I've always been fascinated with the mystical beings and lore of Adventure Time, as my short vignettes about the Lich and Hunson Abadeer have shown, but this time I decided to focus on Death.

I had to email the admins of this site to get Betty added as a character on this archive, but when the admins emailed me back that they finally added her I decided to post this story. I'm pretty psyched to be the first to write a Betty story on here.

Disclaimer: This is more tradition than anything, but Adventure Time ain't mine.

As she was hiding in the dark, no one else to keep her company, Betty had spent the better part of the night trying to shut out the screams that were beginning to seem never ending. She didn't have enough time to evacuate the city that she was in to escape the bombs, instead running into the basement of the building she was nearest to and curling up into a ball. She had felt the world shake when the bombs that had spent the last few months as only rumors finally fell.

Betty had not died in the initial blast, by the sound of other people wailing in pain all around her it seemed apparent that others had survived as well, but she felt herself becoming sick as the night went on. She didn't want to leave, knowing full well the dangers that she would put herself in with exposing herself to the fallout of a nuclear blast, but there was something in the back of her mind, something she was still too afraid to acknowledge, that maybe she hadn't escaped the fallout after all.

She was breathing heavily, she was sweating and felt as if her skin was burning off, and she hugged her knees closer to herself, wanting to be somewhere other than where she was. As she heard screams all around her, she wondered if anywhere else had been hit by bombs. Was it the end of the world? Was Simon still alive?

It was that thought that lingered in her mind as her chest began to heave with more difficulty with each breath she took. She didn't know how many other places had been struck by bombs, but what she did know was that it was horrifying. It wasn't a word that could truly describe the screams of agony that had been floating in the night, or the pain that her body was finally starting to succumb to, but horror was the only word that she could think of.

In a moment though, like a demon's whisper, everything was silent. Her skin stopped burning, her breathing becoming more stable, and she sat up as she watched the door of the basement she was in open up and close after somebody had walked in. After the person who had walked in flicked on the light switch, Betty backed away when she saw the visage of the creature that had just entered.

With the exception of a brown satchel that the creature was carrying, said creature having a body like a man almost, it was dressed all in white. She pressed her back against the wall because whoever or whatever this thing that now joined her was, it's head looked like it was a horse's skull. She closed her eyes as she heard the creature take more and more steps towards her, but opened them again when she felt it gently rest a hand on her head.

Instinctively she looked for his eyes, or whatever it was that was held within that horse's skull, but what she saw was something that she hadn't expected. He looked sad almost, as if he was pained to watch the wretchedness of her state, and there was something about him that put the horrors of the last few hours she had been through to rest. He was watching her tenderly, as if waiting for her to say something, and so she asked him what she was wishing was true.

"Are you here to save me?"

She held her breath as the creature took a moment to straighten out her messy hair. She watched as he stared at her for a few seconds, seemingly considering how he was going to answer, and when he spoke there was a certain aspect of his tone that surprised her.

"Not exactly," his voice hadn't been how she was expecting it to be, instead sounding more soothing anything else, and there was something to the way that he answered her that made her feel that despite what had happened, despite the screams of agony that had been her only connection to the rest of the world, that things would turn out okay, "but I am here to ease your pain."

"I'm scared."

Again she stared at the grisly visage of her visitor as he watched back at her in silent contemplation. She watched him sigh, not in frustration or boredom but instead in looked like disappointment. Just by looking at him she knew that this being wasn't of her world, but what she didn't know was whether or not this creature had some sort of stake in it.

"There are many things that may frighten you, but you don't have to be afraid of me. I'm not here to hurt you, I'm only here to make sure that you stop being hurt."

She watched as the skeletal figure moved his hand away from her hand and instead held it out towards her, and she took it as he helped her up. There were so many things to be afraid of out in what she could only assume was now the wreckage of the world, but there was something about this other worldly being that made her feel safe. She felt the tiredness and the pain leave her body just as the fear had, and followed the skeletal being as he led her by the hand to the entrance of the basement she had been hiding in.

"Where are we going?"

As he opened the basement door what she saw wasn't the aftermath of some horrifying nuclear attack or the city that she had been previously strolling in before the bombs fell, but instead they were now exiting a cabin out into a mountainous area where she breathed in air that was cleaner than anything else she had inhaled in her entire life. The screams of the night were replaced with the chirping of birds, and when she turned back around to look at the creature once again she saw that he was finally smiling.


This isn't a one-shot, and but I'm aiming for something short. Like five of these little chapters or so. Anyways, peace.