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What happens now?

Once Jack had spotted the Guardians signal, he raced with the Wind to Santoff Claussen, hoping with all of his strength that North was just trapped in another doorway again, and the Yeti's couldn't get him out. The only other alternative was something he really didn't want to think about. It was a close call winning the last time; they were still trying to recover the believers they had lost, if he tried to rise again, Jack wasn't certain they'd win.


Above the cloud banks on the highest peak, of the highest mountain in South-East Asia, lay Punjam Hy Loo, the castle of the Tooth Fairy. Inside one of the many rooms, Toothiana hovered, directing miniature copies of herself to different parts of the globe to collect teeth from under the pillows of sleeping children. Her second in command, named Baby Tooth by Jack, squeaked, alerting her Queen of the lights that shined in various hues of greens, blues and pinks. She quickly gave orders for her helpers to hold the fort while she was away. Tooth, Baby Tooth and a few selected Tiny Teeth [A/N: That is what I like to call Tooth's little copies, cute huh?!] flew through one of the many open windows of the secret palace and away North, to pay the headquarters of the Guardians a visit.


Further South, off the coast of Australia, lay Easter Island. Home to the last remaining Pooka in the whole Universe. Under the luscious greenery of the Island floor, was The Warren, a serious of burrows and tunnels that made up the home of the Easter Bunny. E. Aster Bunnymund was starting preparations for the upcoming Easter, it may be a few months away but the population of children was growing each day, and with believers on the rise, Bunnymund had to keep one step ahead at all times. That was most likely his warrior side talking, but it never hurt to make sure you were prepared. From one of the few gaps that let the light from above through into the resting place of eternal Spring, Bunnymund spotted the Aurora Borealis, signaling he must travel North to the icy wasteland that was home to the Guardian of Wonder. The Pooka grumbled under his breath about how if North had got his 'fat arse stuck ina 'nudder bloody doorway' then someone was going to get seriously hurt with his Boomerang. Grabbing a few art supplies and some Googies, the Easter Bunny opened up one of his infamous tunnels and ran full speed towards the origin of the signal.


Over in Southern America, Sanderson ManSnoozie, the Sandman, was floating above a rural Brazilian town, atop of his DreamCloud. Sending out tendrils of golden sand; containing sweet dreams for the children that slept soundly in their beds. Looking up to the sky to quickly greet his old friend, Man in Moon, Sandy noticed the bright colours of the Northern Lights, rippling through the star studded sky. He left his tendrils to finish the work, they knew what to do. Sandy molded a biplane out of his magical sand and seated himself in it, making sure he had his goggles were firmly on, the little golden man sped away to Santa's Workshop, anxious to find out whether his suspicions were correct.


In the North-East of England, in the town of Nottingham, grew Sherwood Forest. No human ventured into the forest nowadays, anyone who dared most likely never came back, and those who did would report on strange voices floating through the Wind, they talked in an ancient language long forgotten by mere mortals. Some even went as far as to say the saw the trees move, that people actually came out from within and tried their hand at grabbing them, but would be stopped as a hollow shriek rang out through the deserted plains. This would lead to the brave, but foolish, adventurers giving off a screech of surprise and fear and send them running out of the 'haunted' lands. Legends say of a breed of Fae living deep inside the Forest, feeding off the fools that dare enter their domain. The true Legends of Sherwood are only known to the folk who choose to look further. Those who are met with the truth, keep it from the world. If humanity were to know the true meaning of the woodland, then all the magic would be lost and adventure would cease to exist.

At the heart of Mystical plains, grew a tree, a magnificent Oak, one that had been around since the dawn of Sherwood Forest. If any human gaze fell upon it, it would look like any ordinary Oak, but to the eyes of the spirits and children, it's trunk was split in two, forming, what could be described as, a doorway. If you were to walk through this arch, then you would find yourself in the same forest, or what looks like the same forest. There is one reason why only children and spirits may find this place: magic. Adult's minds are closed off from what they cannot understand, whereas children's imaginations hold the power to see every detail, every magical thing the world can offer them.

Continuing North from the 'Dryad's Doorway', a minor clearing appears. Looking up into the tree tops, you see tree-houses, so many tree-houses, all connected through rope bridges and ladders carved into the trees themselves. Creatures that resemble Fearies, dance through the air, voices high pitched in their smaller forms, Dryad's laughter can be heard in the Wind as they talk with their sisters, in the very centre lay a pool that glowed with moonlight, giving off the sense of magic and adventure. Surrounding the pool of crystal blue liquid were loungers made of vines, on those loungers sat three figures, each holding a cocktail and giggling like school girls. Girls night in you could say.


"OH. MY. MOON. He didn't?!" The purple haired woman exclaimed, a Southern American twang making its way into her speech. Her expression was a mixture of disbelief and shock.

"Oui, oui! He really did!" The vibrant green headed teen shot back, her accent unmistakably French. How could she not believe her? It was so obvious what had happened, though she had to admit the Halloween spirit never was one to catch on fast!

"No, no! You are soooo lying! He would never do something like that... would he?" The candy covered spirit questioned. She knew everything! How was it that the young teen knew this juicy gossip before she did?!

"I 'ave already told you Kyandi, he did! What is so damn hard to believe about that?!" The spirit of All Fools' Day was starting to get frustrated with her elder. Kyandi seriously had to get over the fact that she knew this information before her!

"Oh I don't know Avril! Maybe the fact that GUY FAWKES, the guy that is even more of a hermit than our very own Ro-Ro-" Kyandi was cut off by an indignant "HEY!" from 'Ro-Ro'. "-plucked up the courage to actual kiss CATHERINE SPARK! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the girl and everythin', but she has serious anger issues! So when you walk in here and tell me that she just let a guy that she don't even know kiss her and she didn't even do anythin'! That's what makes it hard to believe!" She stated, finally finishing her rant.

"Kyandi, you know there is this mystical thing called LIKING SOMEONE! Have you ever thought that maybe she wanted him to kiss her?" The silent red head pointed out, a very old and high-class British accent leaking into her dialect, hoping to get off the topic of love and relationships... it brought back very old memories she cared not to remember.

"THE HERMIT TALKS!" The colourfully dressed Goth proclaimed.

"Oh shut your mouth Andi! You two understand why I don't adventure into the outside world much anymore!" Even if that is my job... Oh Tsar help me! The hooded girl muttered to the Halloween spirit, the memories were coming back again and it hurt! Not a physical hurt, an emotional one, fed by two hundred years of turmoil and the empty void in her heart that nothing but him could fill.

"Yeah we do... but seriously sweetie. The last time you left your little forest hide-out was... what? 4 years ago? And that was only for one day! Before that you hadn't left in two hundred years! I was only able to get you out that one time because Avi over here was threatenin' to blast your ass off if ya didn't go!" With that, the spirit of laughter jabbed a finger towards where the Avril was sitting in the lounger on the other side of 'Ro-Ro'.

"I suppose so... but it was one great day! I was even able to greet a few believers! However... I cannot! It is Winter at the moment! I cannot risk seeing... him! And the Southern Hemisphere is out of bounds... UGH! How I hate that stuck up bitch of a summer sprite! How can the Summer spirit be such an angel, but her little helpers be well... them!" The adventurer vented. She was trying to find excuses as to why she couldn't step outside her domain. Oh dear... I really am becoming a hermit! But she was an expert in changing the subject, mention the gang of summer sprites in front of Kyandi and it got her riled up so much, she'd go on a rampage of that one Autumn in 2000 where those little summer devils decided they'd make a heat wave on Halloween, causing all the candy and chocolate to melt, the kids costumes to be down-graded and many parents not letting their children out because it was simply too hot!

"Honey, y'are preachin' to the choir! That little slag will get what's comin' to her! If I ever see that two-faced cow again... I swear I am gonna punch her face so hard she'll need to get plastic surgery done just to lessen the repulsiveness!" The spite and hatred in her voice was unmistakable, there was obviously some serious tension between the spirit and the sprite. Kyandi's alabaster face was filling with colour by the second at the rage she was feeling. You could see in her eyes that she was creating different scenarios of how that meeting would go down. Unfortunately, the reaction of her other companion was not what she was hoping.

"NON! Do not try and change this subject! You know what Man in Moon 'as in store for us! I can see from nervous twitch of your 'ands! Dévoiler un secret mon ami!*" The French teen gave the green clad spirit an amused, yet accusing, glare. Kyandi had stopped her fantasies of the many ways in which her meeting with the infamous summer sprite could go down, instead she turned to intently stare at her younger immortals; she wanted answers!

"Alright! You have figured me out like you always do. Listen closely... Tsar has told me only what I need know, nothing more, nothing less. Many details have been repressed but what I do know is this..." With a deep breath, she allows her spirit sisters the information they so deeply require.


In the private office of Nicholas St. North, more commonly known as Santa Clause, the Guardians of Childhood stood; silently contemplating what the message from the Man in the Moon could be. The silence was broken by none other, than the overactive Winter spirit, Jack Frost.

"Well that was helpful!" As always, the immortal teen's voice was laced with sarcasm. The pictures the Moonlight had created were just that, pictures. The Frost child could not decipher any of them. Apparently though, his fellow Guardians all had some idea of what they could mean. This was proven when the smirking Bunnymund retorted with a condescending tone.

"Actually mate, it was! Manny's pictures c'be roughly translated as 'find da Trio of Tricksters'. From my knowledge, only a bunch of spirits c'fall in'a category like dat... You are one o'em by da way! But dere are three dat spring ta mind strai'away." The Pooka's Australian accent was proving hard to understand for Jack, who had spent two centuries alone, and who also avoided countries with warmer climates. However, the snow white spirit got the general gist of what the 'Kangaroo' was saying. There was a gasp from Toothiana as realisation dawned on her.

"It can't be them... Can it?! The whole spirit world knows the story! Do you think she'll actually come out of hiding and help? Does she even know of Manny's plans? Oh of course she does! She always knows!" As usual, Tooth was a volcano of questions, and within her ramblings she would sometimes answer her own questions. During these voiced inner thoughts, the other Guardians would tend to leave her to it, deciding for her to finish before continuing with the main conversation.

"Well... We not have much choice! They are only ideas, so we must go to them. I say, TO THE SLEIGH!" The broken English with a thick Russian accent that could only belong to North, echoed out through his Workshop; alerting the Yeti [A/N: I think that's the plural?] and a few Elves to get the Sleigh ready for their travel. Jack's face was plastered with confusion; his questions were still unanswered.

"Uhh... Hello? Can I know where we're going?!" The others gave little looks to each other, but did not say anything about their destination. Only Sandy gave some acknowledgement to the frustrated Winter spirit. Gaining the boy's attention he mimed out of his magic, golden dreamsand, confetti being thrown and people jumping out from behind objects.

"Surprise?" Jack guessed. He was met with a nod as the Sandman departed the study to follow his fellow spirits. The new Guardian was not at all satisfied with the answer he got, but followed the rest of the Guardians, hoping to get a clue upon arrival at the mystery location. Well this is gonna be fun! The thought was sarcastic, but at the same time, he was getting that excited feeling, bubbling in the pit of his stomach. He was always up for an adventure, and he thanked the Moon everyday for still having that feeling, even though it reminded him of her he still cherished what her purpose as a spirit was and only wished that they could one day be able to meet again. As the frost child boards the sleigh, he doesn't even attempt to make a wise crack at Bunny's reluctance to climb into the apparently 'unsafe' transportation; the Winter spirit's mind was fully focused on the memories of the lost friend he so dearly cherished.

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