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Setting: Post series. In the manga version (which I HIGHLY prefer over the anime), the group goes to Hawaii after graduation. This story takes place after that trip.

One Summer's Day

Chapter One - Second Place

By: Screaming Siopao

Bells— her laughter was like bells. The jingle of it always sounded so pleasing to him. She was always laughing at him, even at times when he wasn't trying to be funny. He liked that about her. Mami never laughed like that around him, much less along with him.

"Nii, that's amazing!" Aya, the astonished brunette, said in awe while flashing the corn-haired boy an entertained smile. "That really happened?"

"Yeah, I swear on it!" Yuuya replied with equal enthusiasm. It amused him how engrossed Aya always was in his ridiculous stories.

"Then what?"

"So then, he cut me off while on my scooter and I almost crashed into this takoyaki stand, right? But then this huge watermelon came rolling along and—" the sound of a loud, repeating musical tune interrupted Yuuya in the middle of the story that he was oh-so passionately conveying.

"Ah, sorry Nii, it's Rei-kun," she said while pointing to the caller ID on her cell phone. He signaled for her to go as she made her way to a more private location on the train.

As the graceful girl maneuvered through the dense crowd on the train, Yuuya found himself softly smiling to himself. He and Mami had got into a meaningless argument the previous day and he was actually feeling quite bummed out because of it. Throughout their high school years, he had really begun to feel fond towards Mami. She was feminine, confident, and held high morals. She was a true gal. Yet, she was also very hard-headed and irritable. It seemed as if her mood switched completely at mach speed. Being Mami Honda's boyfriend made him feel proud, yet somewhat worn out. She was a Pacific typhoon, and he was a spring zephyr.

Yet, Aya had always been so good at cheering him up, ever since the beginning. He recalled the time during their first-years when she had placed a band-aid on his cheek at the indoor snowboarding slope. She uplifted his spirits that day, encouraging him to never give up on what made him happy— at the time, it was Ran Kotobuki. He swore he loved Ran then. He swore he loved Mami now. He knew he loved Aya, but in a friendship-type of way. She was his best friend's girlfriend. He knew he should have gone for her, ever since the beginning. But it was too late now, right? The train car suddenly shook, waking Yuuya from his thoughts. A sigh escaped his lips.

Yes, Aya Hoshino and Yuuya Asou were accompanying one another on this humid June afternoon on the train. The two had just finished their morning errands and ran into each other afterwards while making their way towards Shibuya. Where were the others? Well, Yamato had a rare day off, so he and Miyuu would be having a lovey-dovey date tonight, naturally. After all, that's what married couples did, right? Ran was already out in Shibuya, using up poor Tatsukichi's most recent paycheck to buy herself some accessories. Mami was in 'Bukuro dealing with some of her father's wealthy clients, while also ignoring Yuuya at the same time because of their most recent argument. And Rei...

"I'm working," the low, cool voice said on the other line. Aya gripped onto a metal pole in the train to keep herself from tilting over from the car's swift movements.

"I understand," Aya acknowledged with a smile. The gang had just graduated high school and she had been with Rei for over two years, at this point. She was already so used to Rei's busy work schedule. After all, he was good at what he did, when it came to music. "Well, I guess just Nii and I will catch up with Ran and Tatsukichi later, then."

There was a short pause.

"You're with Yuuya?"

"Yes. We're on the train! Ah, I just realized, my stop is next. I'm going to go now, Rei-kun, I'll call you later!" And with that, Aya hung up the phone and dashed towards the closest exit.

On the other line, Rei felt a strange, uncomfortable feeling as Aya hung up the phone. He could tell Yuuya was unhappy in his relationship with Mami as of recent. He knew that Aya often had a habit of picking Yuuya up when he was down. But more importantly, he'd noticed Yuuya's glances towards Aya for the past couple of days. He caught his best friend looking at her softly several times with such curiosity. He didn't know exactly what these strange glances were all about, but he knew that he absolutely did not like it.

Rei gave out a sigh and impatiently tapped his foot while at the record store. Secretly, he'd rather be with Aya right now. It pissed him off that Yuuya was there, while he wasn't.

Unluckily for poor Aya, the train was packed today. Of course, it was a Friday afternoon; workers were trying to head home, and teens were all getting a kick start to their weekends.

"Ano, excuse me! I'm getting off!" Aya announced while trying to squeeze her way through the crowded area with her arms extended. She wasn't going to make it. There were just too many people. There was no way she could get to the doors before they shut themselves closed. "Please, I'm getting off! Excuse m-"

Aya's outreached arm was pulled forward by someone's tight grasp, causing her to step out of the train and onto the platform. The sudden jerk caused her to fall forward, but she was caught in the arms by the one who pulled her out.

Golden yellow eyes met chestnut brown.

A gasp.

A blush.

A whisper in the air:

"Eh? Nii..." She could feel his stare on her as he held her in his arms, preventing her from falling.

"Aya-chan," Yuuya breathed. His chest felt so tight all of a sudden. He was so close to her. Aya's chest was pressed against his and he immediately shot his eyes away when he accidentally saw that she had been wearing a low cut blouse. An embarrassed blush crept onto his handsome face at the sight. One hand rested on the small of her back, while the other held her waist. "She's so... tiny."

"Ah... thanks for helping me, Nii," Aya softly said while looking down, obviously hiding a scarlet trail on her cheeks. "B-But, you can let me go now."

"H- Huh!? Ehh, sorry about that, Aya-chan," Yuuya apologized while letting her go. Somewhere inside him, he really didn't want to do it. Aya smiled a bright smile.

Yuuya's heart skipped a beat.

"Tch... damn, what's wrong with me?" he thought inwardly, feeling somewhat flustered.

"It's okay," she said while walking away from the tracks, Yuuya following closely behind. "I wouldn't have made it out if you hadn't pulled me out of there, Nii!"

"Ah, that's right. I'm still just 'Nii' to her, anyway. Always second place, like usual. She probably thought nothing of this," Yuuya thought, realizing that his heart's pace hadn't returned to normal.

Why couldn't he just shake the incident out of his mind? He looked at the lovely gal beside him, with her long, flowing dark hair. Aya hadn't changed much since their freshman year.

He suddenly remembered the feel of her curvy waist under his palm. The sight of her cleavage against his chest. The feel of them against his body made him soar high. They were so soft, he remembered.

Ahh, except that. That was a major change he saw in Aya— her body had grown to be more... womanly, if he had anything to say about it. Still so innocent, yet so matured all at once.

Of course, Mami was beautiful to him, too. He would never think of ever two-timing her. But there was just something so alluring about Aya. She seemed vibrant; cheerful. Yet, also a bit mysterious to him...

"Hello? Niii!" Aya almost yelled into his ear.

"Eh?" he snapped out of his daze. He felt a bit dirty, seeing as Mami was still his girlfriend, after all. "What did you say?"

"I said we're here, at Wing Burger, where Ran and Tatsukichi said they'd meet us," Aya blinked once as she looked on at Yuuya.

"O-Oh, right," he blankly replied while rubbing the back of his head.

"Nii, are you okay? You seem a bit pale." Aya stepped forward and Yuuya flinched. He was honestly afraid— afraid that if she'd come closer, he'd have a heart attack.

"I'm fine, really, Aya-chan. Just hungry. Let's go!" he said while marching into the fast food joint. Aya shrugged and followed along, smiling.

"Yo! Brotha!" Tatsuki yelled as he sat beside his famous girlfriend, Ran Kotobuki. "Aya-ppe!"

"Hey guys!" Aya said while taking a seat across from the bakappuru. Yuuya gulped as he was forced to sit beside Aya.

"Yo, bro, you alright?" the monkey boy asked. "You're sweatin' bullets!"

"You look super pale, Nii!" Ran pointed out. "Here, have a burger! I have five more anyway." Yuuya laughed nervously.

"What? N- No, it's okay, It's just super hot, that's why!" Yuuya tried to defend himself while abruptly standing up, startling everyone. "I'm just going to get an iced tea up front."

"I'll come too," Aya said, rising from her seat.

"Huh? No!" he suddenly yelled, taking the brunette aback. "I mean, uh, I'll order for you Aya-chan! What do you want?"

"Hmm," she put her index finger to her chin in thought. "I'm not quite sure, I'd like to go see the menu." Yuuya sighed in defeat.

"O- Okay, let's go."

As the two walked towards the front counter, Ran and Tatsuki exchanged very weirded out looks.

"Ne, Nii's acting really weird, huh?" Ran said in between chews of her french fries.

"I noticed too," Tatsuki said, looking towards his friends' direction. He noticed that Yuuya was very fidgety at the cash register, especially when Aya would make eye contact with him. "Hm, my Machida Black senses are onto something..."

"Oh, not that again."

"Seriously, look at Aya-ppe and bro!"

As soon as Ran looked over, Aya put her hand on Yuuya's arm, probably inquiring him on what she should order. Yuuya quickly darted his arm away and jumped about a foot back at her touch.

"See?" the blonde monkey boy said.

"Yeah, I mean maybe Nii's just on a caffeine rush." Ran could still always be so dense, even up till now. Tatsuki shook his head in disagreement.

"No. You don't think that he might, you know, like Aya-ppe?" he inquired. Ran spat her soda out. "They always did seem kind of chummy."

"Dummy!" she said hitting her boyfriend on the head. "Don't just go assuming that! You'll cause problems! Nii has Mami-rin and Aya has Otochi!"

"Ah, you're right, I guess," the poor Tatsuki said while rubbing his head. "My bad; it was just a weird hunch!"

Meanwhile, leaving the bakappuru behind for now, Aya was ordering her food at the front counter.

"I'll have..." she thought as the cashier waited to punch in her order. "The bacon cheeseburger, small fries and a medium iced tea, please."

"Will that be all, miss?" the woman asked. Aya nodded. Yuuya then handed the cashier some money, to the brunette's surprise.

"Eh? Nii?"

"It's okay, let me pay for you, Aya-chan," Yuuya insisted. "It's not much anyway."

"But, I-"

"It's okay!" he smiled shyly. "I want to." Aya blushed just the slightest bit.

"Well, er, thank you, then."

As the two made their way back, Ran and Tatsuki were just about finishing their food.

"It's a pretty hot summer this year, ne?" Aya asked while setting down her tray at the table. "I can feel the humidity in here too, though it's airconditioned." She wiped some sweat from her forehead.

"You bet," Ran said. "It's totally messing with my hair!"

"Well, soon enough, it'll be fall and we'll all be headed towards our separate career paths and universities!" Yuuya exclaimed excitedly.

"Ack! Don't remind me!" Tatsuki choked. "I can't believe I ended up with my pop's ramen shop after all."

"I knew it was just meant to be all along," Aya pointed out. "Same goes for Ran and the police academy!"

Everyone laughed.

"Ahh, well I always did say I'd cross that bridge when I got there," Ran said, scratching the back of her head. "And, well, I guess I'm there!"

"Aw," Aya said, pinching her friend's cheek. "You've grown so much!"

"Blech! Quit it!" Ran spat, with an embarrassed blush on her cheek.

"Say Aya-ppe," the tan-skinned blonde said. "You'll be in university with Otochi, ne?"

At this question, Yuya's heart sank the slightest bit.

"E- Eh?" Now it was Aya's turn to blush. "Yes! The University of Tokyo!"

"Sounds like a pain!" Ran shouted. "So many geeks..."

"How about you, Nii?" Aya turned to ask Yuuya, who seemed a bit startled. "You're being scouted from many universities, right?"

"H- Huh? Oh, yeah," he absentmindedly replied. School was the very last thing on his mind right now.

"Rykkyo University was your goal last time, ne?" Aya asked.

"Oh right!" Tatsuki exclaimed. "In 'Bukuro, with Mami-rin!"

"Actually. I'm not sure anymore. My mind is always changing. I have to make a decision soon though."

"Ehh!?" Ran gasped. "What about Mami-rin? She'll kill you, Nii!"

Yuuya laughed nervously.

"You see... Mami-chan and I... aren't doing very well," he admitted. Everyone stared. There was a brief, awkward silence.

"I- I'm sorry for bringing it up, Nii," the number one gal apologized while scratching the back of her head. "I'm sure things will turn up!"

"Yeah, don't worry, brotha!" Tatsuki firmly patted his friend's shoulder from across the table.

"We'll all be here no matter what," Aya turned to Yuuya and flashed the sweetest smile at him. There was a tug on his heart. "Talk to me about anything, whenever!" There was a small, undetectable blush on the corn-haired lad's face when she looked at him.

Well, at least, it was only undetectable to the three present.

Outside the restaurant, Mami peered in at her boyfriend who was looking at another girl, the way he used to look at her.

One Summer's Day

Chapter One – Second Place: End.

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