I am really, really glad so many people have taken such a liking to Dean and Arandi and Jensen and Arandi. I don't know how many ideas I can still come up with but I'm trying.

This is Dean and Arandi AU where once again Dean and Sam are not hunters but instead spoiled rich boys.

I know this story line has been done countless times but I wanted to give it a shot and I mean the forced marriage story, since I have gotten a request for a story where Dean is a spoiled jerk and Arandi can't stand him at first.



Dean stood staring out the huge glass window of the building where he ran his company. The sun was going down and he was still processing the news that he had been dealt earlier.

The door to his office opened and closed but he didn't turn seeing his father's reflection in the window.

"I'm sorry Dean I wish that I had known your grandfather was planning this and I would done what I could to have to change his mind but now it's out of my hands." John sighed.

"Why would he do this to me dad? Haven't I done a good job running this company?" Dean answered.

"It has nothing to do with your abilities of your job son you know that. Your grandfather was just very old fashion and he wasn't too thrilled with your less than stellar dating record."

"I like sex so does every living man with a libido and the fact that I can get it just about whenever I want makes me the bad guy." Dean snapped.

"Hey don't take it out on me boy." John snapped back.

Dean finally turned around to face his father. "It's bullshit, I have to find and marry someone in less than two weeks to be able to keep my multimillion dollar fund. How could he possibly think a thrown together marriage is going to work?"

"He wanted you to be more responsible and stop spending so wildly."

"I don't spend anything that I don't earn now do I?"

"Dean the fact that you get more ass than a toilet seat hampers your image." John scolded.

Dean smirked. "I can't help it that I'm a hot commodity."

John smirked back. "Your looks are not what get those beautiful women between the sheets with you and you know it."

"Where would rich men be without gold diggers?" Dean grinned.

"What was your longest relationship?"

"Three weeks and that's because she loved to…..you know what never mind."

"Do you even remember her name?"

Dean blinked and opened his mouth to answer but for the life of him he couldn't recall the woman who had literally blown his brain.

"Did you even know her name while you were dating?"

"We never dated just well you know."

"I'm completely surprised that you and your brother don't have children all over the world." John sighed.

Dean shuddered at the thought. "Don't ever count on me making you a grandfather because me and snot noses and dirty diapers will never click."

"Yeah and then they grow up to be you how could you miss out on that?"

"Very funny dad." Dean groaned. "So what am I supposed to do?"

"I may be able to save you but you will have to get married Dean there is no avoiding that stipulation, not if you want your fund."

"Fine I'll get married but no one better expect it to be perfect."

"There is going to be another human involved in this Dean you have to at least be civil."

"Just make sure she's presentable." Dean sighed plopping into his office chair.

"Yes sir." John bowed sarcastically.


Dean stretched his legs and moaned as the orgasm rolled through him and he came down his secretary's throat.

He was going to have to let her go soon and he had all the information that he needed to make sure that she didn't try to sue him.

But fuck she gave good head and he had needed a little tension relief.

She tried to kiss him but he turned his head, not that he minded his own taste but not with her.

"Quitting time Kelly." He hinted.

Kelly stood up straightened her skirt and gave him a cold stare before walking out and leaving him alone to clean and zip himself up.

He sighed loudly and then grabbed his briefcase and headed out.

He was going to keep enjoying himself before he had to be shackled not that that was going to stop him. He hoped they didn't expect him to be faithful to someone that he didn't even love.

How could you love someone that you barely met?

Sam joined him on the elevator. "So are you married yet?"

"You're so fucking funny." Dean growled. "You know damn well you're next."

"Yeah well now that I know what to expect I'm finding someone that I actually want to be married too."

"Oh come on Sam we are not meant to be with just one woman."

"Yeah and how often do you think that we would get so lucky if we didn't have our millions?"

"We are not bad looking men." Dean countered.

"Go with that bro or have you forgotten that one time that we broke down on the road and we had no phone signal and we were both covered in dirt and oil and not one woman would give us the time of day and then when one of them recognized our name suddenly they were all over us."

"I still got a threesome out of that and didn't pay for the room." Dean chuckled.

Sam rolled his eyes but laughed.

Dean sighed loudly. "It's just weird Sammy that with all the women I've been with." He did a one handed air quote. "I can't think of one that I would want to spend a month with let alone the rest of my life."

"No loopholes?" Sam asked.

"Nope I have to be married in two weeks and stay married the second I think of divorce I lose the monthly payments."

"Damn that's harsh."

"Yeah tell me about it, I think gramps was hitting the bottle there too much at the end."

"Dude respect the dead." Sam snickered.

"Kiss my ass little brother."


"One of Jonathan Remington's daughters dad really?" Dean huffed.

"Yes he's worked it to where she can marry you and we get her and her shares of the Remington Inc. which sets us on a higher bar and makes her daddy richer."

"He's selling his daughter, geez what she must look like." Dean groaned.

"I thought that too but then I saw this." John handed Dean an open folder.

Dean stared at the picture in front of him and he was more than impressed with the blue eyed beauty that stared back at him in a bikini and stiletto heels.

"Wow." He mumbled.

"I thought you would approve."

"That I could live with especially…."

John held up his hand. "Son keep the TMI to yourself."

Dean only smirked but kept quiet thinking to himself that those were a pair of legs that he wouldn't mind separating.

"Has she been told about this arrangement?"

"She has been told and she's going through with for the sake of her family's wellbeing but she's not happy about it."

"When do I get to meet my lovely bride?"

"Tonight and you will have already proposed weeks ago and it has already been leaked to the papers that the infamous Dean Winchester has been secretly dating Arandi Remington and things have gotten serious. Dad's lawyers are going to be watching you like a hawk."

Dean wondered how many of his past affairs would laugh at that notion.

"You do realize Dean that she will have to move into your penthouse with you unless you want to buy a house?"

"I love my penthouse and there is plenty of room for her to live there since I do have two bedrooms."

"So already kicking her out of bed?"

"Somehow dad I think that's what she's going to demand."


Dean looked up at the clock on the wall as he pounded hard into the chick he'd hit on at the gym. He had an hour to get home shower, change, and meet everyone at the restaurant.

He came with a grunt and instantly pulled out and moved away from the woman whose name he couldn't remember.

She moved to kiss him but he side stepped her as he tossed the condom, zipped up, and headed for the door.

"Sorry I can't stay and chat but I've got to meet my fiancé for dinner." He stated in a matter of fact tone.

"You're getting married?" The woman asked incredulously.

"Yeah and well I'm one of those guys that believes in sewing his wild oats." Dean winked at her.

"This would have never happened if I'd known you were cheating." The woman growled.

"That's why I didn't tell you until after." Dean said smugly and walked out the door.


He made it with a couple of minutes to spare and was the last to arrive.

The empty chair next to Arandi meant for him and holy fuck she was even more beautiful in person.

He leaned to kiss her cheek and he whispered. "I know we don't know each other at all but reporters are watching and we need to make this good."

She nodded accepting the kiss rather stiffly and sure enough flashes went off all around so Dean sat beside her and took her hand.

Dean met her father's eyes and he could literally see the dollar signs in them and her mother was a close second. Her sister was the only one that looked sad for her.

They ordered and ate, Dean watched her closely but she barely spoke and picked at her food.

"It's not so bad is it?" He asked.

"You and my father's greed have taken away any chance I have of falling in love and having a family. I hope the fucking money is worth it." Arandi hissed and got up from the table.

Dean stared after her and sighed. "I would have settled for a yes or no."

Jonathan angrily went after her and Dean followed not liking the look in his eyes. Maybe he was being greedy but he was used to this lifestyle and he just wanted to live the life. She could do whatever she wanted as long as she played the wife part.

He found Jonathan manhandling his daughter trying to force her to return to the table.

Dean could see that he was causing her pain and he intervened then pulling Arandi toward him. "I think I can handle it from here if you would please let her go." He said sternly.

Jonathan let her go instantly looking at Dean expectantly.

"Give us a moment." Dean continued.

Jonathan rushed away.

Dean could see the hurt in Arandi's eyes that her own father cared more for the mighty green than her.

"I'm sorry Arandi I really am but as I see it you might be better off pretending with me than living with him anymore."

Arandi looked up at him her eyes full of unshed tears. "Everything I know about you is from the newspapers and magazines."

Dean knew most of the stories consisted of his business accomplishments or his flavor of the week. "I get that I'm not your first choice."

"Choice? My only choice in all this madness has been what I fucking ordered off the menu." She hissed trying to brush past him but he pulled her back.

"Look I'm trying to be nice here ok, so I know this is not your idea of romantic but Arandi you just have to play my doting wife, I'm not going to lock you in a dungeon or chain you to a bed, you have your life to yourself besides just being married to me."

"What life Dean I can't find anyone and fall in love when I'm going to be married to you."

"I wish you could understand why I have to do this."

"I understand and you're as selfish and one sided as my father and I hate both of you." She spat.

Dean felt anger surging through him, he was trying to be nice and give her space to get used to this but she didn't have to be hateful.

Seeing the reporters lurking he grabbed her forcefully and pressed her against the wall kissing her breathless.

She didn't fight him because she had seen the reporters too and she didn't want to anger her father anymore, he could get abusive and she was sure that Dean was the same way.

Her stomach ached knowing that Dean had no feelings for her but the amount of money she would earn him, she sighed and was at least grateful that he knew how to kiss.

She'd never been kissed like this and she could only imagine how he kissed someone he loved.

Who was she kidding Dean Winchester wouldn't know love if it bit him on the dick.



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