"Do not joke with me about this Stiles." He snarled in the young man's face.

"Do you really think I would do that to you?" Stiles demanded, angrily shoving Derek hard in the shoulders. He pressed his back solidly against the wall and wrapped his arms around his stomach, "After everything we've been through you still don't trust me."

Derek panicked at the teen's tone of voice. He had heard that tone before. It was the tone Stiles took when he was felt back into a corner and he was about to bolt.

The Alpha couldn't let that happen. Planting his forearms on either side of Stiles' head Derek pressed his body to his mates.

He pressed his lips gently against the teen's ear, "I do trust you Stiles," he pushed his body farther in Stiles. Some of the tension left his body when Stiles slowly uncrossed his arms. The hands stayed in front of his stomach though. One step at a time. "you know I trust you."

"Then why?"

Derek moved his hands so that his fingers were brushing Stiles's skin, "Do you know how rare it is, even for our kind?"

Stiles shook his head.

"Only one out of every one hundred thousand, and even those who successfully get pregnant loose the baby if the mate dies."

"Why?" the boy's voice shook at the prospect of losing the child that he and Derek had created together.

Derek sighed and pressed his lips to Stiles's forehead. "Male werewolf pregnancies rely more on the bond itself to keep the child alive rather than letting it grow naturally. The male anatomy is not meant to carry a human child let alone a werewolf one that is why the bond is so important. It keeps both the child and the carrier alive. Both mates are imperative in this situation, if one of them dies the other's body would not be able to handle the strain."

Finally pulling his hands away from his stomach Stiles snapped them around Derek's waist, "Then don't die on me."

"I won't Stiles. I promise."