Hey guys I'm introducing a feature for this story. I will write a short ending for the previous tale and start a new tale, and come back to it.

Abigail quickly covered herself, as Zane approached her. He handed her a bathrobe from the shower room and they both headed back to the dorm.

There was a family with a son and 3 daughters. The parents named them Harrison, Sora, Jamey, and Kristan. Harrison was 11, Sora was 12, Jamey was 13, and Kristan was 15. One day the parents left town for a week and the children were left alone.

During the night, Tentacles were getting ready to strike. Suddenly, tentacles sprouted in Harrison's room and the room turned purple, pink. The tentacles grabbed him by the waist and hoisted him off the ground. More tentacles grabbed his arms and legs and Harrison started to twist, turn, and squirm. While this was happening, a tentacle was secretly heading towards his shorts. A tentacle pulled down his shorts and his underwear until it was right underneath his testicles and penis (his penis size is 4 inches soft, and 6 inches hard, he was never circumsized as well so the foreskin is still there). A tentacle wrapped around the penis, until it was barely touching the foreskin. The tentacles started to vibrate and it moved up and down as if he was masturbating. About 10 minutes later, he orgasms and then an artificial vagina attaches to it and sucks, sucks, sucks away the sperm. Sperm kept coming out, and would never stop. Just then, Kristan, Jamey, and Sora walk in to see their brother is being raped. They saw everything, his pants and underwear pulled down to his testies, the penis sucker, and the sperm being carried through the tentacle. Once the tentacles spot the girls, it immediately shot tentacles to them and wrap around their limbs. Kristan was pulled closer to the tentacles, and was stripped of her clothing. Her large breasts, virgin vagina, and nice body made her perfect to be raped for the tentacle's enjoyment. Jamey and Sora was moved to separate rooms and was held down.

Kristan was squirming, trying to get free, but the tentacles tight grip didn't give way. Tentacles wrap around her breasts and tease her nipples, while this is happening, Harrison has run out of sperm, for the tentacle to take so it releases his penis from the sucking madness. Instead 6 tiny tentacles emerge from the pod of another tentacle and moves dangerously close to his penis. Before the tiny tentacles enter and smaller tentacle grips the foreskin and tugs on it, while this is happening, another tentacle is wrapped around Harrison's penis, and it is moving up and down and these two movements are giving Harrison a lot of pleasure. Then the tentacles stop and the tiny tentacles insert itself into the entrance of his erect penis. Kristan can just watch her brother getting raped, but then the tentacles spread her legs open and started to tease her clit and vagina.

To be continued

In the next: Jamey, Kristan, Sora, and Harrison gets raped.