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Chapter 7

Harry awoke early the next morning to sunlight hitting his face. He looked out the window to find the sun just over the horizon. He turned to see the seventh years still sound asleep.

He quietly climbed out of the four-poster hoping to get a moment of peace before the busy day began. Harry quickly changed into the clothes folded at the end of the bed, silently thanking Dumbledore for his logic.

Harry walked down to the Great Hall lost in thought. Will Dumbledore be able to fix this? Harry thought worriedly. Harry heard a squeak and looked up quickly to see a rat. A rat with a missing toe.

The raven haired boy had his wand out in a flash, the privet lessons his father had given him coming in to play. "Stupify," He shouted.

The rat fell to the ground, Harry dropped to the floor quickly picking up the unconscious animal and running off to the headmasters office. The stone gargoyle glared down at him.

"Uhhh, Lemon drops. Every flavor beans. No he hates those. Ummm... blood pops?"Harry tried, surprised as the statue moved out of the way at the last attempt.

"Professor Dumbledore! Please I need to speak with you its urgent!" Harry shouted rushing in to the office without knocking. The Headmaster looked up at him in surprise.

"What has you so riled up this early m'boy?" The bearded man asked calmly from behind his desk.

"I found Peter Headmaster! Look! We can free Sirius!" Harry said, with excitement.

"I see. Hmm... let me call the Minister, place Peter in here." Dumbledore said placing a transfigured cage on the desk as he moved over to the fireplace.

"Hello Minister, do you think you could spare a moment and come to my office. I have something quite important I need your help dealing with. Oh, and if you could bring a few aurors." The Headmaster spoke calmly to the face that had appeared in the fire.

"What is it Dumbledore? I have a lot to accomplish today." The Minister said impatiently as he stepped through the fireplace. Two others followed a tall dark skinned man, clad in black robes and wearing a gold earing.

The other was a short, slender women with short bubblegum pink hair, she was also wearing black robes. "I have here," Dumbledore said pointing at the cage, "Peter Pettigrew. I have been given evidence that it was in fact him who was the secret keeper for the Potters all those years ago."

"That is impossible, Pettigrew is dead. And we have proof that Black was their secret keeper." The Minister said.

"Well if you would please spare a moment of your time and allow me to give you proof otherwise. Miss Tonks if you would please cast the animages reverse spell, and we can clear up this whole matter." Dumbledore said, taking the rat out of the cage and placing it on the floor.

The short women stepped foward and pointed her wand at the rat and muttered, "converterent."

Slowly the rat transformed into the man they all knew to be Wormtail. The Minister and arours gasped in alarm. Tonks quickly cast ropes around the unconscious form.

"You see Minister it is in fact young Peter. Now how about we call Sirius and we can have Professor Snape administer some veritiseirum." Dumbledore said.

The old man walked over to Fawks whispering to the bird quietly. The bird nodded as if it understood what had been said, and vanished in a flash of fire. "Fawks shall have young Mister Black here in a moment."

Dumbledore walked back to the fireplace throwing in more floo powder, "Good morning Severus. Would you mind grabbing some veritiseirum and stepping through?"

A few minutes later Severus stepped out of the fireplace with a vile of a clear liquid in hand. "May ask why you are in need of my services Headmaster?" The Potions master asked, blank mask in place, trying to cover his surprise at seeing his son sitting in front of the Professors desk.

Just then Fawks flashed back in sitting on the shoulder of a much healthier looking Sirius Black

Immeadiatly two wands were pointed at him. Sirius held up his hands up showing he ment no harm.

"Sirius!" Harry exclaimed, rushing to hug his godfather.

"Hey there kiddo." Sirius said lovingly hugging his godson.

"Mr. Black, as you can see we have young Peter here. So if you would allow Severus to administer some veritisirum we can get this whole mess cleared up.

"Of coarse Professor." Sirius replied letting go of Harry and seating himself in the seat provided.

Severus walked over and poured three drops of the clear liquid into Sirius' mouth.

Sirius' face became calm, his voice held no emotion as he was questioned by Kingsley. When Sirius was done telling his story they turned to look at Pettigrew's still form on the floor.

Dumbledore pointed his wand at man on the floor, muttering under his breath. Pettigrew sat up and looked around the room assessing his situation. His eyes filled with fear as he began to comprehend his situation.

"P-P-Professor y-you have t-t-to hel-p-p m-me. He is going to ki-" Pettigrew's stuttering was interrupted by Dumbledore.

"Mr. Pettigrew we have already hear Mr. Blacks story do you have anything to add?" He said looking down at the rat expectantly.

"I'm s-sorry. He was g-g-going to kill m-me." Pettigrew said his voice full of terror.

Kingsley walked forward hiding his fury, he had been in auror training with Sirius, and James. They had grown close and he remembered going to there house and hanging out with them Remus, Lily, and baby Harry. He had been crushed at learning of their death.

Kingsley silently grabbed Pettigrew, walked over to the fire and disappearing into the green flames. Tonks followed after giving Sirius a hug and promising to visit soon.

"Mr. Black you the Ministry shall be putting 5000 galleons into your account per year of your imprisonment. Good day" And with that Fudge left the office.

"you're free Sirius!" Harry said with excitement.

"All thanks to you, kiddo," Sirius said smiling down at his godson.

"Harry you need to go eat, you have thirty minutes till class starts. Black I'd like a word." Severus said, arms crossed over his chest.

"I think I will join you Harry." Dumbldore said following Harry, and closing the door as they left.

"Black I have a proposal to make." Severus started before being interrupted.

"So Snape who is the unlucky girl that has stolen your frozen heart?" Sirius asked sarcastically.

"Black!" Severus took a deep breath before continuing, "Harry has grown to attached to you to pull you out of his life. My proposal is... that we attempt to get along, for Harry's sake."

Sirius looked at him for a moment before replying. "I agree. But only for Harry's sake."

They both nodded in agreement before walking to the Great Hall.


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