Author's Note: I've been wanting to write a fic like this for a rather long while. I think Bloom and Diaspro could have been friends- or at the very least, allies if they'd just agree to drop Sky and move on with their lives...

Also, this will be the only chapter in first person format, alternating between Bloom first, then Diaspro. All the others will be in third person.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

I really could not believe it.

I felt my heart sink when I realised what was happening in front of me, What I had just found out.

Brandon wasn't really Brandon. And Sky wasn't really Sky either.

They were each other.

Brandon was Prince Sky and Prince Sky was Brandon.

That single fact kept repeating over and over in my head and I still couldn't quite comprehend the words.

Brandon was not who I thought he was. He was actually Prince Sky of Eraklyon.

And he was engaged to another woman that I didn't even have a clue about.

And I attacked her, thinking that she was one of the Trix! When she didn't even have a clue that I existed either!

I feel so ashamed of myself! I can feel my face turning as red as the fire I control when I see Princess Diaspro of Isis confronting him.

I need to get out of here before I do something even more stupid…

"Who is that?" I asked, letting the proper amount of venom seep into my voice as I glared at my fiancé while pointing at the winged redhead who sank to her knees a few feet away.

"Um…" Sky scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Umm… is not an answer, Sky! What the hell just happened with this girl?" I shrieked, finally cracking what little of the calm demeanour I had left.

"I can explain!" He exclaimed, holding his hands out in front of him and backing away slightly.

"You'd better back away…" I thought.

"Explain then." I said, feeling my power surge up within me and red energy gathering at my fingertips.

"Princess! Don't do something you'll regret!"

My Lady-In-Waiting's voice rang through my ears and I turned to face her as she ran through the stands and towards me in the centre of the auditorium/coliseum like building, long black hair flapping behind her and her dark brown eyes filled with a mixture of worry and concern.

"You're right, Jade. He isn't worth it." I turned to glare at who I am sure will soon be my ex-fiancé and de-transformed.

"Let's go. It's going to be a real media circus around here soon and I might say something very un-princess like if I hang around here any longer…" I turned to glare at Sky again before walking off with my arm around Jade's shoulders and her arm around mine.

"I can't believe this!" I cried, my head in my hands.

"Neither can I…" I heard Stella's voice near no me.

"There, there… It'll be okay…" Flora lifted my chin up and handed me a hot cup of herbal tea.

"I guess it will be eventually, but I still can't believe what happened, you know?" I said, my voice not sounding like my own.

"He tricked us both!" Stella exclaimed.

"He tricked us all…" Musa corrected.

"They tricked us all…" Tecna corrected Musa.

"Brandon… Or rather… Sky was the worst of the two though. I can't believe that he had a fiancée this whole time! And I was really starting to like him like that, you know?" I said.

Stella nodded. "True. I guess I can forgive Brandon for this. I really do like him whether he's a prince or not. And he didn't have another woman while he had me so that counts in his favour…"

"That's true…" Musa nodded.

"Why are we all sitting around here moping? I know we can't leave campus right now due to us being "grounded", but why don't we find something else to do? Like a Girls Night In?" Flora suggested.

"Good idea. I need to relax and calm down- or I might do something stupid- even more stupid than breaking into the Day of the Royals…" I said.

"Like roasting Sky alive?" Stella suggested.

I smirked. "Like that, but I do enjoy the thought…"

"Are you sure that this is a good idea, Princess?" Jade asked me as I sat at my desk to write.

"It may turn out not to be one of my best ideas, but it's something I need to try." I said, reaching for a pen and beginning to glow slightly as I did.

I chose my words carefully as I wrote. I did not want anything in this message to be misunderstood.

Once done, I sealed the letter and asked Jade to take it to the mail room to be quickly delivered to its recipient. I just hope said recipient actually takes it…

Sky has tried calling me at least twenty times today and it's only 10 AM. Rather pathetic really…

It's only been about a week or so since the incident and the other Winx and I are now relaxing in the courtyard and trying to decide what to do today ever since we were summoned to Faragonda's office for us to talk before she officially lifted our "grounding".

"I say we go shopping!" Stella exclaimed.

She and Sk-Brandon, dammit (still getting used to the name change…) have kinda-sorta made up. They're not at each other's throats or anything, but they're being civil to one another and hoping to patch things up.

Sky and I on the other hand… I have no wish to see him. At all. Under any circumstances. Some might say I should see him and end things properly, but I'm letting him stew a bit.

Perhaps when I finally do have to face him, I'll stew him literally…

I chuckle at the thought. I've been having rather… violent thoughts concerning him recently…

As for the "other" (or rather first) woman I later learned was Diaspro…

I was rather pissed off at her at first, but after getting the chance to cool down and get my thoughts together properly, I realised that she was not to blame for any of this. Sky was the one deceiving us both and I attacked her out of nowhere. She has very much earned the right to call me a lunatic…

I still feel embarrassed at the fact that I thought she was one of the Trix…


I was startled out my thoughts and fell out of the bench I was sitting in.

I glared at Stella who was laughing hysterically at my reaction and Flora, Musa and Tecna who were struggling to hold in their giggles.

"Look in front of you! You've got mail!" Stella pointed at the floating envelope which was glowing red.

"Oh." I got up and brushed myself off and the envelope rose with me.

I reached out to grab it but it opened by itself and continued to float; only now it was displaying a projection of… Diaspro. Oh no…

"Greetings, Bloom of Earth. You already know who I am: Princess Diaspro of Isis. I programmed this envelope so that only your touch could open it- snoopy paparazzi and all- but if this thing is open you obviously got it, so…

I wish to set things straight with you. I am not particularly pleased with the way we met and the way we discovered the mutual deception we both suffered. However, it is not entirely your fault. I truly believe this and I wish to set things straight between us. A goodwill gesture if you will as I believe that problems like this cannot be solved with mere words on a paper or empty speeches.

As such, I am reaching out to you. I wish to invite you to dinner this Saturday evening at The Crystal Rose, one of my favourite high-end five star restaurants to visit while in Magix. I know you might feel uncomfortable talking with me alone so I also extend the invitation to one of your friends as well. I will be bringing my Lady-in-Waiting Jade with me, so I advise you to pick a friend to accompany you.

If you choose to accept this invitation, just hold this envelope and speak your reply and it will get back to me. If not, then I will never contact you again and we can all go our separate ways.

Signed: Her Royal Highness Diaspro, Crown Princess of Isis."

I stared at the letter for a few minutes before collecting my thoughts.

"She… wants to reach out to me?" I said incredulously. "After what I did?"

Stella was actually quiet for a moment as she thought it over. "Well, it does kinda sound as if she's really sincere about it and I know if I were her, I wouldn't be able to do this, in official Princess capacity or not…"

"I think you should go." Flora suggested quietly. "I think it is really nice of her to try and get to an understanding with you rather than start screaming at you and blaming you for everything…"

Musa and Tecna nodded their agreement.

I thought it over quickly.

"You're all right. I think I should meet Princess Diaspro." I made my choice.

"Stella, would you go with me? No offense to the others, but you're the only Princess I know and…"

Stella held up a hand to stop me.

"Say no more, Bloom! Of course I'll go with you and help you prepare! I can make you look like a royal yourself, teach you how to walk like a royal, talk like a royal…"

"In three days?" Tecna raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Of course!"

I chuckled, turning away from them and speaking my reply.

"Princess Diaspro, I do accept your gracious invitation and as for my invitee, I choose to bring my friend Stella, Crown Princess of Solaria. I will see you on Saturday.

Signed: Bloom."

A touch of my magic and the envelope was sealed and disappeared, probably making its way back to Diaspro.

I just hope I made the right choice there…