Consumed by Vengeance


Naruto x Kagura


Author's Note


Another story commissioned to me from Deviantart by Vogshinki.


Story Start


It was the middle of the night when the sound of a small whimper caused him to stir. Something was clinging to his back and the small whimper drew his attention. He looked up, craning his head to see a little girl with red hair, sobbing into his nightshirt and shivering.

"Hey... what is it?" he asked and she answered in her pitched voice.

"I-I had a nightmare," she cried out.

He sat up fully and wrapped an arm around her. "It's all my little habanero," he said, picking her up. He stroked her scarlet hair soothingly in an attempt to try and quiet her down. Tightly the child hugged his crying into his shirt.

"I-It was horrible," she sniffed ,"you were gone and I couldn't find you."

"Well, I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere. I'll never leave you, that's a promise of a lifetime." He said as he scooped her up and placed her on the bed. Once the child calm down he began talking again. "It's late, you have to go back to sleep."

"I-I don't want to," she whined and clutched the sheets even more tightly "If I go back I will have nightmares again!" she claimed moving around her arms in the air, "…and if I'm here I won't. So I will stay." She concluded sternly with a determination only an Uzumaki could exclaimed.

"You can't stay here Chibi. But tell you what, I'll stay with you in your room until you fall asleep." Despite the little habanero's whines and protests he scooped her over his shoulder.

"Little Chibi, don't you cry…little habanero dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my to part, Habanero of mine. Little one when you play. Don't you mind what you say, Let those eyes sparkle and shine. Never a tear, chibi of mine." A tired yawn escaped the mouth of the little scarlet haired girl. He placed her in the bed and tucked her in. "Sweet dreams my little Habanero." He said as he kissed the now sleepy girl's forehead.

He woke up from the dear, the reminder of what he lost causing a sharp pain in his heart. Naruto wiped the tears from his eyes. He was disorientated, taking him a few seconds to recall where he was. They were in the country side, him and Kagura, following a lead on that man.

How long had he fallen asleep? The sound of the shower stopping drew his attention. He and Kagura purchased a room, twin bedrooms in order to save money. Moments later Kagura stepped out of the bathroom. She was a loose dark blue top with her usual black slacks and her hair in its usual up style. This was the most casual he had seen Kagura so far yet it didn't make her less attractive nonetheless.

"Night Kagura-san," Naruto merely said as he gathered his things and entered the shower.

"Goodnight Naruto-san." Kagura glanced at him. She couldn't help but feel that he was a bit more sullen than usual, but decided not to push it. Like her, he had personal memories and other such things she wasn't ready to tell people and she respected the blond's boundaries. If there was something he wanted to tell her, he would have already.

The following morning occurred and Kagura was up early and training. Ever since she had turn ten. She would always find a way to train. Usually at the crack of dawn. Until she could hardly stand. Most of the time it was by herself or the rare opponent that could keep up with her.

Despite the fact that she is currently traveling with Naruto and hunting down Jellal she still found time to train. Most of the time by herself. He was always gone, even before she woke up early in the morning and he always arrived shortly after she was done or if he arrived before, there was always a meal prepared.

She silently wondered just what type of fighter Naruto was. "Want to spar?" she was broken out of her silent contemplation to turn to see Naruto walking out from behind one of the trees. Seeing as they were in the country side there were no training dojos or such set up. He was bearing a Katana, in fact it was a Kodachi like hers. "I'm not much of a swordsman, I mainly use it as a conduit to channel my wind based abilities and restrain them for specific purposes. I figure a spar would help me improve."

"Sure," she replied. It had been months since she had an interesting spar. Silently she watched him took up a stance. It was a bit sloppy, indicating that he wasn't lying when he stated he was a rookie when a sword. Unfortunately she had no indication of his speed or strength, meaning it would take her a few moments to gauge his ability.

Swords clash against one another. Quickly followed by a counter attack. He was fast, about as fast as her. She saw an opening and struck, he disappeared and her sheathed blade destroyed a log. For a brief moment Kagura hesitated, narrowly missing the blond striking her from above.

She took up a defensive and ducked to one side, dodging the katana strike aiming to her left. She kicked at blond causing him to jolt back and leaped high over the blond, bringing down her blade with a slash.

He easily dodged the attack, and slashed fiercely at the swordswoman. Kagura rolled to her right, avoiding the weapon. She parried a blow to her leg and kicked out once more at her opponent.

This time her boot connected with his side and he let out an oomph staggered for a second, but that was all the time she. She slashed and hacked at the enemy in front of her, not even giving him a chance to recover his balance. The woman thought she was going to be the victor and was just about to land a finishing blow, when he suddenly moved from her sight. While his sword defenses were flawed he was compensating with his speed.

There spar continued well within the afternoon only taking short breaks to catch their breaths, with Kagura giving Naruto an odd tip here or there. For the past couple of months there had been a strong sense of sexual tension between them. Though, despite the sexual tension between them neither of them had acted on desire. They had a mutual respect for each other. And for that reason they focused on the mission and focused on putting everything else aside to worry about once they completed their objective.