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Book 3 Bloopers (part 2)

The Mechanist looked up to the sky and announced for everyone to hear, "The eclipse is starting. Put on your eclipse glasses."

He took off his monocle and placed a black visor with thin slits over his eyes. The warriors stopped marching for a moment and did the same before continuing on...except for one. He looked up at the eclipse and yelled "MY EYES! MY EYES! OH MY GOD, MY EYES!" and fell to the ground.

"Cut!" the director called.

"I told him not to look at the sun," the Mechanist said with embarrassment. "Can someone go check up on him?"

"I will," the medic said.


The tanks and soldiers reached the edge of the capital and were finally making their way in. A small group of FireBenders began lining themselves up in one of the alleys, but Haru, Tyro, and a group of EarthBenders came over to face them.

"Stop!" Tyro barked. "Surrender peacefully, and we won't harm you."

"We'll never surrender!" one of the enemy soldiers sneered.

He stepped forward, making flailing movements with his arms, dashed forward, and thrust his palm forward as if to shoot a fire ball. And to everyone's surprise, fire shot out of his palm, making everyone stare at in in shock.

"Cut!" the director called while the Fire Nation soldiers cheered. "Why're you FireBending? And what the heck is that in the sky?!"

"A picture of a chocolate donut?" Sokka asked, looking up at the sky backdrop in disbelief. "...is it custard-filled?"

This made the others laugh.


Aang and Toph ran at Azula, who turned and ran towards the large stone wall. A Dai Li agent slid down the stone beam towards the floor and Azula as the agents landed behind her and then Bended a pillar up from beneath her, sending their boss into the air towards the hole in the wall that Toph made. And just in time, Sokka was starting to climb up into it.

But Azula was now flying quickly towards him and got through the hole. She was passing just inches above Sokka's face as he ducked down, the former smirking down at him while the latter looked back at her fearfully. Yet...Sokka suddenly fidgeted, and they both became stuck in the hole in the wall.

"I...I can't move!" Sokka howled, squirming like a worm. "I don't wanna be stuck forever!"

Azula snarled, "Have you been eating extra snacks during intermission? That may explain it."

Sokka retorted, "No way! It was only three brownies!"

"Okay, cut!" the director called. "Sokka, lay off the brownies next time! And someone get some oil or something!"

"On it!" Aang called, grabbing a bottle of oil and heading to the hole in the wall.


"Hello, Zuko here. But I guess you probably already know me...sort of. Uh...so, the thing is, I have a lot of FireBending experience, and I'm considered to be pretty good at it. Well, you've seen me...you know, when I was attacking you? Uh, yeah...I guess I should apologize for that. But anyway, I'm good now. I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad. But anyway...I think it's time I joined your group, and taught the Avatar FireBending."

Zuko was talking to a badger frog sitting on a large log, the tarp from his war balloon used as a tent. The badger frog merely looked up at him and croaked.

"Well?!" Zuko snapped. "What's your answer?!"

Suddenly...the badger frog said in a British voice, "Sit them down for a jolly spot of tea, and then compliment them with praises they shan't forget! Quite right, what?"

The Fire Nation prince had stared at the badger frog in silence and astonishment. Then finally, he sat back and began laughing, "PLEASE don't tell me it's one of those dubbed animals! You know...they're the ones on YouTube...you know?" he gasped through each burst of laughing.

"I have no idea how that happened," the director said, though he saw the costume designer hide a tape recorder behind his back.


Team Avatar started to run back towards the stone pillar they were hiding behind. When they did, they watched Combustion Man stumble about, dizzy from the attack to his head. He swayed and reared his head back for another blast. Aang prepared for the worst as the assassin inhaled and let loose a blast. But instead of the usual blast, sparks flew out from his forehead, making him roar in pain as small explosions erupted from his head. And just when he began to rub his forehead again, the area he was standing on...exploded.

Out of the smoke was a glint of light, and Combustion Man fell down into the dark chasm below, blood all over his body and his amber eyes blank and glossy. His metal arm had been snapped off and fell in after him. As the structure fell into the misty chasm below, all four teens looked down in shock, staring at each other, speechless. The assassin was gone, killed by his own explosion.


Aang and his friends looked down where the shout came from before laughing. Sokka was saying, "I've never heard him talk anymore. Who knew?"

"Well...now you know," the director said.

"And knowing is half the battle," Toph added.


Just then, Zuko and Aang heard laughter behind them and turned around. They spotted Sokka over to them, biting on an apple as he found a spot and sat down to observe the two.

"Hey jerks!" the Water Tribe warrior said with an amused smile. "Mind if I watch you two jerks do your JerkBending?"

"Get out of here!" Zuko snapped. "And your jokes are terrible!"

But Sokka's reaction made him recoil; he had the look a kid would get if he or she was scolded. Then he let out a wail and ran off in a girly run.

"Cut!" the director called, waving his arm. Glaring at Zuko, he snapped, "Nice going, genius. You hurt his feelings."

The Fire Nation prince sighed. "Sorry."


"Listen everybody," Zuko said as everyone turned their head towards him. "I've got some pretty bad news...I've lost my stuff."

Toph raised both arms to show she was innocent. "Don't look at me. I didn't touch your stuff."

Zuko shook his head. "I'm talking about my FireBending. It's gone."

But just then, he heard mocking laughter to the side and looked over. It was Katara, causing the others to look over at her as if she had turned into a wolf before them. This caused Zuko to glare at her and bristle in irritation.

"I'm sorry," the WaterBender said, a slight sneer on her face. "I'm just laughing at the octopus I put on your head."

"Octopus?" Zuko asked, looking up and spotting a tentacle. He ignored the laughter from everyone else and added, "Why'd you do that for?"

Katara glared at him. "You hurt my brother's feelings...but his jokes DO kinda suck."

That made Sokka wail again, and the director slapped his forehead. "Not you too."


Zuko and Sokka had been in a dark room with lights only revealing the shelves full of helmets, shoulder pads and boots. The door closed as the light diminished, and the two guys in prison guard uniform began the door. But Sokka had come out with his Wang Fire beard on.

"Um...Sokka?" Zuko poked his shoulder. "You got that weird beard on."

"Of course I have it on!" Sokka exclaimed in that disguised tone of his. "I am WANG FIRE! Father of Kuzon, skilled soldier, and psychiatrist extraordinaire!"

Zuko had to keep himself from laughing, but he facepalmed to hide his grin. Even the director chuckled, "Wow...you just pulled that from the usual cartoon phrases!"


After getting some grub, Zuko set his plate down and sat with the guards. "Can the new guy ask you veterans a few questions about the prison?" he asked.

"No, you can't date the female guards," the female guard told him.

"Trust me, you don't want to," the male guard said with a laugh.

This made the female guard roll her eyes and say "Oh, get over me already. You know you can't handle my wild side."

However, Zuko scooted away from them and said, "I'd...rather not know."

"Me neither," the director said. "And CUT! This isn't the way the scene is going to go!"

Take 2

After getting some grub, Zuko set his plate down and sat with the guards. "Can the new guy ask you veterans a few questions about the prison?" he asked.

"No, you can't date the female guards," the female guard told him.

"Trust me, you don't want to," the male guard said with a laugh.

But the female guard grabbed him by the shirt and said, "Really? Let me show you how we do it in private." At that, she led him away.

Zuko gave the director and cameraman a confused look, the cameraman adding, "Don't look at us. It's their place, so they can do whatever the hell they want here."


"One of you is an imposter who thought he could fool me," the Warden snarled, pacing in front of the prisoners. "But now that person is going to be in a lot of trouble. Who is it?"

Sokka saw Chit Sang's eyes open and couldn't stop shaking nervously on the spot. He closed his eyes, ready for the accusation to fall upon his shoulders.

"That's him, Warden-"

At this, Sokka roared, "NO! You can't prove it's me! I got nothin' on me!"

Everyone stared at him and snickered a bit, making the Warden sneer, "He wasn't talking about you, punk. He was talking about that loser there." He pointed a finger at the bullying guard.

"Oh..." Then Sokka looked at the cameraman and said, "Eh...I'm gonna get a drink now. Sorry about all that."


As he got back, Zuko spotted Sokka's tent out from the rock between them, a couple of bushes propped against a rock. He didn't look where he was going until the last minute, where he saw that there was something wrong with this picture.

"Where's Suki at?" the director asked.

"Fixing to check," came the reply. The Fire Nation prince took a peek inside Sokka's tent and pulled back quickly while laughing. "Yep...they're making out already."

The director sighed. "How many MORE couples are gonna keep making out? This isn't a romantic comedy movie, you know!"


"You guys are not going to believe this!" Sokka said as he and Suki dashed over to them. "There's a play about us!"

Suki had put on a Fire Nation disguise similar to Azula's evening outfit in The Beach. "We were just in town, and we found this poster," she added with her boyfriend.

Sokka unveiled the poster...and it was the album for News Of The World by Queen. You know, the one with the killer robot.

"GET THAT AWAY FROM US!" Aang yelped, getting onto an Air Scooter and speeding away like a cheetah falcon. Zuko quickly facepalmed, Suki looked embarrassed, and Toph looked rather apathetic.

"Sokka, what's wrong with you?!" Katara shouted, shielding her eyes. "It's scary! Why does that robot look sad?!"

The Water Tribe warrior took one look at the poster and sighed. "Shit...why is it that, whenever I pick up a paper, this turns up?"

The director shrugged. "Beats me."


At the stage, the curtain was drawn up to reveal a prop of a canoe surrounded by moving set decorations of water. The backdrop was a crude painting of icebergs. The actors for the Water Tribe siblings were rowing the canoe with their oars. A closer look made them groan...because their actors looked nothing like them.

Katara's actress was much more developed and bustier than the real Katara, her clothes a little revealing. She had too much blusher on her cheeks, and when she spoke, her voice was too husky: "Sokka, my only brother. We constantly roam these icy South Pole seas, and yet never do we find anything fulfilling," she sighed dramatically.

Actor Sokka was buck-toothed and thinner than the actual Sokka. His "wolf-tail" was an overly large ponytail bun, and he griped, "All I want is a full feeling in my stomach! I'm starving!" This made the audience laugh and the real Benders (and Sokka and Suki but not Toph) flinch.

"Is food the only thing on your mind?" Actress Katara sighed.

"Well, I'm trying to get it out of my mind and into my mouth," Actor Sokka said, pointing at his mouth. "I'm starving!"

"CUT!" Sokka howled, pointing at the stage. "Objection! My jokes are WAY funnier than this sad jokester!"

Katara added, also pointing to the stage, "And I don't look like a prostitute who preaches about hope and cries all the time! Besides...I'm prettier!" she added with a blush.

This made the director call, "Okay, that's enough, folks!"


Cracks appeared on the iceberg, and it opened with the interior smoking. The actors looked at each other in mock surprise. A lady dressed as Aang finally jumped out, winked, and posed, much to the real Aang's shock. Like actress Katara, her makeup was heavy.

Actress Katara asked, "Who are you, frozen boy?"

Actress Aang tittered and balanced tiptoed on one leg. "I'm the Avatar, silly!" she giggled and hopped on her leg. "Here to spread joy and fun!"

"NO!" the real Aang yelled, pointing down at the actors. "I reject the premise of this! No one said I'd be a girl in this play! This isn't that version of Peter Pan where he's played as a girl!"

"I know; it's kinda weird," Toph agreed with him.


"Prince Zuko, you must try this cake," Actor Iroh said, holding up a cake prop.

Actor Zuko was in Zuko's Fire Nation armor with a long ponytail, but his scar was on the wrong side. His voice was rougher and deeper than the real Zuko's as he growled, "I don't have time to stuff my face. I must capture the Avatar to regain my honor!"

Actor Iroh merely shrugged. "Well, while you do that, maybe I'll capture another slice." Then he brought the plate of cake to his mouth and made loud chewing noises.

"You sicken me," Actor Zuko muttered, looking through the telescope again.

Having enough, Zuko stood up and roared, "Enough is ENOUGH! I have HAD it with these motherfreakin' actors messing with our motherfreakin' selves!"

The director merely waved his hand to stop while Katara, who was sitting next to Zuko, said with a raised eyebrow, "Um...that didn't make any sense. It really didn't."


Next came the backdrop of the Freedom Fighter's hideout as Actress Katara and Actor Jet with a rose in his mouth and deeply inflated anime-like hair were lowered onto the stage on a platform. Actress Katara mock-sobbed out loud, and Actor Jet held her tight close to him and crooned, "Don't cry, baby. Jet will wipe out that nasty town for you."

He tipped Actress Katara's chin up, and there was a stagehand clad in black pulling a large blue sheet of cloth symbolizing water across the stage.

"NO! NO!" The real Jet had arrived onto the stage, glaring up at Actor Jet. "That is not how I behave! I say we boycott this play!"

But at the glares of the director and cameraman, he stepped off the stage and added, "Sorry."

Later scene...

Actor Jet came onto the stage, slashing his hooksword arm prop as he did so. He was wearing a pair of crazy eye glasses as the tiny black beads representing his pupils swirled around to show that he had gone insane. He twirled around on the spot, swinging his arms around, having a slight pot belly and crouching like a gorilla.

The actors looked shocked as Actress Aang cried, "No, Jet! What did they do to you?"

"Must. Serve. Earth King!" Actor Jet slurred, taking a swipe at her. He turns and swiped at Actor Sokka, who ducked. "Must...destroy!"

"Okay, that's it!" Jet had come onto the stage again and clouted him on the head with his actual swords. "See? Now you got the REAL Jet here, not some potbellied chump!"

The audience saw this and loudly booed at the real Jet while Aang and his friends cheered. But the director snapped, "CUT! Jet, aren't you supposed to be dead?!"


"If you want to lounge around like a bunch of snail-sloths all day, then go ahead!" After he was finished ranting at the group, Zuko turned and walked away.

Sokka nodded and set his drink down. "Maybe Zuko's right. Sitting around the house has made us pretty lazy. But I know just the thing to change that. Beach party!" he cheered, standing up and taking his outer robes off.

"UGH!" Aang, Katara, and Zuko covered their eyes at this. Zuko snarled, "Sokka, get your clothes back on! Pronto!"

The director was also looking away. "Why...the hell...did you choose to do it at a time like this?"

Sokka shrugged. "I just...felt it was the right time. But sorry, we can do this again."


The group walked over towards June, who took a side-look at them. "Oh great," the bounty hunter sneered, refilling her liquor cup. "It's Prince Pouty. Where's your creepy grandpa?"

"He's my Uncle, and he's not here," Zuko retorted.

June looked over at Zuko and Katara and smirked at them. "I see you worked things out with your girlfriend."

Both then...Zuko joked, "And she still won't go out with me."

But...as they noticed an army of fans holding signs and shouting ("Zutara Rules, Kataang Sucks" or "Kataang Forever! Zutara Extinct!"), they both laughed nervously. Then Katara turned about to snap at them, "Can you calm down with it already?! Just wait for the ending!" She walked away, sighing and muttering, "This shit needs to stop..."


Ursa's reflection startled Azula as her mother (supposedly) said, "What a shame. You always had such beautiful hair."

Azula spun around. "What are you doing here?!"

"I didn't want to miss my own daughter's coronation."

"Don't pretend to act proud! I know what you really think of me. You think I'm a monster.

Ursa gazed at her sadly. "I think you're confused. All your life you used fear to control people. Like your friends Mai and Ty Lee."

"But what choice do I have?! Trust is for fools. Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me."

"No." Ursa's voice was really soft. "I love you, Azula. I do."

Azula lowered her head, lip quivering as she felt the tears dripping from her eyes. She realized that her hand was clutching a brush on the table, so she suddenly turned around and angrily threw the brush at the reflection of Ursa, shattering the mirror. But as she did so...

"Ooooh!" the medic called. "You'll get seven years of bad luck!"

This made Azula hide the mirror and smile, wiping the shards of glass away. "Sorry...but not entirely. If you mention this in Avatar Extras, I will hunt you all down!"


The soldiers began their greetings after the "captain" announced the birthday party. "Hey. I'm Quin Lee," a soldier said. "I work up in communications."

The engineer nodded. "Oh hi, I work down in the engine room. It's probably why we've never met before. Big airship, you know?"

They nodded.

"So do you know whose birthday it is?" the soldier asked.

"I can't believe the Captain remembered my birthday!" another soldier cheered, walking up to them. "He really does care!"

Immediately, after the sentence was finished, the bomb bay doors opened, and they were all dropped into the ocean. The FireBenders Toph had taken out were also falling out of the cabin as some of the crew came up for air.

"The cake was a lie!" the soldier (who was having his birthday) cried. "IT WAS ALL A LIE!"

"Cut!" the director called as the others chuckled. "


Azula proceeded to wave her arms around in arcs to generate the lightning, but her motions were far more dramatic and irregular than usual. Zuko breathed in and out deeply as he entered his stance and lifted an arm up to take the lightning. At the same time, the air around them flashed as Azula's lightning charged up and she finished her waves. But then...Zuko saw her eye dart to the side and rest on Katara.

Then his worst concerns came into reality. Azula smirked briefly and then lashed her fingers to the left of her brother, releasing the lightning at the female WaterBender.

When he saw the lightning shoot from her fingers, Zuko looked over to his right, seeing it shoot out towards Katara. So he ran forth, his feet carrying him on their own as he turned around in time to see if Katara was okay. He could see the pure shock and horror in her beautiful blue eyes as they reflected the approaching lightning.


With this bellow, Zuko leapt in between them as he saw the lightning towards them. Then suddenly...the lightning missed them, and an explosion occurred from above.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! CUT!" the director yelled. "Azula, what the hell were you thinking?! That was the camera blimp!"

Azula shrugged. "Sorry. But wasn't it the point that I get so crazy that...you know?"

The director sighed. "You're right. But DON'T go shooting at our blimps! They cost money!"


Aang Bended the loop around and threw Ozai towards some thorns, making him crawl out of the stream and soaking him. He descended towards him and sank his feet to the ground while his foe gasped in horror at seeing his hands being encased in mounds of earth. When he was trapped, Aang Bended some more earth to encase him...

...but some of the attack missed and hit him in the private area.

"NO!" Ozai groaned, gasping. "My royal privates!"

This made Aang stare at him before laughing. Even the director and the rest of the cast were laughing at this before Ozai roared and shot a flame at them from his mouth. They got out of the way in time and glared at him.

"You know what, Aang?" Zuko asked, looking strangely okay after his "injury". "Just deBend him. He's not gonna follow the script."

Ozai hissed, "I do too!"


Aang turned around as the shuffling of feet made him turn around. Katara was walking over to him and stood down next to him as she looked up at the sky. When the Avatar turned to look at her in time, she was looking over at him, a small smile on her face and her bright cerulean eyes shining with love.

She was his one true love. She had proved herself to be a great warrior on their travels through the world; her courage, kindness, and beauty had won him over in the end. Aang could not begin to think what he would do without her, so he walked over to Katara and embraced her, her doing the same. Her touch was so soft, and her heart was so kind and gentle. He felt like wanting to stay like this forever.

Then...as they broke apart, she leaned back towards him and gently pressed her lips against his into a kiss. Surprised yet overcome with joy and love, Aang returned the gesture with a fiercer and more passionate love. But...they were on the ground yet again.

"Cut...you know what?" the director sighed. "Screw it. End it here!"

The End


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