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Phoenix sat near the window in their new rooms. Severus was still sleeping after several hours of making love. Their new found passion had burned in their bodies and still flows but even mages needed rest. Phoenix knew he should be in bed but his mind had become filled with visions. Some were good some were sad. The one thing he had discovered was how to finally destroy Voldemort. But it was this vision that made him sad.
Gazing up to the sky he wished things could be different. He wished there was a way for him to give Severus something to show how much he truly loved him. Just as he finished that thought a star glowed brighter than the others. Phoenix smiled as he felt his wish would be answered. The next day students filled the halls heading for their respected classes. Phoenix sat at his desk in the front of his class waiting for his students to arrive. Looking at the schedule he saw that he had 4th year Slytherin's and Gryffindor's. He knew this wouldn't be an easy period. When the last student took his seat Phoenix looked around the room then stood. "Good evening, I see that the sub failed to follow the outline for the course. I do see that he or she reviewed boggarts. But let us continue, as I said before I left we are going to cover the king of snakes. Can any one tell me what that is?" Phoenix looked around the room and found Ginny Weasley's face. Fear was covering her face as she remembered her first year at Hogwarts. Slowly she raised her hand. "Ah, Ms. Weasley?" "The Basilisk, sir." She said in a shaky voice. "Yes you are correct, 10 points to Gryffindor. Now can anyone tell me why the Basilisk is a dark creature?" No one raised their hand. "It is a dark creature because it is very deadly. Not only does its poison kill, but its glare as well. Very few, if any have ever come across a basilisk and survived it." Phoenix went on with the lesson explaining other properties of the snake. He mentioned the girl who had died over 50 years ago when the beast had been set loose there in Hogwarts. The bell sounded as he spoke the girl's name that had died. "I want a 12 inch essay on basilisks due on Friday of next week." With that the class left. As he sat there going over a few notes he felt someone enter the room. With a smile he looked up to see his bonded. "How was your day Phoenix?" Severus asked his bonded. "It went over fairly well, though I am highly upset with the sub as he/she failed to go over the outline I left for my classes. But other than that it went good. Did you have any accidents in potions?" Severus frowned as he remembered the three cauldron that had been melted and the two explosions. "Well it was the normal, why they won't listen to instruction I will never know." "I guess then that they will have to learn the hard way." Phoenix smiled as he leaned in for a kiss. He heard Severus give a sigh of contentment as his arms embraced the younger man. Breaking apart they headed down to their rooms for dinner. Their night would be a special night for them but they wouldn't fully realize it until several months later. Their new found love for each other kept them alive and well and able to go out through the days and teach the students who sometimes were very difficult to teach.
Several hundred miles away in a dark mansion figures huddled around a crude throne that held a figure that had snake like skin and blood red eyes. The groups fear of this man filled their minds. It was a time for reports and few had anything to report, and with the nonexistent news they were given a painful curse. Shrieks of pain filled the room as one by one those who had no news or bad news were punished. As the last crawled back the others the central figure who sat on the throne stood to speak. "I am very disappointed in many of you for not fulfilling your duties you were given. Be that as it may, we must make ready for the first wave of my plan. Lucius go inform the Dementor's to be ready to be called when it is time, and free those who were imprisoned in my name. Bring them here to be rewarded. Nott, go and lead the giants here it is time they made good on their promise. Crabb, Goyle inform your sons that time is drawing near. Well what are you waiting for GO NOW!" with that the group left leaving only the one on the throne and a sniveling man kneeling to the side of it.
Back at Hogwarts Phoenix sat up sweating some. He could feel the effects of the Cruciatus as his muscles jerked slightly. Lying back down he slowed his breathing and slowly fell back to sleep. He knew Malfoy would not be successful in his mission as the Dementor's had been removed from Azkaban and new wards had been placed. Nott would soon discover that the Giants were no longer siding with them. Both would be punished severely for failing their missions but it is their own faults for joining with an insane man to begin with. Soon blissful sleep overcame him once more an the night went on.
Days passed and Phoenix found himself becoming more jumpy. Voldemort had been furious for the failure in his plans. Every one of the Death Eaters were punished for it. But Voldemort knew who it was that cost him a major playing card. The students were learning what they needed and some were falling behind for lack of study. In just a few weeks school would be letting out and the final battle would be coming. Phoenix had been preparing spells to protect his bonded and Albus from the Unforgivables. Phoenix watched his lover begin to gain some weight but not enough to think anything about. Phoenix knew what it was that was happening but he was saddened that he more than likely not be there to help raise it. He hoped that if it came down to it and he did die Severus would continue on. He hoped his friends and family would find joy in times to come. All thoughts left when he felt the gentle embrace of his bonded. For now every thing was perfect. And he hoped it would last. Dear Readers:

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