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Chapter 1 - Prologue

Parry and thrust, the clanging of two swords and grunts were all that could be heard. The sounds echoed through the vast courtyard of a certain palace. Three young men sat down out of breaths. Sweat poured down like rivers, dampened their whole body. One man with silver colored hair and silver eyes, clothed with steel blue uniform and white cloak stepped up with a watch in hand.

"Fifteen minutes past six, a new record," said the silver haired man as he clicked the watch.

"That's it? I expect ten minutes more," said a dark haired man.

"Oh, please, Endymion. Not all people as gifted as you are with swords!" A man with long wavy auburn retorted.

"Spare us a breath!" whined a blond with long curly hair in a ponytail. He seemed slightly younger than any of the other men.

"Sigh….all right…" Endymion sheathed his sword.

A blond man with short curly hair stood by him and patted his shoulder. "You're crazy, man. They're high ranked generals and you defeat both of them less than twenty minutes at once."

A grin played upon his best friend's lips. "Well, that means I'm stronger than high ranked generals, am I not?"

The blond man stepped up and drew his sword. "Don't be so sure, Endymion. Maybe I can beat you down."

Endymion unsheathed his sword and took a fighting stance. "Let's see then."

The two young men moved quickly. Their swords clashed. After a few minutes, ragged breaths and sword clashes echoed throughout the courtyard again.

"They're at it again…" The blond man with ponytail sighed.

"Our prince is not a type to turn down challenges after all and Jadeite loves to provoke him." said the silver haired man.

"I wonder how long they'll last," the wavy auburn haired man rose up.

"Beats me," The curly blond shrugged.

"By the way how's the dinner yesterday?" The man with blond ponytail asked.

"Not much…," answered Endymion as he swung his sword.

"Dinner? With the dukes, counts, marquises, and barons? Is it about marriage again?" Jadeite chimed in as he clashed his sword with Endymion's.

Endymion only nodded and swiftly jumped backward. "I'm really sick of it," He stopped the match for a moment.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Jadeite raised an eyebrow.

"Just usual beauty…..with crazy looks in their eyes. They actually argued over me and scrambled for my attention."

"Well, it's always good to be popular especially among the ladies. Just like me!" Jadeite smirked at his own remark.

"Yeah…the womanizer The King of East, Lord Jadeite," snorted the others.

Jadeite smugly smirked. The silver haired general looked at Endymion. Jadeite stopped his movement.

"You are a prince. You have many talents, good looks, practically genius. You are the prince of the wealthiest kingdom in the world. You are a perfect catch in any women's eyes. What else would you expect?" The silver haired man said in matter of factly.

Endymion nodded and sighed. This time, his match is completely stopped and over. The young men too caught up in the conversation to continue the match.

"I still wonder, why're you not attracted to any women? I mean you could pick any women you want," asked Jadeite.

"It's not like that, Jadeite...I just haven't met the right one. Anyway who would be attracted if what the ladies see is just your looks or wealth. I can't stand that kind of women and all women I know are like that. I believe other women I haven't met before would be like those women too," Endymion said almost in despair.

"What's your type then?" asked Jadeite.

Endymion thought for a moment. "I don't know …A honest one I think?"

The others smirked at this. "So much for what so simple."

As they chatted, someone knocked the door. It was a butler. He brought a message for Endymion. Apparently Endymion's father, the king was expecting his presence in the meeting room.

"I guess that's it for today," the silver haired man clapped his hand.

"You're right, Kunzite. Anyway, we should be going too," Zoisite rose up.

"See you tomorrow," Jadeite smiled.

"See you," said all.

The twin brothers turned into a transporter nearby. They entered it. Soft gold gleamed and the twins were gone in a flash.

"I should be going too. Nephrite, I leave the rest to you," Endymion opened a big door and left his generals.

"Yes, my lord," answered the auburn haired man, Nephrite.

Endymion walked down the long halls of the palace. Paintings and portraits hanged everywhere on the wall. He came to a stop in front an oak door. He knocked the door.

"Come in," a deep sound of a man came from inside.

Endymion entered the room. "Father, do you wish to see me?" asked Endymion.

The king sat down in a big chair. "Yes, my son. Sit down," the King gestured to a chair across him.

Endymion followed the gesture. He sat down and looked at his father. Midnight blue eyes of his, gazed upon the same midnight blue eyes of his father. The king took a breath.

"My son, in less than a year, you'll graduate. And as soon as you graduate, you'll take the throne," said the king. He looked straight to his son's eyes. Endymion somehow knew where this conversation would lead to. He had a bad feeling about this.

"A good king must have a queen by his side," the king looked so serious.

"But, father..!"

"No buts! I won't take no for this time. I've already arrange an engagement for you. She is the duke's daughter. She will be coming tonight with her aunt. I want you to meet her and be polite."

The king used a stern tone not leaving room for arguments. Endymion rose up and slammed his hands on the table angrily.

"No! You can't do this! I won't be engaged to anyone. Women are weak and emotional. I don't want to have any relation with them," Endymion defied his father angrily.

"Oh, yes I can. I am your father! Now, get ready! I don't want to hear anymore of your protests," ordered the king as he walked to the door and slammed it shut behind him, leaving angry Endymion in the room. "No way!" yelled him angrily.

Endymion hated this conversation. Lately his father kept on mentioning engagement and marriage. Not to mention his father invited princesses, duchess, and countess from time to time. Fortunately he always found a way to turn down the princesses and sneak away from them. But the act would always end up with a furious king and more attempts at matchmaking. To him, the ladies were all the same. The ladies would swoon over his good looks and godly body. They always saw him as a trophy to be won over. It made him sick. Why was his father so blind? Wasn't their lust for power was so obvious?

All too soon for him, the evening had come, his fiancée-to-be came with her aunt just as what his father had told him. The woman named Beryl. Others may say she's beautiful but not for Endymion. For him all women are the same. They approached him only because he was the only heir of the richest nation in the world and also because of his handsome face and intelligence. All women always had the same greedy looks in their eyes and this Beryl woman was no different. Her brown eyes were clouded with lust and greediness. She has long wavy red blood hair and a tall slim figure. She seemed very mature, elegant, and well educated. But Endymion couldn't care less. He was so sick with this kind of women, especially because Beryl kept on clinging to him ever since she entered the palace ground. Endymion's generals only sighed at the annoyed look on their prince's handsome face. To them, Beryl was a beautiful and elegant lady and yet Endymion felt so uncomfortable with her.

Beryl acted as if their engagement was certain. Heck, she smugly acted as if Endymion already belonged to her. Endymion tried to yank his arm from her grasp. But it only made his father glared at him. He cursed his doom in his head. (Damn! What's wrong with this woman?! She's been clinging to me ever since her entrance. Uurgh! I hate this! She's just the same as the other women. How could father do this to me?)

"Endymion? ...Endymion, do you hear me?" asked Beryl.

Endymion snapped back to reality. "..Uh... yeah. Pardon me, my lady," said Endymion. He tried to be as polite as he could but his tone still out as ice cold as ever.

Beryl chuckled. "Oh, silly, you. No need for formalities. I am your fiancée. Please call me Beryl."

Endymion looked from her to his surroundings. It seemed the others had left them alone. He took this change to made things right. He released his arm from Beryl's grasp. Beryl was surprised. She arched an eyebrow and pretended to look at him innocently.

"What's the matter, Endymion?" asked Beryl.

"I'm sorry. You are indeed a beautiful lady but, I'm afraid I'm not interested in the engagement and I don't have any intention for marriage. You must be misunderstanding but you are not my fiancée since nobody approve it yet. I must refuse this before it goes too far." Endymion said in a manner he could be as polite as possible through his ice cold tone.

Beryl didn't want to accept his refusal. Like a snake hypnotizing its prey, she batted her eyelashes flirtatiously and tried to seduce him.

She whispered to his ear with a voice she thought to be sexy when in fact Endymion found it like a snake's hiss.

"You must be still in shock with how sudden it is. Don't worry, I understand. I will wait for you until you're ready. And maybe then we could haa~ve soo~me reea~al fun~"

Endymion had been uncomfortable and now it already beyond his bearing anymore. His skin crawled in disgust with her tone. He was disgusted by her seduction. He pushed her aside. He looked at her straight and spoke in a tone as clear as possible.

"Look, I am not interested in you nor this engagement. And I will not ever be interested. Now, if you please excuse me. I need to tell your aunt and my father to cancel this arrangement," Endymion walked up and left the room.

Beryl was shocked and furious. No man ever refused her before and she had never ever been humiliated this much. She swore to make Endymion hers at all cost.

The king was furious when Endymion refused another engagement again. Endymion couldn't take it anymore. He asked his father for time. He promised to find his own bride until graduation. This is the most he could do to convince his father to cancel all of his marriage arrangements, especially with Beryl. In turn, if he couldn't find a bride until graduation, his father made him vowed to wed any girl chosen by his father. Endymion couldn't bargain more. He was devastated. Endymion's generals and best friends could only sympathized with him.

"So what's your plan now?" asked Kunzite.

Endymion sighed heavily. "I don't know. But at least now father will stop his attempt for my marriage arrangement. …. Especially with Beryl."

Jadeite protested at this. "But why? She is hot! Why you must trouble yourself with finding your love, it's not like your perfect girl will fall from the sky suddenly. It's impossible to find love especially in a year time, must I remind you we're graduating next year?"

"She is a mature and intelligent woman. You should consider it again," commented the ponytail man.

"No. She's not my type. She knows too much and too aggressive. She looks as cunning as other women," said Endymion coldly with no emotion.

Jadeite sighed. "Well, you can have fun with her first at least, you know. Just like what I'm going to do with my fiancée."

All eyes turned on Jadeite, except for his twin brother who already knew of course.

"What?! YOU have a fiancée?!" all exclaimed in disbeliefs.

Jadeite was a womanizer, the real one I swear. He had vowed not to be tied with any women and will live his love life forever carelessly. His friends certainly doubted they heard him right. It's just unbelievable for him to be tied in a relationship.

"It's a long story," explained Zoisite, the ponytail blond.

"Apparently my mother had planned this.I was not given any choices. You're still lucky to have a bargain with your father," said Jadeite.

"She's worried because of your hobby with women," Zoisite chimed in. The guys chuckled at his opinion.

"Sigh…and supposedly I will meet my fiancée tonight. Uurgh… I hate marriage arragements," grumbled Jade.

Endymion couldn't be more agree with him even though he had different reason than these womanizer of his best friend. He sighed together with the Jadeite. They were upset with their parent's urging them to choose a bride soon. They decided to do some sword fighting for relieving stress. Kunzite, Nephrite, and Zoisite sighed. They knew that they would be exceptionally tired today. Their upset prince and Jadeite certainly wouldn't have mercy on them. And they were right. There wasn't any mercy at all. The upset prince didn't give any break. Endymion evaded to the left, Zoisite' thrust just millimeters away from his strong features. He immediately ducked and kicked Zoisite's foot, evading Jadeite's attack from behind at the same time. The blond brothers lost their balance and fell forward.

"You're merciless, Endymion," complained Zoisite.

"I'll get you!" said Jadeite as he rose up and charged at Endymion.

Endymion smirked and blindsided him then took down Jadeite's sword. Jadeite grinned and pull out another sword. Endymion was caught off guard there for a moment. He was able to evade the surprise attack but still had scratches. Jadeite grinned, Finally a score for me! thought Jade. They became more serious. The battle heated again. The match on the other side was just as intense. Both the prince and his generals breathed heavily. All of them fought until they fell to the ground exhausted and couldn't move anymore. The sword fighting did relieve their stress but with a cost to their body. They woke up all sore the next day.

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