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Bestfriends. That's what you two are.

Unseparable. That's what your friends would describe the two of you.

Lovers. That's what people think you are.

They got it wrong. But in one side, you wish it would happen too.

Being bestfriends for more than four years was never easy for you. It is because of the feelings you harbored for him in the past years THAT if revealed, might ruin your friendship.

"Ne, guess what?" He said as he continues to stroll beside you.

"What?" You answered, sounding bored. You keep on browsing your phone while you walk.

"I aslready asked Tsukino out, and she said yes!" He let out a cheeky grin and rested his arms behind his head.

You stiffed a bit as your eyes widen in fraction. You quickly composed yourself as you give him a small smile, "Good for you then," before stopping your track. "Here's my house. I'll see you tomorrow."

You turned around in just a matter of seconds, missing out the confused look of the boy behind you.

A month had passed.

You become moodier than usual though you always shrug him off whenever he kept on asking what was wrong.

You continue to ignore the stares and glares Tsukino is giving you off whenever he came close or talk to you.

You still refuse to confess your feelings for the boy.

"You have to confess to him already, [Your Name]-chan!"

"Yeah, we believe he cares more about you than his girlfriend."

"He's so dense. I really don't know what he has seen in that Tsukino girl."

You still do not mind the bickering / suggestions of your female classmates.

Inside the classroom. You watch as the sun sets at the west. No one's inside besides you for everyone's busy preparing for the cultural festival tomorrow. The sound of the door being shut. You never flinch or turn your head to know who disturbed your time being alone.

He sits on the chair in front of you and stares at you. Intently.

"Are you avoiding me?" he questions.

"No," came a straightforward answer. Half truth, half lie.

"Gomen ne," he started. "Tsukino told me that I should never talk to you or see you again."

A sigh escaped his lips.

"Oh..." You're hurt by what you heard. Yet, you have made up your mind. "O-okay. Then good luck to your relationship." You fake a smile and turns away from him quickly so that he won't see the tears that are threatening to fall.

"I'll have to go-"

You are interrupted by a hand gripping your arm. He pulls you towards him to face him.

Instead of an apologetic expression, you see a smile. A genuine smile.

"That's why I broke up with her," he said. He then leans down and gives you a chaste kiss on the lips.

"I got tired of waiting," he confessed.

Words are not enough to express what you are feeling.




You were never been this happy before.

~ fin

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