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Undisclosed Desires


~ You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine,

You may be a sinner but your innocence is mine.

Please me, show me how it's done,

Trust in me, you are the one. ~

He never saw it coming.

"She played you, man. Real good."

"Shut up, Birkhoff." He growled into his comm.

"Shame that it's always the pretty hot ones too."

He didn't have a reply to that.

Glancing around, he searched and searched for her. Looking at every scared face that passed him. Though that proved to be a bit difficult of a task as he also had to brace his self against the wall to avoid getting carried away by the people who were running and rushing towards his direction, to the nearest door. They were panicked, and frightened by the explosion that happened outside a few moments ago. Screams and cries echoed around the hotel lobby. It drowned out the shouts of the security personnel trying to calm the crowd and preventing a stampede from happening.

He should be finding the Senator, make sure he was safe. Protecting the high-ranked official was, after all, his priority mission.

But he had to find her.

She was still in the building. He could feel it. He had to know.

After hastily wiping off the ribbon of blood that trickled down from the cut on his temple, and not thinking too much of the throbbing pain in his head, he pressed into his comm and demanded, "Do you have eyes on her?"

"Just down the corridor. Donovan's closing in on her."

He made his way down the hall. Determination and intent burning in the forefront of his mind. But it took a whole lot of time and effort to get past the panic-stricken crowd. He pushed his way and they pushed back. And he annoyingly kept on stepping on someone's toes or on the trains of gowns and dresses.

When the second explosion erupted outside, sending a rumbling tremor across the floor, the horde of civilians escalated from scared and panicked to hysterical and frenzied. They all turned to violently pushing past each other to get to the single exit at the end of that side of the hall. Fear had clouded all their thoughts to stop and look for another way out of the building. Bodyguards and other security staffs were helpless against the well-dressed but terrified mob.

Reluctantly, he had to admit, the bomb provided the perfect distraction. Everyone else would be kept in the dark from what was really going on.

But it also provided the perfect means of escape.

And he couldn't let that happen. Not without finding her. He had to know directly from her.

"Mikey, local police are already on their way. They were dispatched when a woman called nine-one-one a few minutes before the explosion and said that she saw one of Senator Kerrigan's men shoot the Ambassador. Percy says you guys gotta get out now."

He let out his breath in an exasperated huff. Not yet. There had to be way that he can buy some time to search for her. He tried to reason, "But the Senator –"

"Is no longer of use to us." Percy's crisp voice filtered in through his comm just as he broke free from the crowd. His boss' agitation wasn't hard to miss. "Abort the mission now, Michael. That's an order. You've already failed on two fronts. Don't make a third."

He was about to come up with a reply when all of the sudden, two people busted through from one of the ballroom doors at the other end of the hall. A man and a woman. At first glance anyone could've mistaken that the two people were just a couple sharing an intimate embrace.

But he wasn't just anyone.

He immediately saw what was happening. The man, one of his agents, Donovan, had the woman in a chokehold. It was her. The glittering metal strap of her purse was wrapped around her slender neck. She was clawing at it, trying to loosen it. She was fighting for control of her own life.

She had placed a hand in between her throat and the chain to protect her airway. But she was easily being overpowered by the man who was twice as big as her. Every move Donovan made to tighten his hold on her, she compensated, searching for way to lessen the pain, and to keep breathing.

He took a step towards her before he even knew it, before he could think about what he was doing. But before he could take another, he stopped. No, he had to remind himself. He couldn't help her.

She was an enemy.

But seeing her, helpless and at the mercy of one of his own men, he couldn't not feel compelled to help her.

And then she broke free.

He couldn't tell how because it was also at that moment that a scared civilian bumped into him. But it happened fast. By the time he looked back, she had already pushed Donovan a few feet away from her with a well-placed, and surprisingly very strong, kick to the chest (in some distant part of his mind, he vaguely realized the alternative purpose of that very high slit of her dark blue dress). Before his own agent could even defend himself, she took a gun from her purse and shot him straight between the eyes.

Cold. Unflinching.

He watched as Donovan fell, dead. He couldn't do anything else but stare, frozen in his place, stunned.

At her.

Those hands, he remembered, so gentle and so soft…

And so deadly.

It was almost unbelievable. Seeing her like that, like she was a…

Like him.

And then it all sort of just fell into place.

How she was so different, how there seemed to be more to her than she ever let on, ever acted, how she wasn't so affected when those two men tried to mug her a week ago, how she was very responsive towards everything, towards him…

It just clicked.

All those times they were together…

It was all part of her plan.

He really thought that he was the one seducing her. But the truth was that she was actually twisting things around and was seducing him instead.

And he never saw it coming, never suspected a thing. How could he have been so blind?

Some seconds passed and she still didn't see him standing there.

He anticipated that she was about to make her escape through the terrace. So before she could do that, he raised his own gun towards her and called out her name.


She whipped around so fast and pointed her gun at him. It somehow surprised him just how quick her reflexes were.

Then again, he shouldn't be surprised anymore.

A look of astonishment, and a hint of anger, flashed across her face when she saw that it was him but she didn't let anything else escape after that. He guessed that she did have the right to be mad at him. He did, after all, lie to her about his name and a whole lot of other things.

But then, so did she.

His gaze briefly fell to the gold necklace she was wearing. The pearly luster of the pendant kept winking at him, almost as if to mock him that what he was searching for was in front of him all this time.

He then looked at her face, still not believing it, getting over the fact. He couldn't believe this was the same woman he felt so guilty about using as part of his mission, the same woman he found himself actually truly caring for, the same woman that, after everything else, he wanted to protect, to save.

The same woman who pistol-whipped him a couple of minutes ago.

The same woman he thought was just an innocent civilian.

He had never been so wrong.

And he still couldn't believe it.

He had to know.

"You're a Gogol agent?"

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