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This was my first ever Klaine story. Other than a prompt series I wrote, this was basically my introduction into the Klaine world.

I know I deleted it a while back (I needed a new start and I had second thoughts about the story to begin with) but I've decided to look it over a bit more and repost it back.

This is a story of Kurt when he transfers to Dalton. There is Klaine, of course, and Niff.

So, a couple of things to keep in mind while reading this story.

1). Kurt's father NEVER had the heart attack. 2). Carole and Finn are living with Kurt and Burt – no Burt never throws Finn out. 3). Kurt transfers at the beginning of his junior year. Beginning of the year makes it bit more fun and more convenient of what I want to do with this story. 4). Also, Kurt was bullied in school (which of course is the reason for the transfer) but the kiss with Karofsky never happened either. 5). Kurt did have a small crush on Finn but it was one of those crushes that lasted for maybe a few days – not for a lot of episodes.

I wrote this story a little after season 2 ended and season 3 was about to air. So, yes, Kurt and Blaine are both juniors in this story. That's how it should have stayed, but that's just me. Anyway, this story is already complete so my goal is to try to post a chapter of the story ever Sunday till it's fully up and going.

There won't be any drastic differences in the story so don't worry about that. Anyway, here you go.

Set Me Free
Chapter 1 :: The Decision

"This is it? It's huge!" Finn gestured to the rather large building with large red letters reading proudly Dalton Academy. Burt, Finn and Kurt had arrived at the campus to move Kurt into his dorm. It was almost the start of Junior year and Kurt had to be there to settle himself in his room and get all of his books ready for classes. Kurt didn't have to be in his uniform so he could relish in his Marc Jacobs for a little while longer before he had to put them away for a little while. Burt pulled into an empty parking space. Apparently, a lot of the other students were moving on the same day because the place was almost packed. Burt turned off the ignition and turned to his son who sat in the back seat.

"You ready, kid?" Kurt looked at his father and sighed. It was a new start at a new school – he wasn't sure if he was entirely ready. He had taken all summer to think about this decision.

.: 2 Months Earlier :.

Sophomore year was more or less hell for Kurt. He had glee club which was the only highlight of his day but to get to glee, he had to face many obstacles. Every morning he received his daily dose of slushy facials, dumpster tosses and shoves against the lockers. Even though his former crush Finn Hudson tried to do the best he could to make sure Kurt wasn't hurt; he suffered the same slushy facials and scrutiny for helping Kurt. Ever since Finn and his mother moved in with Kurt and Burt, Finn made every effort he could to help – like a big brother even though Kurt was three months older. One particular football player made it is mission to make Kurt's life just as miserable. Dave Karofsky.

True, Kurt could just brush off the neanderthals and go about his days but even Kurt Hummel has a breaking point. The members of the glee club were just as much of outcasts as he was, but Kurt was singled out even more because he was the only openly gay student. A few days before summer vacation began, Karofsky and a few of his idiotic friends found Kurt, and dragged him to the dumpster for a sort of summer vacation celebration. The only thing was that when he was tossed in the dumpster that day, Kurt had hit his arm against something that made him groan in pain when he landed in the large dumpster bin. He couldn't climb out. He heard the football players laugh and a loud angry voice come toward the bin. Finn and Puck helped Kurt out of the bin and immediately took him to the hospital. His arm was broken and had to put it in a cast for a few weeks.

That day, Burt came to the hospital enraged that a group of boys had done this to his son. Kurt never told Burt about what had been happening to Kurt since the beginning of the year. The drive home was silent and awkward – nobody wanted to talk about what happened. Kurt retreated to his basement bedroom while Finn grabbed a few sharpies and asked if he could draw and sign Kurt's cast. Kurt sat on his bed while Finn signed his name and started drawing what looked like a football – Kurt sighed.

"Those sharpies stink, Finn. Don't you have any pens?" Kurt remarked as he held out his cast arm to Finn.

"Sorry dude, I think I have some pens around here somewhere." Finn got up from Kurt's bed and started roaming through his school bag.

"Will you please stop calling me dude?"

"Sorry dude." Kurt sighed again but gave a small chuckle. Kurt had a small crush on Finn a long while back but it didn't last. The boy was straight and of course, he was a little...slow at times. At least nobody really knew, that he knew of anyway. Finn yelled triumphantly when he found a black pen.

"Here we go. Can I finish my football now?" Finn said as he sat on the bed again and looked at Kurt's cast.

"Is that what that is?" Kurt asked a bit sarcastically. Finn looked at Kurt almost hurtfully.

"What? Did I use the wrong shape?" Kurt closed his eyes and shook his head – that was too easy. Before Finn could continue with the drawing, the door opened from upstairs and loud foot steps came down the stairs – Burt Hummel. Kurt felt sick to his stomach. He hadn't felt like this since the night he decided to tell his dad that he was gay – of course that actually went over smoothly but this time, he had a feeling this wouldn't end well. Burt came to the bottom of the stairs and looked at his son and Finn.

"Finn, would you go upstairs with Carole? I need to talk to Kurt right now." Finn knew that tone. He looked at Kurt whom almost begged him to stay but knew it was not an option. With one last apologetic look, he slowly walked up the stairs. Burt waited for the door to close and paced the floor back and forth slowly. Kurt didn't say a word. He looked at his cast arm. Burt stopped pacing and looked at his son. Kurt caught his eyes and could see that his father looked...like he was going to cry.

"How long has this been going on?" Kurt swallowed before he responded.


"How long, Kurt?" Kurt looked at his arm and then back to his father.

"Since the beginning of the year, if not a little bit longer than that," Kurt responded softly. Burt exhaled loudly and put his hand against his head. Kurt couldn't read the expression – which only worried him more.

"This has been going on for over a year? Over a year you have been subjected to this kind of abuse! Why the hell did you never tell me about this, Kurt?" Kurt got up from the bed and looked at his father. The look on his face wasn't anger – but some disappointment and hurt. Kurt tried his best to hold back the tears as he remembered the year of what he went through.

"I could handle it myself dad..."

"Obviously." Burt gestured to Kurt's arm.

"I didn't want to burden you with this, dad. I didn't want to burden you with the fact that your son is..." Burt turned to glare at his son, cutting him off.

"That my son is a what? A bright, intelligent boy who decides to go through this torture alone every day at a school that is supposed to help protect its students? And if you call yourself that 'F' word I will never forgive!" Kurt couldn't help himself, a tear cascaded down his cheek. Burt walked to his son and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry dad..." Kurt said in a soft voice. Almost like when he was still a little boy and he had done something he shouldn't have and got caught. Burt felt a tear roll down his cheek as well.

"Oh Kurt, the only reason I'm so upset is because – I had to find out this way. You in the hospital because of narrow minded kids. You're my son, my boy and no matter what the situation I love you and my job is to protect you, damn it." Burt pulled his son to him and hugged him tightly but tried to watch for the broken arm. Kurt's eyes watered more as he took in his dad's aroma – always a mix of cars and fresh cut grass. Burt pulled away and looked at his son. He quickly whipped his face.

"You know it wasn't so bad – this is just the first time that it was taken too far..." Kurt admitted softly.

"You're staying home. I don't care if there are just a few more days of school before summer, you are not going back there. And don't even try to argue with me." Kurt tried to say something but he closed his mouth. He could argue with his dad but considering the circumstances, he decided not too.

"I'm sorry..."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. Come on, let's get upstairs and see what ideas Carole has for dinner. And later, I want you to tell me everything." Kurt nodded as he walked with his dad up the stairs. It was going to be a long night because there was going to be a lot Kurt had to talk to his father about.

The last few days Kurt gained a lot of visits from the glee club, including William Shuester, the glee director and Spanish teacher. There was hardly any free space left on his cast. Mercedes signed it and drew on it, Rachel signed it and surrounded her names with gold star stickers – too many to go through and peel off so Kurt left them there and even Mr. Shuester signed it.

Kurt hated the cast. He had to wear it for a few weeks and it did not go with any of his outfits and it itched. Finn found a way to stick a fork into the cast and tried to scratch where it itched – it was nice until Carole caught them and lectured him and Kurt about how the arm needs to heal properly no matter the nuisance. Kurt adored Carole – otherwise he would be rolling his eyes at the woman who was lecturing him like she was his mother. Burt made sure that Kurt didn't have access to forks unless it was to eat with, damn it.

Every night, Kurt and his dad talked about the many incidents that Kurt had to go through with the bullying. He raised hell with the school for allowing such incidents to happen – and of course nothing was done about the boys who had gotten him injured when they tossed his son in the dumpster. Kurt spent a lot of time on his computer working with a specific song – what else was there to do when his father wouldn't let him leave the house until summer vacation officially started? Kurt tried to reason with his father but even Carole couldn't convince the man to let up.

Kurt managed to kick Finn out of the room while he was finishing up the song – he could hear Finn mutter something under his breath as he walked out of the room. Minutes later, he was about to yell at Finn again but this time it was both Burt and Carole coming down the stairs. He sighed, Finn must have tattled on him. That boy had no idea what he was getting himself into. Kurt closed his laptop and waited for the lecture to come. About this is Finn's room too and had every right to be in it as much as Kurt. Burt and Carole stood together and looked at Kurt. Carole held a pamphlet in her hand. Okay, it was either the lecture of The Talk. Quite frankly, Kurt preferred the lecture.

"Kurt, can we talk to you for a minute?" Carole asked gently. Kurt got up from the chair and looked at his father. The look was unreadable and Carole just smiled graciously as she fiddled with the pamphlet.

"Look, I'm sorry I kicked Finn out but I wanted to work on this and it was very important to have some peace..."

"Son, this isn't about you and Finn. This is about you and your safety." Kurt sighed and waited for more from his dad.

"What do you mean?" Carole handed Kurt the pamphlet. Kurt looked at the cover. It was a large building and in some sort of fancy font – Dalton Academy for Boys. He looked at Carole and Burt.

"Before you get any ideas, let us explain. I arranged a meeting with the dean of the school so that we can at least get some better information. It's a few hours away but they have dorms if you want to room there. But the main reason is what's inside the pamphlet..." Burt explained. Kurt opened the tiny book and saw one of the first things the page said in bold letters...

"...Zero-tolerance for bullying. Strictly enforced, no exceptions..." Kurt looked at Carole again then back to Burt.

"Dad..." Burt waved his hand and walked over to his son and put his arm gently around his shoulders.

"You don't need to make a decision right now. That's why I arranged a meeting with the dean to get a better idea of this place. Carole did some research and found this is a very good school. They have advanced classes and everything." Kurt closed the book and looked at Carole.

"Thank you, but..."

"You don't have to decide now, Kurt – that's why we are bringing it up now instead of later in the summer. Just meet with the dean first. One step at a time. Your safety is more important, no matter what you decide, we will support you." Carole said. Burt squeezed his son's shoulders in assurance.

"Thank you, Carole, dad." What else was there to say? Carole smiled and put her hand on Kurt's cheek. The woman's hands were soft. Burt removed his arm and began to walk up the stairs with Carole. Kurt turned to his computer then back to his dad.


"Yeah?" Kurt looked at Carole and she instantly knew to leave the boys. She smiled and walked up the stairs and closed the door.

"I was working on something and...I want you to hear it. I'll read the pamphlet while you listen," Kurt said almost nervously. Burt nodded as he sat down at Kurt's computer. Kurt gave Burt the headphones and pressed the play button on the computer. Kurt walked to his bed and sat as Burt turned to his boy and smiled warmly – he was listening to his son sing.

"Ahh, Mr. Hummel come right in! And you must be, Kurt?" An older gentleman greeted both Burt and Kurt with a handshake. Kurt nodded his head as the older man closed the door behind them. The man was tall and slightly gray. He had a gray and light brown mustache and small glasses. He was dressed in a neat buttoned shirt with khaki pants and a blue and red tie. Kurt and Burt sat in the two available leather chairs as the older man took a seat behind his desk.

"Mr. Kramer, thank you for seeing us I know it is summer and..." Burt tried to say gently. The older man waved his hand and smiled.

"Absolutely no need to apologize, Mr. Hummel. It is my pleasure," Mr. Kramer answered.

"Burt, please." Kurt adjusted himself as he took in the surroundings. The desk was filled with papers and a few photo frames. There were a few frames hung on the wall – one was a college degree while the rest seemed to be pictures of him and the students of the school. One of them said The Warblers. Kurt turned away from the frame when he thought he heard his name.

"Yes?" Kurt said quickly. Mr. Kramer laughed lightly.

"I was asking how your arm was."

"Oh. It's seen better days but I'll be relieved once the cast has been removed and I can have better coordination with my outfits and scratch freely," Burt gave him a friendly glare. Mr. Kramer laughed.

"Oh yes! I remember when I busted my leg and I had to have it in a cast for a few months. My mother hid every stick, every fork, anything small enough and pointed enough to dig through the cast and scratch my leg – torture I tell you." Kurt giggled lightly. This was the dean of Dalton Academy. He almost half expected the man to be...well snooty. Mr. Kramer leaned his chair back and sighed.

"So, what is it that I can do for the two of you? I understand from the phone call, you wanted more information about the school." Burt turned to his son and then back to the dean.

"Mr. Kramer, I read the pamphlet my girlfriend found for us. I did some research and heard nothing but great things about your school." Mr. Kramer leaned over his desk and smiled.

"I like to think we are an upstanding school – of course there are some faults I'll be the first to admit but I care about every student and staff that walks through this building. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about this school and what I can do to be of service for you and your son." Kurt turned to his dad. Burt looked at him questionably. Kurt sighed and nodded, letting him know it was okay to talk about it.

"Kurt, would you mind waiting outside for a minute?" Kurt nodded as he got up from his chair and walked outside of the office. Burt turned to Mr. Kramer as soon as the door closed.

"Is everything all right?" Mr. Kramer asked with concern.

"Let me just cut to the chase – your school as a lot to offer academic wise and my son is a very smart boy. The one thing that I need to know from you, and expenses of course, is the first thing in that pamphlet that caught my eye was your zero-tolerance policy..." Mr. Kramer nodded.

"Yes, strictly, and I emphasize the word strictly, enforced. And I will tell you this, I had to expel a student this semester because he did not take that policy seriously." Mr. Kramer paused and thought carefully for his next question. "Kurt's arm – was he attacked at his school?" Burt leaned against his chair and nodded.

"My boy is gay and I am not ashamed to tell people that – but I cannot have him going back to that school that allowed this to happen to him..." Burt straightened himself as he tried not to get angry again. Mr. Kramer got up from his desk and sat in the empty chair beside the father.

"What school is he going to now?"

"McKinley High," Burt answered. Mr. Kramer sighed.

"I know that school. Figgins is a nice man but is more naïve than anything else. Burt, I will be completely honest with you. I wasn't lying when I said that I care about every student and every staff member that walks into this building. The student I had to expel, was harassing one of the students who is also gay. I do not tolerate it, not at all. But I will say, that that is the first time in maybe a few years that I have had to expel a student for not following that policy. It is strictly enforced, but it is hardly needed. My office is an open door policy – no matter the issue, I want to know about it and help if I can." Burt sighed. The man was so sincere and so serious. When Burt talked to Figgins he seemed strict but also scared at the same time.

"You have no idea how reassuring that is to me..."

"I'm glad to hear that. Let me go over our admissions and our financial options with you..."

"Come on in, Kurt," Burt said as he opened the door. Kurt walked back into the office and sat back in his chair. Mr. Kramer was back at his desk gathering a few papers.

"Everything all right?" Kurt asked. Mr. Kramer smiled warmly at the boy.

"Everything is just fine, Kurt. I have discussed with your father about your admission here – if you decide to come here of course." Kurt almost interrupted but stopped when the man was informed that Kurt hadn't decided yet. "Now, I went over our financial assistance with Burt. I will be the first to state, tuition is steep and not a lot of students can afford it. That's why we have financial assistance. During the summer, there is a test we give to possible new comers."

"You mean like the SAT's?"

"Exactly like that, except of course it won't be for college. Scores are used to determine scholarships and other assistance. You are welcome to take the test of course – there is a fee for the test and the one we have coming up is in two weeks. I have the book right here for you to get an idea of what the test is and what it consists of. And I gave your father the paperwork if you do decide to attend." Mr. Kramer grabbed a fairly thick book and handed it to Kurt. His eyes widened – was he sure this wasn't an SAT test?

"Thank you. I appreciate you doing this for us, even if I decide not to attend," Kurt said as he thumbed through the pages.

"It's my pleasure and Kurt – my door is always open. If you do decide to attend Dalton, and someone is bothering you please, come to me and tell me. I take the safety of my students very seriously. And it doesn't matter what the situation, nobody, and I mean nobody deserves that treatment." Kurt smiled lightly as he turned to his dad then back at the dean.

"I guess I have some studying to do. Math? Oh God, I hate math," Kurt grumbled. Burt rolled his eyes as he took the papers from Mr. Kramer.

"Join the club," Mr. Kramer said amusingly.

"Damn dude! This is thick! I haven't even read a book this thick!" Finn commented as he looked through the study book. The entire glee club decided to pay Kurt a visit since Finn had blabbed to them that Burt took Kurt to visit Dalton Academy. Mercedes took the book from Finn and thumbed through it.

"That's a lot of Math, Kurt – I bet that's gonna be a joy for you," Mercedes joked. Kurt glared jokingly at his friend and took the book.

"It shouldn't be too bad. Course, nobody wants to study during their summer vacation," Kurt put the book on his desk.

"Dalton Academy? I think they have a glee club there. Kurt, there's a chance you could be our competition." Kurt tried not to glare at Rachel Berry – why did he invite her over? Puck however did not share Kurt's subtlety and glared openly at Rachel.

"Look, Kurt, whatever you decide to do, we'll support you man. If you stay at McKinley, me, Finn and Mike and of course Artie, we'll be your personal body guards. To kind of make up for not doing it to begin with..." Puck said the last part softly almost with guilt. Kurt sat at his desk and smiled at Puck.

"Thanks guys. I think I will take the test but I still haven't made my decision yet. The school is very nice and the dean...he seems to care a lot. The test is in a couple of weeks so I have a lot of studying to do. I'll let you know what happens guys." Mercedes and everybody else nodded.

"All right, until then, we are on vacation! Finn! Where's Guitar Hero?" Puck asked and Finn got off the bed excitedly to set up the game. Kurt sighed, oh what the hell?

Kurt took the test and it was going to take a few weeks for the results to come back. He finally got the cast off his arm and immediately went shopping with Mercedes and the other girls. Kurt pulled his car into the drive way and saw an unfamiliar one in his spot. He got out of the car and walked into the house. He saw his father, Carole and Finn and Mr. Kramer all three had different expressions. Finn looked happy but a little disappointed, Carole was ecstatic and Burt was relieved and proud – Mr. Kramer was just proud. He turned to the boy and smiled widely. Mr. Kramer held a manilla envelope in his hand. Kurt immediately felt his heart race.

"Mr. Kramer? What an unexpected surprise," Kurt greeted with a hand shake. Mr. Kramer smiled and shook the boy's hand.

"I wanted to deliver this personally, Kurt. I must say, it is very rare to see scores like yours and I wanted to give this to you myself." Mr. Kramer handed the envelope to Kurt. He looked over to his dad and Carole. They were smiling. Kurt nearly tore open the envelope and read the results. Perfect score in Math (that surprised the hell out of him, he hated math) a near perfect score in English, and his essays received the same score as Math. Kurt looked up at Mr. Kramer.

"So, what does this mean?"

"This means, Mr. Kurt Hummel, that you qualify for the Dean's Scholarship. All expenses paid for, for the entire year at Dalton and your senior year as well – that is if you accept it. I am not sure if you have made a decision yet, but it is there for you." Kurt nearly dropped the envelope. He looked at his dad who had engulfed him in a large hug. Carole joined and eventually Finn although he had a feeling he knew what Kurt's decision was.

"I'm so proud of you kid!"

"Me too, Kurt!" Carole said so proudly. Kurt thought he was going to cry again. His father released him from the hug and Kurt turned back to Mr. Kramer.

"You do not have to make a decision right now – but there is a deadline for the scholarship..." Mr. Kramer began.

"I know what I want to do," Kurt interrupted as he glanced one more time at the test results.

Present Day :: Dalton Academy

Finn and Burt got out of the car and started to pull bags and a box or two while Kurt hopped out of the back seat. It had been hard telling his friends at McKinley that he decided to take the scholarship and transfer to Dalton. They cried, he cried, they hugged him and he cried some more; there was a lot of crying. The two boys and Burt walked into the building as Kurt scrambled to find the piece of paper that would have his dorm information. The campus was, to put it frankly, huge. They had a general idea of where the dorms were but Kurt was going to have his work cut out for him. His room was on the second floor of the dorm building labeled Murphy.

Kurt signed his paper for the dorm and received his key – he saw that his roommate was named Jeff Sterling. They found the room toward the end of the hall and Kurt unlocked it. One side of the room was already occupied – so that left Kurt to take the other bed. It was simple. By simple, it was just big enough for two people to sleep and have a few personal belongings. There was a small refrigerator and a small TV. One desk was on either side of the room, just big enough for Kurt's computer. Burt put down Kurt's bag and box while Finn put the box down and sat on the mattress.

"Wow, it's not bad for a dorm mattress. Do they expect you to just sleep on it bare though?" Burt sighed as Kurt turned to the taller boy.

"Finn? Why do you think I packed some sheets and pillows?" Kurt asked as if he were talking to a five-year-old.

"Oh! That would make sense." Kurt giggled lightly as he put his computer case gently on the desk.

"You got your uniform and everything?" Burt asked.

"Yes I do. It will be so hard not to wear my scarves. I guess I'll get used to it eventually, though begrudgingly," Kurt muttered. The uniforms were not Kurt's favorite part of the school. But laughed a little and patted his son on the back.

"That's the spirit kid. You have your computer set up for that sky program so we can talk on the camera?"

"Skype, dad. It's Skype and yes I do. I set it up on yours too so all you have to do is open it up and just call me."

"Carole may have to help me from time to time. Is there anything else we need?" Burt asked. Kurt looked at his belongings. He didn't have to pack much.

"I think that's it. What about my car?" Burt had insisted Kurt that he take Burt's truck to school. It wasn't going to be the same without Kurt around the house and Burt wanted to at least be the one to drive him to school.

"Finn will pick you up Friday and you can drive back with your car." Finn nodded in agreement. Kurt didn't particularly like being chauffeured but it was a request from his dad and he honored it. A few minutes later, a blonde boy walked into the room excitedly – Jeff, Kurt assumed.

"Oh hi! You must be Kurt Hummel! I'm Jeff Sterling, your roommate." Jeff extended a hand to Kurt. He definitely had to admit – the boys were a lot more polite here than at McKinley. Jeff shook Kurt's hand then Burt and Finn's.

"Burt Hummel, Kurt's father and this is Finn Hudson."

"Nice to meet you three." Burt smiled and turned to his son.

"Well, if there's nothing else, paperwork is filled out and everything is settled. We should head back if we want to get there early enough for Finn to be ready for his first day of school tomorrow." Finn grumbled. "Come on boy," Burt patted Finn's shoulders. Kurt followed them out of the dorm and to the truck. Burt hugged Kurt tightly.

"I love you son. If anybody gives you crap, you call me immediately. You are not a burden. You are my son and I love you." Burt kissed Kurt's hair before he got into the truck. Finn turned to Kurt and gave him a light hug.

"You take care of yourself Kurt. And text me! Mom wants you to keep in touch too – I just have to show her how to work the texting part of her phone. You're...you're like a brother to me," Finn admitted as he pulled away from Kurt.

"You two need to go before I cry again. I will text you Finn and tell Carole thank you for everything," Kurt said as Finn nodded and got into the passenger seat of the truck. Burt started the car, waved to Kurt and pulled out of the parking lot. Kurt waved back as he watched the truck drive away. Kurt sighed as he turned to the entrance of Dalton Academy. He walked slowly into the building and back to his dorm room. Jeff was sitting on his bed thumbing through a magazine – Vogue magazine. He turned to Kurt and smiled, oblivious to Kurt's slight shocked expression.

"Need help unpacking?" Jeff asked. Kurt was a little taken back with the offer – that was just not something he was used to.

"Maybe the bed..." Kurt gestured. The bed had to be made. Jeff nodded and hopped off his bed.

"No problem. So where did you come from? School wise I mean," Jeff asked as Kurt opened his suit case and pulled out a few bed sheets.

"I transferred from McKinley High – in Lima." Kurt pulled out the sheets and saw that Finn had slipped in the cast he had to wear during the summer. Kurt picked up the cast and smiled. All of his friend's signatures, drawings, doodles, all right in his hand.

"What's that?"

"A memento, so to speak." Jeff didn't ask any further – he just met the boy and he didn't want to invade any personal space.

"Do you have your schedule?" Jeff asked as he opened up the cover for the mattress. Kurt put the cast on the table and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. He examined it – he was definitely going to have his work cut out for him. Jeff looked at it and sighed.

"About as busy as mine unfortunately. But don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Oh and by the way, welcome to Dalton, Kurt," Jeff put his hand on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt turned to Jeff and smiled.

"Thank you, Jeff. Now, I have to make my bed a certain way so if it becomes too much for you to handle, just let me know." Jeff laughed as Kurt gave him instructions on making up the bed. It was going to be an interesting year.

End of Chapter 1.

Yeah, chapters won't be any longer than they were before. And again, the whole test taking thing, I know someone said they had actually done that before but when I first wrote it, I was making it up and tried to make it sound as realistic as possible.

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