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Chapter Nine: Forgive Me:

It was early morning, the sun was barely peaking over the jagged building smothered horizon; there were more Infected outside of the science facility than there had been the day before and their moans were only just drowned out by the double-glazing, but it was something which everyone greatly appreciated, that and having a decent night's sleep for the first time since the start of the end of the world.

Grimmjow was already awake; he had already completed his old morning routine of relieving his bladder, showering, brushing his teeth, gelling his hair and psyching himself up for the day ahead. But ten minutes of pure glaring into the mirror had been added to that routine as he inspected the darkening circles under his eyes despite the peaceful sleep he had been gifted with.

He could no longer deny that he was getting sicker with each day, he considered bitterly as he made his way down to the laboratory where he had left Szayel working the night before.

The blue haired man paused as he came to a stop outside of the glass doors, frowning slightly at the state of the place. Pushing open the door slowly he glanced around, seeing scattered paper work, hissing experiments and Szayel slumped over a counter which had a dirty great crack in it.

He sighed and looked down for a moment, a sense of intense guilt washing over him before he set it aside and walked towards the pink haired male. There were so many things about Szayel which reminded him of Ilford, their sense of humour; the pouting; the sulking; the inner strength and the inner warmth which they had both always hidden from sight, and despite whatever Szayel said both brothers were exceedingly intelligent, Ilford simply chose not to brag about it 24/7.

Physically they were very dissimilar, what with Ilford's long blond hair and Szayel's neat candyfloss pink; Ilford's chocolaty brown eyes and Szayel's brilliant golden ones; Szayel was very pale and Ilford had been nicely tanned. Ilford had always been polite and modest whereas Szayel was a narcissistic perfectionist.

None of it mattered to him though, Grimmjow had loved Ilford with all his heart, the man had made him a kitten compared to the panther of a man he had once been, he had been tamed and collared by the man but the lead had snapped when Ilford had died. It felt like decades ago that it had happened, but it wasn't it was closer and it still hurt. But... At the same time there was one light in the darkness.

"Szayel?" he said softly, resting his hand on the scientist's back gently as he woke him from an exhaust fuelled slumber, "Hey, come on sleepy head, time to wake up."

"Wabanodo?" the pink haired man mumbled sleepily as he slowly lifted his head off the counter.

"Come again?"

"W-What time is it?" he asked as he wiped a small dribble of saliva from the corner of his mouth.

"Seven O'clock," the blue haired male responded as he brushed his hand against his back gently, "Are you feeling okay? You look... Peaky."

Szayel looked around at him slowly, his eyes still heavily lidded, "What do you think?" he breathed, his voice lacking its usual arrogance, "I had a visit from Nnoitra last night..."

Grimmjow frowned, "Oh? What did he want?"

"What do you think? He wanted his 'Doll'." He sneered weakly, "I may have gone a little out of control."

"What did you do?" he asked, sitting down beside him and looking at him intently.

He glanced down guiltily before he sighed, "I stabbed him in the neck with a syringe filled with the virus and threatened to inject him."

Szayel was shocked when Grimmjow simply laughed at him before he felt the man put an arm around his shoulders and squeeze him soothingly; he looked up at him and faltered slightly as he saw how rough the man looked and he instantly batted his arm aside and stood up, swiping his hair back off his face where it had fallen during his sleep period.

"I need to get back to work, Grimmjow, can you leave please." He said as more of a demand than a question.

"Wha-?" he frowned at the scientist's sudden change of demeanour and sighed, "You need some breakfast. If you don't your brain cells won't work as well as they should be."

"Ugh, I hate it when you use science against me." Szayel muttered but nodded in agreement. He stood up and swayed slightly, almost crumpling, but was saved at the last moment by Grimmjow's arms and they ended up on the floor together.

The blue haired male held him in his arms, remorse flooding through him like water through a river; he closed his eyes and let out a slightly shaky breath, "I'm sorry Szayel... I am so sorry... I... Ilford would be so fucking angry with me..."

"My brother isn't here anymore Grim, you need to stop acting like he is, and you need to move on. You need to forgive yourself for what happened to him, he made a choice... It got him killed. Move on." The scientist said quietly, without looking at him, closing his own eyes as he felt the man kiss him on the top of the head.

"But... What about what happened to you? That was my fault." He whispered.

Szayel tipped his head back so it was resting on Grimmjow's shoulder and looked up at him, "You are just in love with the self-flagellation aren't you?"

"Heh, yeah I am a little bit." He agreed, "I am also... In love with you, and that is why I think Ilford would be angry. It's not that I am still hung up over what happened to him... I understand what he did and I have come to terms with it... But I worry that he will think I have forgotten him..."

"You know I'm not good with the touchy feely stuff, Grim, but if it is worth anything I think my brother would just be glad that you aren't going to be alone. He would try to understand that you are in pain; you are suffering and you... You will never stop loving him, he would know that, but he wouldn't want you to stay alone forever." The pink haired man murmured.

Considering his words for a moment, Grimmjow smiled weakly, "You sure you aren't touchy feely?"

"Well... Maybe you make me a little touchy feely." He shrugged and looked at him, raising a hand, and brushing his cheek, "Try not to worry about me, I'll be fine."

"Says the one who collapsed on the floor." He muttered before he turned his head and kissed his fingers as they touched his cheek, "Promise me that you won't give in, I can't bear the thought of living without you now."

"I don't make that promise unless you do." Szayel said, with absolute certainty in his golden eyes.

Grimmjow looked at him for a long moment before he smiled, "Nothing in this world is going to keep me away from you." He whispered before he leaned down and kissed him with an abstract tenderness.

Grimmjow was uncertain when friendship and comfort had turned to love, but the feeling of loving someone after losing Ilford made him happy and ashamed at the same time. He knew in his heart that Ilford would understand, that he would be happy for him and he knew that if Ilford had wanted him to fall for anyone else in the world it would be Szayel.

That didn't stop him feeling like he was somehow betraying Ilford, like he was cheating and dishonouring his memory. He had to be truthful, it had started off with them comforting each other, and it had been sex and nothing more. It had started after Ilford's death (of course) but before they had grouped up with Aizen.

But then it had changed and become more than just physically comforting each other, it had become necessity, it had become passion and it had become emotion. It had... It was love, of a sort.

Szayel was less likely to show his emotions that Ilford had been, but that was because the pink haired man was less trusting and more... Well, in truth he was more fragile. You would never know by looking or working with him, but he was emotionally fragile, afraid of revealing too much in case it came back to hurt him.

Grimmjow let out a husky moan as he kissed the pink haired male heatedly, pushing him harder against the wall of the empty bathroom as he thrusted against him, groaning at the feeling of the other's muscles tight around him as they took out their frustration and their pent up sexual frustration on each other.

It had been a long time since they had had even a moment to themselves, it was the only disadvantage of being in a larger group, but at last they had a few moments to themselves while everyone got ready to leave the mall. They had made their excuses, needing the toilet and needing to clean themselves up of zombie gore, meeting in the men's bathroom on the second floor so that they could have a quick moment alone.

He had Szayel moaning and whimpering for more as his hands travelled the length of his body, massaging his muscles and gripping his hips tightly as he slammed into him harder and faster with each passing breath.

A growl escaped his lips and he threw his head back, his eyes momentarily flickering gold before they returned to their normal cerulean hue; he leaned in and began kissing his way down the man's neck and throat, whispering constantly to him.

"Ah... S-Szayel..." he breathed, leaning back up and pushing his tongue in his ear slowly, "I... Ngh... I love you..." he groaned as he jolted against him.

Szayel tipped his head to the side and whimpered as his prostate was abused constantly, "Hnn... I... I love you too..." he cried out before his back arched as his muscles went into spasm around him suddenly and he released between them.

The blue haired male let out a slight roar as he felt him climax and followed after him, lashing out without warning and sinking his teeth into his pectoral muscle, just below his collar bone as he came.

As they came down from their endorphin fuelled high, Grimmjow pulled back slowly, his eyes wide with shock at his own actions before he raised his gaze hesitantly and met Szayel's.

"Oh... Oh my God..." he panted as he pulled back carefully and pulled his trousers up, covering his slightly bloodied mouth with his hands as he staggered back and slid down the adjacent wall, "Oh my God... W... What have I done? Oh... Oh God... Oh God..."

Szayel swayed slightly, his lower back aching from their desecration; his chest aching from the bite, "Grim calm down..." he said quietly as he ran one of the taps and began washing the bite wound on his chest, "CALM DOWN!" he yelled as the blue haired man continued blubbing, "I'm trying to think."

As he finished cleaning the wound, he pulled a pack of bandages from his bag and wound them around his torso, sliding a thick piece of gauze between them and his injury as he did so. He tied it as he finished and pulled his own pants up before he walked over to Grimmjow and gave him a hard slap.

"Pull yourself together." He hissed, "You aren't dead yet so don't you dare start giving in. Do you hear me? Only you can slow the time it takes for it to poison your system... The moment you start surrendering it is over. You hear me?"

"I... I hear you... But I... Szayel I..." he swallowed and ran a hand down his face as his eyes welled up slightly.

"Yes, you bit me... But there is..." he paused and looked away, "There is chance it isn't Infectious so just stay calm. We need to keep this between ourselves okay? I might be able to make a cure and then we don't need to worry, so just calm down, and relax. I'm okay... I promise."

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry." He whispered.

"I know you are." Szayel breathed, running his fingers through his blue haired, "And so am I. But I promise you this Grim, I am going to make it right again. I just need you to keep it together for a little while longer; keep fighting and keep being stubborn."

Grimmjow pulled back from the kiss and smiled weakly, "We'll fight this together. But first... Sustenance."

"Yes... More tinned fruit. Lovely."

"Not at all, I was talking to Stark last night and all those crate downstairs... Well half of them are filled with food. Cereal; frozen bread, pop tarts, cereal bars and... Oh there is all sorts. Let us go and find the man and we can take our pick." The blue haired man told him as he got to his feet and helped Szayel up as well.

"Oh my goodness... I will be totally spoiled for choice won't I!"

"Yes... I think you will."

As they exited the lab and headed down the stairwell together, Ichigo woke slowly in Aizen's arms, his eyes bleary, and his body stiff after having stayed in one position for so long.

A yawn broke free from his lips as he prised himself free slowly and sat up, stretching as he took in the sight of the brunet sleeping soundly beside him, his hair tousled and his expression peaceful.

Ichigo chuckled to himself and leaned down, brushing his index finger down the man's nose before he climbed out of bed, and stretched again, he paused as he passed a mirror in the room and blinked as he saw that the wound his lover had inflicted on him the previous night had completely healed. He glanced down for a moment before he shook it off and decided he would grab a shower before he woke the other man. Goodness knows the brunet deserved a bit of a lie in after everything that had been going on.

He headed for the en-suit bathroom, feeling more refreshed than he had in a long time; and as he stepped into the shower to cleanse himself of a night's worth of sweat he glanced downwards and caught sight of a reddened mark on the inside of his elbow where the needle had stabbed him while Szayel had been taking his blood. He touched it and gulped slightly as he watched the bruise fade before his very eyes.