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Notes: Hi! Due to several reviews requesting the continuation of this story I have decided to fulfill their wish. The update will be slow and may not be the best of quality, but please be patient with me. Any constructive criticism will be encouraged and taken to heart. Now, on with the chapter!

I was suddenly stirred from my reminiscing of the past by the jingle of keys, and then the clack of my room being unlocked. Looking up to the window, I noted that the sun wasn't high enough in the sky for it to be socializing time, so I was confused as to why I was being called upon.

The asylum had a strict schedule, we are taken down to breakfast by our designated escort at nine am, then returned to our rooms by half ten; just long enough for us to force down our porridge and designated pills that were kept by our assigned seats. At half eleven we are once again allowed to leave our rooms to go to the common room where I would sit in the corner watching the lunnies and psychos chatting to each other or their hallucinations until the psychologists and doctors that work here decide it is time for our one on one sessions.

That has got to be the worst part of my day, Doctor Roberts sits comfortably in his black desk chair, looking at me over his rimless glasses telling me that I am mad and I need to accept that my nightmares were all just that, dreams. Of course by now I had given up trying to correct him, so I recline in the provided plastic chair silently as he tries to ask me personal questions about my childhood trying to find out what had triggered my "insanity".

After that, at two pm we are provide with our lunch. No pills this time, just doctors mingling with patients in an attempt to weasel out information by acting more friendly. Of course I ignore them, as much as I would love to have a sensible conversation with someone other than real lunatics, I refuse to talk with people who believe that I am merely an interesting specimen, ready for them to observe and study. Really, they are the crazy ones since they choose to be here.

Then, back to our rooms at three till half five when dinner is served with another side order of medication, oh the joy! Sarcasm dear, it's the only thing that keeps me sane. Locked away again by seven, then lights out at nine. The day starts anew at eight-thirty am.

Back to the present, my door swings open effortlessly. Not even a creak of the hinges that are apparently oiled once a month while we're out of our rooms. In steps a six foot three man dressed in pale blue scrubs that clash disastrously with his fire red hair; he re-closed the door behind him. He stared at me a moment, checking me over quickly to ensure I was fully dressed and had no weapons on me. I sighed at this and turned towards him my arms spread in an "arrest me now" pose.

"I'm clean, Tsubaki" I declared. He blushed, realizing I had noticed his checking me over for any signs of a threat. Tsubaki was all right, he didn't speak much, but I when he did I managed to find out that he had a sister that stayed here. It was for that reason that he worked here really, so that he could stay near her, which I found cute, in a non-homosexual way. "So what's the deal? My family come for a visit again?"

He shook his head slowly, turning himself sideways and once again opened the door; a silent instruction to walk out first.

I obeyed. The hallways were every bit as blank as the cell- I mean rooms- with white walls and ceiling, and a splash of colour from a window every now and then between the rows of lights. Even now after spending so much time here I cannot navigate my way, which of course acts in their favour because if we are running through the halls without our guide then they definitely do not want us fining the exit.

I watched as Tsubaki relocked the room, why I don't know since I am no longer in there but he always does it, before trialling after him down the corridor.

The longer we walked, the less attention I paid to my surroundings having given up trying to map the building in the first two weeks of being here, so I did not notice that the walls became brighter with tasteful colours such as sky blue with paintings scattered in perfectly plain photo frames, and vases of flowers that released sweet and lingering scents into the air until Tsubaki finally came to a halt awaking me from my blank state of mind allowing me to take in the area in surprise. I'd always assumed that the entire building would be white, since my mind had even began to forget what colour looked like since arriving; black didn't count since it was a shade.

Before us was an oak door, nothing extravagant or seemingly special, however it stood out from the others in the building simply because it had no window cut into it designed to allow the staff to ensure that none of us patients were doing anything unnecessary. Never before have I ever thought that I would desire to see one of those door's before me, the suspense building inside simply because I did not know what was on the other side was practically killing me inside.

Tsubaki reached out a fisted hand, at first I thought he was clenching a key however instead of moving towards the lock, his hand wandered near the doors centre where it knock, knock, knocked three times. A quiet "Come in." drifted through the door, granting Tsubaki permission to push the wood inwards.

The room was splattered with a cheery orange colour along the walls and matching flowers scattered around in grand vases that were likely more expensive than all of my families possessions combined. The furnishings, however, were the bland shade of white I had become so familiar with over the past few months, though I had to admit they suited the room perfectly.

As my eyes wandered around, they were ultimately drawn to a ruby red that clashed horribly with the orange surroundings, as I allowed myself to focus on the eye sore, I found myself gazing at an obviously full matured woman. Her physical assets were greatly exaggerated as they swelled on her chest, behind and -strangely- her lips, which were also pained crimson. Her skin was pale- suggesting she spent long periods of time indoors- allowing for attention to focus on her emerald irises below her hooded eyelids, which her blond fringe fell just short of. While the shorter layers of her hair were shaped to cradle her dainty face, the length was riddled with uncontrollable ringlets that poured down her exposed back.

Upon meeting her eyes, the woman's lips curled into a smile, rising from her perch on the white couch and making her way swiftly towards me, ignoring the squeak of protest from both Tsubaki, and the buildings director who I had not previously noticed from his place in the ladies shadow.

"Hello, dear." She drawled seductively. "You must be Shibuya Yuuri, I've hear so much about you."

You mean, you've heard of how these people think I am completely mad, right?

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" I questioned, eyeing her cautiously.

"Oh! How rude of me." She leant forward, granting me a flash of the tops of her breasts if I dared to look, she extended her hand towards me, motioning for me to shake. "I'm Cecilia Von Spitzweg, And I'm here to break you out."