Chapter 1

Severus groaned as he walked briskly up to the Headmasters office. I bet this has to do with stupid famous Harry Potter, thought Severus. "Snickers Bar," Severus said as he approached the gargoyle. "Come in Severus," said Albus cheerfully before Severus can even knock. "What is it Albus? I was in the middle of brewing a healing salve for the Hospital wing." Severus grinds out frustrated.

"Lemon drop, Severus?" Severus shakes his head, and waits for the Headmaster to get to the point.
"I have an errand i need you to fun for me Severus, you know i would not call you if it was not important." Albus said, seemingly a bit worried. Severus simply raised his eyebrow, waiting expectantly." I need you to go to Surry to check on young Harry for me, Severus." I knew it, Severus thought angrily, stupid Harry Potter always has to be the center of attention. Taking up all of my time, the ungrateful little brat!

"Why cant Minerva go? Or Hagrid? Surely there must be someone else who can go check on the brat." Severus said becoming more irritated by the minute.

"Minerva is off visiting a relative in France at the moment, and Hagrid seems a bit under the weather at the moment. I'm sorry Severus but, you are the only other option I have."

"Fine I will go check on you precious little Golden Boy. But, you owe me, Ablus." Severus said, begrudgingly. And with that Severus left the office. Severus headed out the gates, and continued out to Hogsmead to apparate to Surry.
After arriving at Surry Severus walked quickly to #4 Private Drive. Arriving at said house Severus knocked impatiently on the front door.

The door is opened by a man, who looked more like a walrus than a man, with hardly any neck, and an extremely large, and bushy mustache. "What do you want?" says the man shortly, and rudely. "I am here to see Harry Potter." Severus says, wanting to check on the brat quickly, and leave.

"There is no one here by the name of Harry Potter. Good day." the man says, attempting to slam the door. Putting out a hand to catch the door, Severus replies, "I have been sent by Dumbledore to check on the boy, and I will not leave untill I have done so." The walrus quickly turned a wild purple shade, a vein on his forehead looking ready to burst. "Now you see here, I will not have any of your lot step foot in my house!" says the man, again trying to close the door.

Only to be stopped once again by Severus, who then proceeds to push past Vernon, and step in to the house. "Where is the boy?" he says, taking out his wand pointing it at Vernon. "You put that...that... thing away! I will not have any of your abnormality in this house." says Vernon Dursley, going, if possible, an even darker color of purple.

Severus, patience gone, points his wand at the obese man, and says calmly,"Stupify." Vernon falls to the floor, out cold. Severus looks around the dull home. "Point me Harry Potter," Severus says, watching his wand point down the small hallway. Following the direction his wand points Severus walks towards the kitchen, but stops abruptly when his wand turn to point at the cupboard under the stairs. Noticing all the locks on the door Severus says,"Alohamora."

Severus steps back as the door springs open to reveal Harry Potter, curled in a fetal position, and covered in cuts, and bruises, whimpering, and shivering. Severus looks at the boy in surprise. What on earth happened to the boy?

" Harry?" Severus called softly to the boy, not even noticing his use of the boys first name. Harry looked up, green eyes full of pain. "Professor?" came the hoarse voice of the small child in the cupoard. "Yes, now come here child, I need to get you to Hogwarts." said the Professor in question. Harry slowly attempted to crawl out of the cupboard only to cry out in pain as he jostled his leg. It was only then that Severus notice the odd angle of Harry's right leg.

Slowly reaching in to lift the child out of the cupboard, Severus noticed the boy flinch back from him. "I would, and will never hurt you child." Severus says softly, masking his anger as to not frighten the child more. Harry looked up, and slowly nodded. As Severus again reached in to lift Harry, he happily, or as happily as he could be in this situation, noticed the flinch was not as pronounced as it had been before. Severus noted how light the boy was.

The Potions Master could feel the heat coming off of the childs skin, he frowned as the boys small frame shook with the hacking coughs coming from the young child. He needed to get Harry to Hogwarts, and quickly.


Severus ran as quickly as he could up to Hogwarts gates. Once inside he sent a patronus to Poppy, telling her he had a severely injured student, and to be prepared. Severus rushed up to the Hospital wing, and gently layed Harry down on the bed, just as Poppy rushed in the room wand in hand. "Move out of the way ,Severus." said the Medi-witch, as she started to wave her wand in complicated motions over the boys small, shaking form, all the while muttering under her breath in latin. A quill and parchment popped up next to her, and wrote out all the boys current injures.

Severus sighed as the list grew, finally stopping at approximately 6 inches. Poppy reached out to grab the list. As she read her frown became more pronounced. "Severus, I need the strongest healing potion you have. i also need a strong pepper-up potion, and a healing salve." Poppy listed off to the unnaturally worried Potions Master. Severus rushed back to the storage cupboard in the back corner of the wing, snatching the needed supplys.

"What can I do, Poppy?" Severus said, wishing to help in anyway he possibly could. "First Severus i need you to calm down, you are of no use to me all riled up. You can help me by carefully lifting the boy so i can give him these potions.

Severus focused on his Occlumencey, calm down Severus, he thought to himself. Once calm Severus lifted the boy moving himself behind Harry, so he could lean the child against his chest to support him. Poppy slowly poured each potion down the boys throat, then when she was done she motioned for Severus to lay the boy back down.

Severus held his hand out for the list, Poppy looked at him for a moment before saying, "How about I just list them to you, Severus?" Severus thought for a minute, then nodded his consent. "He has a broken leg, five broken ribs, several cuts and bruises all over, as you have seen, and he has a severe case of pneumonia." She said, frowning, and shaking her head sadly.

Severus gazed over at the poor boy, that now reminded him so much of himself. "Are there going to be any repercussions from the pneumonia?" Severus asked seriously. Poppy looked over at him her eyes full of sadness as she replied, " He is going to have a mild case of asthma, I will get him one of those muggle inhalers for him, and it will be very easy for him to catch a cold or some other illness."

Severus sighed, hasn't this poor boy boy gone through enough, a voice said in his head. Severus' eyes widened in surprise, when had he come to care for the boy? Severus thought as he strode up to the Headmasters office.


All Harry felt as he awoke was pain, not as bad as it had been but pain none the less. He looked around everything a white blur. Some one reached over and placed his glasses on his nose. Harry looked around, he was in the Hospital wing. He heard someone clearing their throat and jumped around to look at the person who had handed him his glasses. It was Professor Dumbledore.

"Finally decided to join the land of the living, Harry my boy." said Professor Dumbledore, eyes twinkling merrily. "How did I get here Professor. The last thing i remember is Professor Snape..." Harry said trailing of as he noticed his Professor's eyes lose their twinkle.

"Harry... why did you not tell me?" Dumbledore asked, looking his age for once. "Tell you about what, Professor?" Harry replied avoiding the eyes of the man before him. "The abuse Harry. How long has this been going on?"

"I don't know what you ae talking about, Professor. What ab-abuse?" Harry asked, stuttering slightly, turning paler by the minute. I can't let them find out, Harry thought quickly. "Harry my dear boy, do you not know the condition you were brought here in?" Said Albus. Harry nodded slowly, knowing that they had figured it out. "Then you must know my boy, that we know you have been abused?"

"Yes ,Professor. I'm sorry." Harry said, looking down ashamed. "Harry, this is not your fault, you have no need to apologise." Harry nodded again, slowly raising his head to meet the eyes of the Professor. "Well then, now the question is where will you stay."

Harry looked surprised, "You mean i don't hae to go back to the Dursleys?"

"Harry I would never send you back there after finding out how you have been treated. I believe I have the perfect place for you to stay. Severus?" Dumbledore replied calmly to the boy. It was only then that Harry noticed that Professor Snape had been lurking in the back corner of the Wing.

Severus swept forward, looking at the curious boy in front of him. He looked much better than he had when he had brought the child here. His cheeks had gained some color, his leg was healed as were his ribs, and he was no longer shaking and coughing Severus noted.

"Harry I think it would be best for you to stay with Professor Snape. What do you think my boy?" Dumbledore asked, kindly. Harry just nodded, surprised that the Professor who despised him would be willing to take him in. "Well then now that it seems everything is settled. Harry, Poppy will be here to check on you in a moment, Severus follow me and we will take Harry's thing down to your quarters and set up his room. Any requests on a color Harry?"

"Could you mabey do different greens,Professor?" The boy replied quietly. Dumbledore smiled, "Well of coarse my boy, it is going to be your room after all.


Harry had just finished getting dressed after being checked by Madame Pomfrey, and having his inhaler handed to him, along with instructions on how, and when to use it. Severus walked into the room to pick up his ward. Poppy came up to him with a spare inhaler for Harry if it was ever need. "I will be giving all the Professor's one to have in case Harry ever needs it." She explained to the Potions Master. Severus only nodded showing his understanding, before walking briskly over to the boy.

"Harry, i believe we need to speak." Severus said, noticing the shock in the boys face at hearing the use of his first name. Harry nodded for the Professor to continue. "I would like to...apologise for the way that i have treated you over the pat few years. I should have tried to see you, and not your father."

Harry nodded, not expecting Snape to feel sorry for the way he treated him, "I forgive you Professor."
Severus' nodded concealing his happiness, and motioned for the boy to follow him to his...thier quarters.

Reaching a portrait of a man with a long yet nicely trimmed black beard and long black hair, he had a stern face but his emerald green eyes showed his mischievous side. He wore long silver robes with green snakes on the eges. "Is that, Professor is that Salazar Slytherin?" Harry asked, in awe. Severus smirked, then nodded, "Yes this is one of the three portraits of him."

Stepping up to the portrait he said, "The password is Lilium, it is latin for lily." Severus noticed the smile on the boys lips as he stepped into their quarters. Harry looked around, the room had a cozy feeling to it a deep chocolate rug covered the floor, all the furniture a deep red, there was a glowing fire in the hearth making the room feel warm. He noticed bookshelves filled completely with books on either side of the fire place. Severus led the way pointing out what each door led to.

"This leads to the kitchen, this is where we will eat while you live here, or if you ever decide to visit during the school year," He said, pointing to a door right across from the entrance. Harry froze in shock,"You mean I'm allowed to visit you during the school year?"

Severus only nodded and continued the tour going down a hallway of to the left of the entrance, pointing to the first door on the right he said, "This door lead to my office, and the on across from it leads to my potions lab. I ask you do not enter my lab without my expressed permission, and with me in the room with you. This room," pointing to the room diagonally across from the office,"Leads to the lavatory, and the one across from that is my room, again do not enter without my permission."

Finnaly Severus reached a the door at the end of the hall, "And this, is your room." He said, pushing the door open to reveal a spacious room full of different shades of green, all of the wood being a beautiful deep mahogany. On the floor was a soft, deep forest green rug. in the right corner was a four poster bed, with a emerald green coverlet, next to the bed was a simple nightstand. In the far left corner was a window seat placed in front of an enchanted window. A desk and desk chair were placed over in the right corned closest to the door, with a small bookshelf placed next ro it Harry's book placed carefully on it. In the far left corner was a large wardrobe filled with new clothes of different variaty.

"Dumbledore sent out house elfs to get you a new wardrobe. You will find all your things have been place in their proper places. Your trunk is on the top shelf of your wardrobe,and your owl is in the owlery, you may visit her in the morning if you see fit." Severus said, noticing Harry's fatigue, he transfigured the boys clothes into pajamas and ushered him into the large bed. after tucking the boy in he turned out the lights and went to leave, but stopped when he heard a whispered, "Thank you Professor." From the boy.

"Goodnight, child." He replied softly before closing the door behind him.


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