The haunting

Cliff asked to be alone with her body. Pamela, his daughter, was dead. The twins she was carrying didn't make it. Cliff knew he was rsponsible but said nothing. Even in his grief he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison. As it turned out, it wouldn't be a long life. Cliff felt the chest pains, was this a heart attack? Yes it was. Cliff tried to call for help, but the doctors couldn't hear him. Someone else heard him though. He was shocked to see his old nemesis JR Ewing. JR was dead, how was this possible. Cliff was terrified, but JR had his old familiar grin.

"Hello Cliff."

"What are you doing here."

"I'm here for you. You can call the doctors all you want, they can't save you from this. I was torn about whether or not to tell you this right away. Pamela is fine. She made her mistakes but was trying to make amends. And her babies, well they were innocent. So they're in heaven right now in her arms. Even Frank died to protect his family, from you, so he just made it up there himself."

"They're in heaven?"

"Yes they are, safe for eternity. You can take some comfort in that. Ofcourse that also means you don't get to see them again, ever. A part of me always thought I'd live forever. I figured that eaven didn't want me, hell was afraid I'd take over. Turns out there were certain factions down there that wanted me to take over. One of them even tried to get me to kill myelf years ago so I could get down there sooner. Long story short, I'm down there on a throne and the devil is packing up to leave. As for you Cliff, I know you had me killed, don't bother denying it. I sure had my faults but I had lines I didn't cross. I wouldn't have put a bomb on an oil rig with a pregnant woman, even if it was your daughter. You pimped out your own daughter, talked Frank into suicide, killed me and your own daughter and unborn grandchildren. I'm going to have fun watching you suffer some special torments in hell. But don't worry it won't be for eternity. I imagine I'll get bored with the torture after a century or two.