A/N: In light of tonight's episode "A Sorrowful Life" I've decided to go ahead and most the Prologue of my TWD/SPN crossover. *Don't read this next part of my authors note if you haven't seen the episode I just mentioned.* In my story, which I started writing a week ago, Merle isn't dead. . .so this is sorta AU now I guess. Also as far as the time frame for Supernatural this takes place I guess during Season 5.

Anyway, with that said I hope you enjoy, and I will note that if I'm not receiving a good numbers of reviews or alerts on this, I most likely won't continue. I'm pretty busy with school work, and it helps me to know that people actually want to read my work. In return I respond to all of my reviews and try to answer any questions you my have.

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Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

For the second time in less than a year Rick Grimes watched from a far as the shelter he'd fought for gradually melted under blazing flames. The slow moving silhouettes of Walkers set a vivid contrast to the orange glow as they lurched ever closer to where the group had taken momentary refuge. The wicked flames danced fiendishly up into the darkness of the Georgia sky, sending plumes of billowing black smoke and the wretched stench of burning flesh into the atmosphere. Everything they had salvaged in the few brief months they'd been there was gone, taken over by the heat of the devilish flames. All that remained was what the group had packed in their vehicles; which was hardly enough to survive the impending winter. There seemed to be no end in sight to their struggles. With one victory came yet another challenge of even greater toil. Their previous threat; the man who so humbly called himself 'The Governor' had fallen, but at nothing short of a price. The end of the world had turned even the most respectable men into beasts with the hunger to stay alive no matter the cost. Going into the battle, Ricks' group knew they were no match for an army composed of such plentiful, brainwashed soldiers- both living and dead. Rick knew that if there was any shot of the majority of them getting out alive, they needed a trap. A fire fight was suicide; they wanted to lure their single eyed villain inside. That was when Merle suggested using explosives. Rick wasn't sure how, but he didn't question the eldest Dixon bothers' knowledge on how to build incendiary devices using wire, propane tanks and nails. With whatever amount of luck they had left, the group salvaged the materials Merle needed, and once the bombs were complete, they were scattered around Block C with connecting wires. For whatever reason he had, it wasn't until after the group had packed what they could, that Merle explained how their greatest weapon worked. Someone had to stay behind and pull the plug. Without hesitation Hershel volunteered. That thought should have bothered Rick more than it did. Hershel had done so much for the group. He'd saved Carls life, and nursed practically everyone back to health at some point- but both the old vet and sheriff knew that in his condition he'd do nothing but slow the rest of them down. It was already a struggle to stay alive.

In the aftermath of it all, they'd lost their doctor, and their shelter. Now they stood; four men, three women, and a little boy with his baby sister- gazing at a little more of them dwindling away in the vicious flames of the prison. They were free from the ill-disposed grasp of their living enemy, only to be tossed broken and beaten into the hands of their natural predator. Even as the stood watching the fire in silence, shock and despair, Walkers from the prison yard loomed ever closer. For now they could run and hide, take shelter wherever they could like they'd done the winter before. They'd all given up living long ago; survival was all they had left in a world so devastated and corrupt. They would take it one day at a time until shelter was found and they could feel safe if only for a short time. And as the night encompassed them with malevolent shadows, they needed to move quickly, set up camp as far away from the prison as possible, and pray to God that they made it through one more night.

A/N: I know this is very short, but let me know your thoughts, I've got chapter one almost done and it is quite a lot longer :)