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This is the audition chapter and I couldn't resist using Kurt's infamous I Want To Hold Your Hand solo. If that song when Chris sings it doesn't make you feel anything, you are lying to yourself lol.


Set Me Free
Chapter 3 :: The Audition

Kurt was heavily engrossed in a book that he had to read for his English class with Jeff and Nick writing quietly in their notebooks nearby. Kurt was grateful to have a few hours of study period during the days. It had taken the last few days but Kurt had finally memorized his schedule and somewhat where he needed to go. Blaine had joined the group and pulled out his math assignment. Kurt looked up briefly then back to his book. At least his teachers gave them a day or two to work on the long list of assignments and essays, but it was very time consuming. Kurt turned the page of the book when there was a loud slam on the table. Kurt nearly jumped out of his seat and managed to throw his book across the room.

Ever since the jocks at McKinley made it a habit to push him, hard, against the lockers, loud noises and slams startled him. Wes had slammed his Chemistry book on the table with an excited look on his face. The slam scared Blaine, Jeff and Nick but not as much as it scared Kurt. Kurt turned to Wes and glared.

"What the hell?" Kurt said trying to calm himself. Blaine had gotten up and brought the book back over to Kurt.

"Damn it, Wes, you nearly scared us half to death!" Blaine stated as he put the book in front of Kurt. He noted that Kurt looked like his heart would pop out of his chest but didn't bring it to anybody's attention. Kurt took the book as he felt his nerves calm slowly but he still slightly glared at the Warbler boy who had unnecessarily slammed his book on the table.

"Thank you," Kurt said softly to Blaine. Wes only looked somewhat apologetic but he still had determination and a bit of excitement displayed on his face.

"Sorry about that. I was just enthusiastic of the news I have for Kurt." Kurt's glare lessened.

"And what news would that be?" Kurt almost said with a snark.

"Can you have a song ready by Friday for an audition?" Kurt's eyes widened. He had forgotten that Wes was going to try and arrange an audition for him. His anger disappeared for the head Warbler entirely.

"Really? Friday?" Kurt confirmed.

"Yes, on Friday. It's perfect, it's the end of the week and you'll have the weekend to gather yourself if you make it to the Warblers or recover if you don't make it." Well that didn't last long. Blaine sighed along with Jeff.

"Gee, that was somewhat comforting," Kurt said rather sardonically. Jeff learned quickly that Kurt was very sarcastic and snarky – it was very entertaining.

"Hey, you may be a countertenor, but audition rules still apply. Have your song ready for Friday. Your audition is at four-thirty during normal Warbler rehearsals. All of the Warblers will be present. As you were," Wes picked up his book and walked out of the room.

"So what are you going to do?" Nick asked curiously.

"I have an idea...but I have to think about it first." Kurt opened his book but he couldn't concentrate. He had an idea for the song he wanted to do.

Kurt sighed as he laid his pen on his desk. His last class was cut short so he had time to go to his room and...well do homework. He had three essays and not to mention a math assignment to do – he groaned. How he hated math. He looked over at Jeff's clock – his dad should be home by now. Kurt woke-up his computer and opened up Skype and initiated a call to his dad. It took a few rings but the call was accepted and saw his dad on the other camera.

"Hey, kid. How's it going? Why aren't you in class?"

"My last class was let out early so I've been here the last couple of hours writing essays – I think I'm going to need a prosthetic hand soon." Kurt paused, "I have some news," Kurt said into the camera.

"Oh yeah?"

"I have an audition for the glee club here called The Warblers. They had tryouts during the summer but they want to give me an audition anyway."

"That's great kid! Nobody sings like you son!" And that was a huge compliment. Kurt smiled and exhaled before he started again.

"Dad, you know the song I recorded for you?"

"Of course I do! I listen to it every day at work and when I get home from work. You have a talent, Kurt – especially when it comes to the Beatles." Kurt blushed lightly.

"I want to sing that as my audition piece. What do you think?" Kurt had taken a song from the Beatles and recorded in his own way. He let his dad listen to it the day he and Carole told him about Dalton. Burt loved it so much that he demanded Kurt burn it onto a CD so he could listen to it whenever he wanted. Although nothing ever compares to the original, Burt said that it was his favorite.

"It's up to you kid. You know more about the music stuff than I do. Just try not to go overboard. Doesn't seem like the kind of school that would go for GeGe." Kurt wanted to glare but he couldn't help but laugh.

"Gaga, dad. Lady Gaga and I do agree although that would be great if I had the girls with me and we did our piece from back then..."

"Let me know how it goes, kid. I'd like to actually see you perform with the glee club."

"I will, dad. I should get back to my homework. I have a math assignment and you know how much I loathe the subject." Burt laughed.

"And yet it is the one thing on that test you took that you scored the highest."

"How that's possible I'll never know. Talk to you later dad," Kurt said.

"Bye son, love you." Kurt turned off the camera and put his computer back into sleep mode. That settled it, he was going to sing the song. Now, the dreaded math homework. Maybe he should go eat first.

"Hey, Kurt!" Blaine said as he sat beside Kurt at the table. Kurt took a few sips of his water.

"Hi, Blaine," Kurt greeted. Again, he ignored the sinking feeling in his stomach. At least this wasn't like when he had a crush on Finn – at least he knew Blaine was gay. He just met the boy. Because they had a lot of the same classes together – they could work on assignments with each other, including math. Blaine hated math just as much as Kurt did. Blaine took a few sips of his water as Jeff and Nick joined them at the table.

"Hey guys. Kurt? Have you found a song yet for Friday?" Jeff asked. Kurt grabbed his fork.

"I have, yes," he took a few bites of his salad.

"What is it going to be?" Blaine asked. Kurt smiled at Blaine. It was...adorable seeing Blaine get so excited like a little kid.

"You'll hear it on Friday." Jeff chuckled lightly at Kurt's refusal to answer. Blaine was a like a kid in a candy store at times – so funny to watch.

"Come on! Give me a hint," Blaine looked at Kurt with...sad puppy eyes. Dear God, this boy wanted Kurt to fall for him didn't he? Kurt mentally shook the thought from his head.

"Okay fine, I'll give you a hint." Blaine stood up straight and waited. Kurt thought for a moment. "It has something to do with an insect," Kurt said as he took a few more sips of his water. Nick nearly fell out of his chair when he saw Blaine's expression.

"An insect? You're singing about an insect?" Kurt chuckled at Blaine's confused expression. Wes and David filled the other empty seats.

"Hello, Kurt, hope you're ready for Friday," David said with encouragement. Kurt was about to respond when another student had stopped by the table and all faces turned to glares. Kurt turned to see a boy in, of course the same uniform, but hair slipped back and the expression on his face – very cold.

"Evening gentlemen, I trust you had a pleasant summer," his voice was a little high, not like Kurt's but more like the actor who played Draco Malfoy in the first Harry Potter movie. Kurt couldn't remember the actor's name but that's who he sounded like. Jeff and Nick slid their chairs further away – the boy seemed to notice and was unimpressed.

"Evening to you too, Colton. May we help you with something?" Wes said as politely as he could though it sounded very much fake.

"I trust you heard that Richard has been expelled from Dalton Academy. I just wanted to thank Nick for making such a thing possible," Colton said with a very sarcastic voice toward Nick. At least with Kurt's sarcasm he was funny, this guy was just pure stone. Nick shifted in his chair, obviously very uncomfortable with Colton and the mention of his friend. Jeff scooted his chair closer to Nick – protecting him.

"Perhaps if Richard had realized that Dalton is serious about the zero-tolerance policy, he would be able to finish his last year here," Jeff intervened. Colton sighed and turned his attention toward Kurt. That's okay, sarcasm was Kurt's rightful trait. Blaine had scooted his chair closer to Kurt – as if to almost...protect him.

"You must be Kurtis Hummel?" Colton asked snidely. So it begins. Kurt looked him straight in eyes. Really? Kurtis?

"No. I am Kurt Hummel," he corrected.

"That is what I said..." Colton scoffed as if Kurt was some sort of imbecile.

"Correction, you said Kurtis. My name is not Kurtis, it is Kurt. It is one less syllable for you to use I'm sure it won't that difficult to adjust to it." David tried not to laugh as did everybody else at the table. Colton sighed one more time.

"Very well then. You are the new comer I gather? Your name is not quite familiar, I take it there is no said fortune to your name?" Oh great, a snooty bully. Beats being shoved against lockers.

"Define fortune? If you mean family wise that my father owns his own car shop where I learned how to take apart someones breaks without them realizing until they are speeding down the highway," Kurt heard Nick snort a little, "then yes we have quite a fortune to our name. Now if you are talking actual money, then I will have to say...that is none your damn business." As much as Wes was enjoying the show, he put a gentle hand on Kurt's shoulder. It was best not to play into Colton's charade. Colton's face seemed to take on a different shade of red – not sure if it was anger or embarrassment.

"I see. So, you are here on assistance? Pity. Of course, I could offer you some tips on the highlights of this school – and possibly better company." His eyes narrowed toward Nick then back to Blaine who still sat in front of Kurt. "Not that anybody should be ashamed of coming here on assistance..." Jeff got up from the table. He put a reassuring hand on Nick's shoulder and walked over to Kurt's side.

"For your information, Colton, Kurt here was given the Dean's Scholarship," Jeff put his hands protectively on Kurt's shoulders. Jeff was right, he did have his back. For once, Kurt didn't blush. The look on Colton's was pure gold.

"Dean's Scholarship? That's quite..."

"Impressive? Yes, we thought so too," Blaine remarked as he turned to give Kurt a small smile. Now Kurt blushed.

"Well, isn't that just...helpful." Was all Colton could say.

"It was. They wanted me to attend here so much that...they went as far as paid for me to be here. Wasn't that thoughtful?" Kurt asked a little too sweetly. Colton adjusted his blazer and gave them a 'as you were' and walked away from the table. Jeff patted Kurt on the shoulder and went back to his seat.

"Kurt, you are so snarky – don't ever lose that," Jeff said as he laughed along with the other boys.

"The look on Colton's face when you told him that – it was pure awesome!" David commented.

"Colton is a brat but a harmless brat – he is all words," Wes added. Kurt sat as each of the boys praised Kurt a little more then tried to quickly change the subject. Blaine asked Kurt about the math assignment while Jeff tried to talk to Nick. Obviously, Colton's friend had done something to Nick that warranted an expulsion. But like Kurt's obstacles at McKinley, he'll talk when he's ready to talk.

"So, when is your audition, Kurt?" Finn asked through the computer. He had forgotten that Finn had to pick him up this one time for the weekend because Kurt didn't have his car.

"Tomorrow at four. When you get out of school and get here, I should be done by then. If not, I'll send you a text and let you know. I'm so nervous," Kurt muttered the last part but unfortunately Finn understood it.

"Dude, why are you nervous?"

"Stop calling me dude, and I'm nervous because I'm singing a specific song and I hadn't sung it in front of anybody yet – so I don't know if it will get good feedback." Well that was partly true. Finn didn't even know about the song.

"Just don't wear those big heels again. I honestly don't know how you can walk in those things. They hurt my feet." Kurt's head popped up and he glared at the boy.

"What do you mean they hurt your feet? Finn? Have you been wearing my stuff?" It was one thing he had to share a room with Finn, but another thing if Finn was actually trying to fit his large self Kurt's shoes and shirts.

"I was just curious..."

"Finn! You have abnormally larger feet than I do. What did you think when you tried something that is too small for you?" Jeff walked into the room and landed on his bed.

"Dude! Chill out! I was only trying the heels on to see how you can walk in them – they aren't broken." Jeff's head looked up at the screen. Heels?

"Just...don't go and try on any of my clothes, Finn okay?"

"But you wear my shirts!" Really? How was this not catching on?

"Finn, one, I asked you to borrow a shirt, two you are taller than me and wider of course your shirts will fit me." Finn pouted for a minute.

"Wider? Am I fat?" Oh good God! Jeff tried so hard not to laugh.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Finn," Kurt said almost irritably. Sometimes talking to Finn really brings out a rather strong headache.

"All right, later dude." Finn turned off the camera. Kurt groaned.

"Quit calling me dude!" Finn was already gone so Kurt said that to nobody in particular. Jeff laughed a little as Kurt closed his computer. "Glad this is amusing," Kurt said sarcastically.

"I am too. And what's this I heard about heels? You have a pair of heels? And why?" Jeff asked. Kurt sighed as he leaned back in his chair. He made a mental note to do something with Finn's beloved video games if he went home and saw that his shoes or clothes have been stretched.

"That's a whole other story Jeff and as much as I would love to give you the details – I am due for a shower." Kurt got up and grabbed his bathroom supplies and walked out of the room. No doubt, he would probably hear about it from the other boys as well, but right now, he just wanted to take a shower.

"You're not singing that Firefly song are you?" Blaine asked as he and Kurt headed toward the Warbler room. It was Friday – went by so quickly and Blaine kept guessing as to what song he was going to sing that involved an insect. Kurt looked at Blaine questionably.

"Firefly song? Not that song by the teen group – oh God no. And Blaine, you'll find out when I sing it which is in a few minutes. I'm really nervous..." Kurt admitted and stopped in the middle of the hallway. Blaine stopped in front of him.

"Why are you nervous? You were in your glee club at your old school, you'll do just fine," Blaine encouraged. Kurt inhaled and exhaled.

"It's just...this song is kind of emotional..." Kurt said to Blaine.

"Don't think about performing in front of the Warblers – think about why that song is important to you. Make us all feel why it is," Blaine said softly as he took Kurt's hand into his. Kurt sighed as he felt Blaine's thumb brush across his hand. He was starting to really like these simple touches. He had a lot to learn about one Blaine Anderson.

"Okay, let's get this over with," Kurt said softly as the two walked, still hand in hand, to the door that lead to the Warbler room. Blaine released Kurt's hand and opened the double doors. Wes had finished announcing Kurt for his audition. Blaine patted his hand on Kurt's back as the Warblers welcomed Kurt with a light applause. Kurt gave a small smile and pulled out a CD from his blazer pocket and gave it to Blaine. Kurt walked toward the long desk where David, Wes and another boy sat. Blaine had briefly told him that the Warblers were run by council members, not an adult director. Blaine put the CD into the player and watched for Kurt to give him the signal.

"Kurt? Would you like to say anything before you sing for us?" Wes asked. Kurt turned to Wes and licked his lips before he turned back to the other Warblers. He exhaled.

"Yes, I would." Kurt began again. He had decided to reveal a bit about himself and why he was at Dalton – after all that's really why he had sung the song for his dad. The young boy exhaled and faced the crowd of Warbler boys. Jeff gave an encouraging smile, as did Nick and Blaine.

"There are few things I would like to share first off. I transferred here because of complications at my old school. To share with you the gist of it, I was the only outed student. For over a year, I have endured constant bullying to where the last straw was when I broke my arm and had to go to the hospital this past summer." There were a few gasps and Blaine looked at him with such sadness. Kurt continued.

"My father was so sad and disappointed that I had never told him about what was going on. I'm fortunate to have my father, my only parent love me unconditionally no matter what," Kurt paused for a minute before he continued. "To make a long story short, I am here now and I feel, very welcomed. So thank you," Kurt gazed his eyes toward Jeff, Nick, Wes and David and Blaine who all smiled at him. "I tinkered with this song a little differently for my dad. We are both Beatles fans," Kurt smirked over to Blaine. Jeff laughed lightly as he patted Blaine's shoulder. Blaine had a smile on his face but he shook his head – an insect, of course. "I just hope that you can appreciate the way I sing it, and know that it is important to me and my father." He looked over at Blaine and nodded. Blaine pressed the button.

Oh yeah I'll tell you something,
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Oh please say to me
You'll let me be your man
And please say to me
You'll let me hold your hand

Now let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Wes shifted in his seat as Kurt sang the lyrics, David was mesmerized and the other Warblers gasped as they heard that voice come from this boy. Blaine nearly slipped off the couch. He couldn't take his eyes away from Kurt. There was a slight glisten of a tear about to come from Kurt's eye. The song was emotional and he felt it was so important to Kurt. He smiled as the boy shifted his position as the music grew louder and his voice grew deeper and stronger. He and his father must be very close. All of the Warbler boys stared mesmerized at the boy – a future Warbler.

And when I touch you
I feel happy inside
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Blaine caught himself as he found himself mouthing along the lyrics with Kurt. Tears cascaded down Kurt's cheek as he sang the last lyric to the song and the music faded. Kurt whipped the tears away as a loud applause sounded through the room. Blaine stood on his feet as well as the other Warblers. Wes and David stood still clapping. Wes banged the gavel on the table to get the clapping to cease. Kurt turned to the three boys at the long table. Wes stood while everybody else sat back down. He walked over to Kurt.

"Well, Kurt, I think I speak for everybody here – when I say welcome to The Warblers!" Wes put his arms around Kurt's shoulders. "Warblers! We have a new member, Warbler Kurt – our countertenor!" Wes nearly hugged Kurt as the other Warblers got up and welcomed Kurt to the club. Blaine got up with the others and hugged Kurt.

"I told you you'd be great..." Blaine whispered. Kurt laughed as he pulled away when Wes banged the gavel on the table again. Now that the audition was over, it was time to start the meeting. The other Warblers groaned as they took their seats. Kurt took a seat beside Blaine and listened to Wes for a very long time.

"Hey dude! You ready to go?" Finn called out from his truck. Luckily, the meeting hadn't gone on too long after Finn had gotten to the campus. Blaine walked beside Kurt as he they walked toward Finn's truck. Kurt glared at Finn.

"Stop calling me dude!"

"Let's go! I'm hungry!" Finn complained. Kurt groaned and turned to Blaine.

"I'm not against strangling the driver..." Kurt muttered. Blaine chuckled.

"Oh come on, you don't want that on your conscience. Besides, I don't think you'd like driving his truck."

"That's for damn sure." Kurt said as they approached Finn's truck. Finn hopped out of the driver's seat.

"Blaine, this is Finn Hudson – fellow glee club member. Finn, this is Blaine Anderson, also fellow glee club member." Finn held out his hand to Blaine.

"Nice to meet you, Blaine. So, you're on their glee club now? What was it the Robins?" Kurt wanted to smack the boy.

"The Warblers, Finn. But at least you got the bird part right." Finn nodded as he took Kurt's bag and put in the back of the truck. At least he didn't throw it, his computer was in that bag. Kurt turned to Blaine.

"You staying here for the weekend?"

"I am this weekend. My parents went out of town and they have a big house so I think I'll just chill here – plus I have a lot of homework to do." Kurt shrugged – he had a lot too.

"Well, I guess I'll see you Sunday then. Text me over the weekend." Finn got into the truck and started the ignition.

"You'll grow tired of me," Blaine said jokingly as he opened the door for Kurt. Kurt rolled his eyes and got into the front seat.

"I doubt that. Try not to be too bored here," Kurt said as Finn waved at Blaine and pulled out of the parking lot. He waved one more time to Blaine as Finn drove away from the building. Kurt leaned against his seat and sighed. It was the weekend, at last.

"So, Blaine seems nice." Finn began.

"He is yes."

"Is he your...friend? Boyfriend?" Kurt closed his eyes.

"He's a friend, Finn. I hardly know him," Kurt rubbed his temple. He made sure his seat belt was fastened. Finn was not the best driver in the world.

"But you like him though, right?"

"He is my friend so yes I like him," Kurt said hoping Finn would get the point – but this was Finn Hudson he was thinking about.

"I mean do you like him like a boyfriend?" Again, Kurt was not totally against strangling the driver. He wondered if Carole would actually miss him if he were – oh missing for an extended period of time. Finn changed the subject, thank God, to football and video games he and Puck were playing. It was going to be a very long drive – and weekend.

End of Chapter 3

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Songs used:

I Want To Hold Your Hand by: The Beatles