A/N: This is set after the part of the curse where people lose their memories when they leave Storybrooke is broken. Nealfire left Tamara (thank goodness!), Mary Margret fixed her 'heart issues', Belle has her memories back, and Greg and Tamara are no longer threats. Also, I know the prologue isn't that great, but it gets better... I promise!

"Hey Mom," said Henry as he walked up to the booth in Granny's.

Emma had been sitting alone for a while, so it brought a smile to her face to see her son. She sat with a half empty hot chocolate, and the newspaper.

"Hey kid," she replied.

Shortly behind Henry was his father, Neal. The two guys sat down across from Emma and waited for the other to start the conversation.

"What's up?" asked Emma suspiciously. She usually became suspicious when her precocious son was silent.

When no one answered, she pulled a couple bills out of her pocket, stood up, and slipped her jacket on.

"Wait," Neal said. This caused Emma to sit down, though she did not take off her jacket. "Henry and I were talking, and we thought that maybe now that everything's calmed down, we..."

"We should go on a family trip!" Henry said excitedly.

Though Emma had many questions, she started with this, "We? Who's we?"

"We, you know... Me, you, Henry, your parents," Neal trailed off.

"Who were those last few?" Emma asked.

Neal hesitated, but eventually managed to say, "My father and Belle." Emma was about to protest when Neal continued, "We could take a month off, everyone picks a place, and we stay in each for four days. My Dad's gonna pay for it all. It'll be great!"

Emma looked from Henry to Neal, and then back to Henry. She did not want to disappoint her son, but she also did not want to go on a vacation with Rumplestiltskin. Realizing how important this was to her son, she quickly tried to think of a way to let him down gently.

"Alright kid, we can do this." Henry's face lit up with excitement. "Only if it's okay with Regina."

Henry's grin dampened a little, but he still remained hopeful. Shortly after lunch, he ran off to ask Regina's permission.

To Emma's surprise, Regina said yes.

I don't know if I'll get anymore of this up very soon (I will not have internet), but I'll try. I hope you enjoy.