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Trigger warning: homophobia. It really killed me to write what Mathias was saying about homosexuality. Keep in mind that for most of history, homosexuality was punishable by death, so Sweden had a big secret to hide, and he had to keep it hidden until he couldn't take it anymore.

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Big Brother Denmark and Little Sweden

Denmark knew that he had many things to teach his little brother about being a man, some of which you only teach your brother AFTER he hits puberty, so in the meantime, he was very busy, especially because he was off fighting in wars a lot.

-Segment: Denmark teaches Sweden about society's expectations for marriage-

Denmark, age 12, marched into the village bakery to find his 7 year old brother, who was learning to cook and was only allowed to by society instead of fighting because of his blindness. He found the Swede baking some kind of cake and blushing shyly when the women praised him.

"Excuse me ladies, but do you mind if I borrow my brother for a bit?" He used his "Danish charm" on them.

"Anything for you Mathias!" One of the women chirped happily. She then went back to arguing with the others about whose daughter Sweden would marry, much to said Swede's embarrassment, as Denmark laughed and led his brother out the door.

((A/N: People's life spans back then were usually short because of the lack of medical knowledge and antibiotics or they would die from infections due to fighting in wars all the time, so as soon as people hit puberty, they were expected to marry and have at least 10 kids because most children died of disease before the age of 5. Homosexuality was punishable by death.))

Sweden blinked up at his brother, "You're home from war? I'm glad. I wish the constant fighting would end."

The Dane nodded, ignoring his brother's comment about war. "I'm on leave."

Denmark smiled and sat down on a rock near their home, pulling his brother next to him.

"I wanted to talk to you about marriage. I'm working on finding a wife for you. Do you have any girls in mind, not that you get much say in your wife…" Denmark was curious about what Sweden had to say. The Swede had never shown an interest in girls, or anyone at all. The other kids liked to pick on him.

To his surprise, Sweden shook his head no and answered, "Do I really have to get married? To a girl? The girls don't like me…"

Denmark frowned, "They'll like you when you get big and strong like your awesome big brother! And of COURSE you have to marry a girl. Don't be gay Berwald. You know what we do to the gays? We publically execute them so they don't infect us. Gays aren't REAL men."

Sweden's eyes widened in fear as Denmark's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"You aren't gay, right? If you are I'm turning you in. They kill those that hide gays too." Mathias' azul eyes seemed to darken a few shades in warning.

Sweden frantically shook his head, "If being gay means liking other boys then n-no! I'm not gay! But is it really necessary to kill them? They don't harm anyone by loving."

Denmark glared at his brother and jumped up, looming over the Swede. "Don't talk like that! You're asking to be whipped! It's not NORMAL! They're DIFFERENT. They're a danger to society and must be removed."

Sweden jumped to his feet and yelled, "There's nothing wrong with being different! You can't help how you're born!" He ran into the forest, tears streaming down his face.

Denmark sunk back down and sighed. He hadn't meant it to come out that way. It was no wonder Sweden had been upset. The way he said it, it sounded like being different than everyone else makes killing you justified.

Hours later, Sweden finally came home, quiet and dirty; eyes ringed red from crying and a running nose.

Denmark pulled his brother into his lap, hugging him. "I'm so sorry Berwald. I didn't mean it. Nobody is going to kill you for being different. It's okay. You know I love you, Little Bro."

Sweden sighed, relieved. "You'll protect me, right? You promise you won't let them take me away for being different? I love you too, Big Brother." He buried his face into his brother's chest.

Denmark gave a sigh of relief. "I'll always protect you. I won't let anybody harm you. I promise."

This peace between them wouldn't last forever.