. Then it was Diamond's turn to say good bye.

"Bye Po it was fun but I have to get back to my kids", she said then with tears in her eyes she hugged him.

"I will miss you sis and if you need anything call me and I will come", Po vowed as he held her tight.

"I will take care bro", Madison said softly. Then Club said goodbye to Po as well.

"Good fight brother take care", he said.

"You too Moon take care", Po said.

"Farewell brother", NightWing said smiling at Po.

"Until we meet again brother", Po said and they hugged. Then Ace walked up to him and smiled.

"Well I can honestly say that was a great adventure and maybe someday we can do it again?" she said.

"Maybe take care sis", Po said hugging her.

"Take care brother", Angela said fighting tears. "Hey what you say Heart one last time?" she asked.

"Why not", Po said. The six stood around each other and said their oath.

"We protect the innocent", said NightWing.

"We slay the wicked", Angela said.

"We always protect the ones we love", Madison said.

"We protect our home", Daniel said.

"We protect each other", Moon said.

"We remain hidden in the shadows and always keep our identities a secret", Po said.

"Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond, Ace, and Joker; we are the Secret Six and we will always thwart the forces of evil now and forever", they said together as they brought their paws or wings together. Then they broke apart and shared one last smile and went their separate ways in life.

Po turned to Tigress and his friends and said", Let's go home". Po and Tigress are still dating and live in the Valley of Peace. Within a years' time they were married and lived happily. Angela and NightWing returned to the bounty hunter life and finally NightWing proposed. They retired and lived in a quiet village raising their adoptive children a boy hawk named Dominic and a female fox named Sasha. Madison returned to her village as a teacher and Moon went with her. They rekindle their relationship and are still together to this day. Daniel returned to his joke shop and soon started up a romance with a female hyena. Frostbite returned to prison and died a few months later. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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