Vegas Part 4: Flaunting the Cover

The shower proved to be as enjoyable as Annie anticipated. It was going to be hard to go back to bumping her elbow on the wall of Auggie's tiny stall at home. Annie turned some music on while they dressed for dinner. She helped Auggie with the cuffs of his shirt and he zipped the back of her dress, then unzipped until she chided him into zipping it back up.

She had blown out her hair and flat ironed it sleek, combined with the black dress and the devastatingly handsome man on her arm she was hoping they would turn a few heads.

"I am remarkably hungry," she announced as Auggie slid his jacket over his shoulders, his shirt pulling across his chest and making her heart speed up just the slightest bit.

"We did exert ourselves a little bit, must have worked up an appetite," he murmured against her ear, his lips hitting the silkiness of her hair as his hands found the silkiness of her dress and bare arms.

"You look really good," her voice was a little horse.

"You feel really good," his fingers trailed over her arm and her hip as he brushed his cheek against her hair.

"Let's go, before I change my mind about the room service option," Annie whispered.

The hotel was bustling with people, but Auggie abandoned his cane for Annie's lead. They were early for the reservation on purpose as Annie wanted to sit at the bar and people watch for a bit. There were 2 stools available and Auggie helped Annie slide onto one before taking the other.

Auggie ordered Scotch and Annie vodka – on purpose and they sipped their drinks.

"I can't wait to sit by the pool tomorrow with a pile of magazines and a bottle of sunscreen," she made small talk as she observed.

"I will be happy to assist with the latter," he smiled as he performed his own observations by trying to pick up snippets of other conversations.

Annie shifted towards him and crossed her legs, he could hear the slide of the dress and he reached out to put a hand on her knee finding it bare.

"Are you trying to kill me with this dress?" he asked with the squinty look of concentration he gets when he is trying not to be too distracted.

"Killing you is not the end game with this dress, trust me," she slid his hand just the slightest bit further up her leg so he could truly imagine its dimensions.

"Mr. & Mrs. Williams, your table is ready," the hostess approached.

They stood and started to follow when a man behind them spoke.

"Excuse me, Miss," his voice was deep and definitely Russian.

"Yes," Annie turned back.

"Your wrap," the man proffered the silver wrap Annie had placed on the bar behind her.

"Oh thank you, one vodka and I am leaving things behind," she smiled and took the garment not missing the way the man looked her up and down.

"Vodka will do that," he smiled and turned back to the bar.

Their table was remote, but Annie took the seat that faced towards the bar and she could see the Russian talking to another man and working up quite a bar bill. She committed their faces to memory and watched as they both headed towards the casino.

Dinner was exceptionally delicious; Annie allowed herself a couple little delicacies like mashed potatoes and a dessert that made her toes curl in her very expensive shoes. She and Auggie chatted about her sister (Annette had one too!) and his recent trip to London (documented on his Facebook page) for work.

As she sipped the end of her wine she slipped her foot out of her shoe and maneuvered her toes under the cuff of Auggie's pant leg. She saw the change on his face and the instant desire flash in the quirk of his lips.

The waiter brought the bill and Auggie slipped the Platinum Amex Joan had handed over grudgingly into the folder. He tipped generously, in case the staff talked, and buttoned his jacket as he stood and offered Annie his hand.

"You ready sweetheart?"

"I am. Could we take a quick tour of the casino? I would love to take a peek and I need to walk off a few hundred calories," she squeezed his hand and draped her wrap over her shoulder.

Annie tucked herself into Auggie's side, leading him, but letting him lead too and they headed towards the noise of the casino. They stood off to the side just inside the main entrance while Annie scanned the room. Sure enough she saw her helpful Russian and his buddy from the bar at a poker table. She had no way of knowing if he was one of the team they were in pursuit of, but it was a good bet.

Annie bought herself $100 worth of chips and put them all on 1 number on a roulette table.

"Sure you don't want to split that up pretty lady?" the gentleman running the wheel asked.

"No, it's our wedding date, I think it is a pretty solid bet," she smiled.

The other people at the wheel smiled and probably thought she was a sap, but a few minutes later the ball plinked gently into slot 21 and Annie had made $3500. Auggie squeezed her hip and shook his head.

"She is very lucky," he shrugged.

"I certainly am," she kissed him and scooped up her chips.

"He noticed you," Auggie whispered against her ear.

She just nodded slightly, but he could feel it. Content with their initial appearance in public and noticing that it was now close to midnight Annie guided Auggie back out to the lobby. She caught the reflection of her Russian in one of the mirrors in the lobby, he was definitely watching them.

When they entered the room Annie set the Do Not Disturb sign and noticed they had left the stereo on, soft music filled the room. She also noticed that the bed, which they had left in disarray, was remade and turned down, which made her blush a little. She grabbed a bottle of water and joined Auggie who was standing in front of the panoramic view they had of Las Vegas.

"It is beautiful," she described the lights below.

"You're beautiful," he said and she realized he wasn't even facing out the window any more but had turned and was trying very hard to divine an image of her.

She capped the water and put it on a side table and slid off her high heels. In her bare feet she approached and took his hand in hers and slid her other hand to his shoulder. He caught on and placed his free hand at her waist, pulling her close and swaying slowly to the music.

"Life is so busy, I am so glad we have this vacation to remember how lucky we are," he said completely in cover but as honest for Auggie as it was for Marvin.

"I love you so much," Annie said sincerely.