Summary: A small poem/story that I've created after re-watching the whole series, but Light wins in the end.

Warnings:None, really.

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Death Note! Obviously...

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Ahead,
Yes, I can Fix Them.
Yes, I Do my Best To Fix Them.
|No, I Do Not Give A Shit About Flames.
Flamers and Haters, Fuck Off.

Light lived in Tyoko... right?


The World Is Rotten.
The World Is Disgusting.
The World Is Filled With Filth.
The World Is So Very Boring.

Criminals Are Filth.
Filth Need To Die.
Filth Don't Deserve To Live.
Without Filth The World Would Be Better.

I Am God.
I Am Smart.
I Can And Will Defeat Him.

I Will Not Loose.
I Cannot Lose.
It's Impossible For Me To Lose!

I Can Kill A Shinigami
I Can Kill The No-Named
I Can Kill The Filth.
I Can Kill Those Who Disobey Me.

The World Is Beautiful.
The World is Clean.
The World Is Filled With Peace.
The World Has Been Cleaned.

I Have Won.
I've Become The God Of This New World

Light hummed, closing the Death Note easily. He laid the pen next to it, before he leaned back in his chair.

He's thirty-six years old, but he doesn't look a day over twenty-seven. He's the owner of a small bookshop, and a national chess champion. Life is no longer boring. Life is peaceful, and he finds living in a small city is a nice way to live.

Being Kira is a nice way to live. He can't think of any other way of living. Of course, he misses his mother and his sister, who live back in Tyoko. He misses his father, who he killed. He doesn't miss Misa Amane, who he quickly killed.

Mikami Teru lives with him, though he rarely ever lives the house. He does everything Light asks of him, and he manages Ryuk's apple tree's in the back. The the small town he lives in, they seem to think he has a apple fetish with all the apples he buys every day.

Light doesn't care.

Life is peaceful.

Authors Note:

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