Hello there I'm Beautiful-Tyrant77 but you can call me Kurai. I've been here for quite a while actually buti had yet to write any other than The Good kind of Chaos which by now should be deleted. I haven't written in a long time yes even for school so if you see mistake whether they are spelling or grammar tell me about it. Thanks and enjoy!


The bushy haired women trudged through the shadow filled corridor of the Ministry. The lack of lighting hiding the dark circles under her chocolate colored eyes. Her usual silky peach skin was now a sickly pale tone. Her head was throbbing and she was feeling feverish chills. She felt exhausted but refused to stay home, as she was on the verge of figuring out the cure for the Longbottom's situation. The women refused to return home to rest regardless of her best friend's attempts to forces her to do so.

"Please Hermione you have to go back home to rest," the messy haired boy pleaded, to no avail. Hermione Granger was deaf to his pleads, her fleeting thoughts direct toward the cure. "Please Hermione. If you get some rest you'll get your answers much quicker.

"Harry not now. We almost got it. We're so close..." She paused, her voice coming out in a whisper. "Harry we could help Fred and Cedric and the Longbottoms. I -." Harry knew she wanted to say more but just couldn't. Her voice had began to quiver and Harry could tell she was on the verge of tears.

"Hermione there you are I was... Harry- Harry what are you doing here?" The man asked , his familiar husky voice instantly catching Harry's attention.

"I'm trying to get Hermione to go home. She isn't feeling too well and refuses to rest. I don't want her-." Harry stopped, interrupted by both a clearly annoyed Hermione, and a unsurprised Neville.

" I'm a grown women Harry. I can take care of myself." She said almost in sync with Neville's "Just leave her, all we can do is make things easier for her." she huffed, bringing her nose to the air in arrogance before stomping away to the lab.

Several hours later found Hermione even more exhausted than before. The potion fumes had caused her hair to grow ever larger and bushier than before. Her stomach was growling but she paid no heed. There was no Neville and Harry had returned attempting to coax her into to eating lunch. His attempts were met with a cold shoulder. Without Hermione's knowledge he looked around the room his eyes settling on the cooling cauldron.

"Fine if you want to ignore me, I'll be taking this with me." Harry stated stupidly reaching out to grab the cauldron. His words caughting Hermione's attention, causing her to become wide eyed, before opening her mouth.

"Harry no don't touch that it's hot!" Hermione exclaimed, but it had been to late. He had already grabbed the cauldron and had turn around attempting to leave with the potion. His navy blue cloak catching at te edge of the desk causing Harry to tumble to the ground along with the untested potion.