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"Naruto" - Person Speaking

"Naruto" - Person Thinking

"Naruto" - Jutsu

"Naruto" - Boss Summon/Demon Speaking

"Naruto" - Boss Summon/Demon Thinking

Chapter 1 - Rising from Darkness

Naruto couldn't believe what had just happened, not even an hour ago, he had been betrayed by one of his teachers. Mizuki-teme had tricked him into stealing the villages Forbidden scroll, and then tried to kill him and Iruka-sensei. He didn't even want to think about the other thing Mizuki had told him about. But now he knew, he knew why everyone in the village hated him, he had a demon, the Kyūbi no Kitsune sealed inside of him.

He was relieved that Iruka had told him that he wasn't a demon himself, his world had come crashing down when Mizuki first told him, but Iruka said he believed in Naruto, and Naruto wasn't going to betray the trust Iruka-sensei had in him. I'm going to show those villagers that I'm not the Kyūbi, I'll make them ackdowledge me –ttebayo!

"Naruto, how are you feeling?" The aging Hokage asked the boy, they had been sitting in the office for half an hour, and the boy hadn't spoken even once. "I heard from the hospital a few moments ago, you don't need to worry Naruto, Iruka is going to be fine."

"He is? Thank Kami, I was really worried." Naruto let out a breath that he'd hadn't even realized he'd been holding in.

"You'll be able to visit him tomorrow morning Naruto, but for now we really need to talk about what you've been through." Naruto had expected this, he really didn't want to relive what had happened, but he knew he couldn't just imagine it hadn't happened. "Just start at the beginning Naruto, explain everything that you remember."

Naruto let out a sigh before starting, "Ok Jiiji, I was sitting out infront of the Academy after I failed my exam again, and watching the other kids show off their hitai-ate to their families, when Mizuki-sensei came up to me and told me there that there was a secret test that would let me pass the exam." Naruto hated himself looking back, he should have known that there wasn't any stupid test, but he just sighed and continued, "Anyways, Mizuki-tem.. sensei told me that all I had to do to pass was sneak into your office, grab that stupid scroll, and meet up with him in the forest."

Now it was the Hokage's turn to sigh, he figured this was how it started, he was disgusted that one of the teachers would abuse the trust of one of his students for something like that. "Ok Naruto, what happened next?"

"Well, hehe" Naruto started chuckling "you should remember the next part Jiiji, I got in here, and knocked you out with my Oiroke no Jutsu." Naruto couldn't help but grin at that, he couldn't believe that the Hokage, the most powerful ninja in the village, had been taken out with his own original anti-pervert technique. As his chuckling stopped he decided to continue "but anyways, the next thing I did was I grabbed that scroll, and took off, I found my way to where Mizuki-teme said to meet him , but 'cause he wasn't there yet, I decided to take a look inside the scroll, and saw it was full of jutsu."

"Naruto, before you continue, I want to tell you, that you are hereby forbidden from speaking about how you got the scroll, and I'm also going to have you write everything you know about that technique into the forbidden scroll."

"You just want to know how to do it yourself don't you Jiiji" Naruto accused jokingly, while narrowing his eyes at the old man.

"No Naruto, that technique is obviously dangerous, as it was able to defeat me so easily, the fact is that there are a great many talented shinobi in this village that would fall prey to that technique, and as such, I am labeling it a forbidden technique." At this Naruto cracked a small smirk I wonder just how many perverts I could use this on to beat?

"Ok Jiiji, you win, I'll write it down in the scroll, but I'm not going to never use it again, what happens if I'm fighting some super pervert or something, and that's my best chance for beating him?"

"Fine Naruto, I won't forbid you from using it, but under no circumstances are you to go around teaching it to people. Now please continue with the story." This caused Naruto to become downcast again as he began speaking again.

"Ok, well I opened the scroll, and the first thing I saw was another stupid clone technique, and because I always sucked at those I decided to look a bit more, but they all seemed so complicated, I just went back to it, and started trying to learn it…" The Hokage's jaw dropped at this, wondering just how far Naruto had managed to get on that jutsu, after all it was a Jōnin level technique. "… after a little while Iruka-sensei showed up and started yelling at me for stealing the scroll, and when I told him Mizuki-teme told me about it, he started freaking out. Then all of a sudden Mizuki-teme showed up and started attacking us." Naruto took a deep breath and seeing that the Hokage was about to interrupt him, he decided to finish the story, because he figured that if he stopped talking, he wouldn't be able to finish telling him the story.

"So then, Iruka-sensei told me to run and get away from the fight, which I did, but pretty soon Mizuki-teme caught up with me again, and he managed to get Iruka-sensei with a couple kunai" At this point some tears started to flow from Naruto's eyes, remembering his Sensei getting all those wounds protecting him. "Then Mizuki-t-teme told m-me about the Kyūbi inside of m-me and called me a d-d-demon, and th-then he said that even Iruka-sensei hated me." By this point Naruto was barely holding himself together, as he was gritting his teeth trying to hold back the as many tears as he could as he was gripping tightly at his pants. "And the n-next thing I knew, he was throwing one of his giant shuriken at me, and I couldn't even move, but th-then, Iruka-sensei was there, and he, he got hit in the back with it, he told me that I wasn't a demon, and that the villagers were wrong about me… he told me that I was being a hero, keeping them safe everyday just by keeping the Kyūbi inside me." Naruto could no longer hold back the tears, as they began flowing steadily down his face, dripping onto the floor in front of him.

"Then Mizuki-teme was insulting Iruka-sensei, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I used the new technique I learned and created like a thousand clones, and kicked the teme's…" by this point Hiruzen Sarutobi, couldn't hold back his shock, an academy student, using the Kage Bunshin, an academy student creating a thousand clones, he couldn't hold himself back anymore.

"You learnt the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu in one night!? And then you made a thousand clones?! That's impossible Naruto, not even the Yondaime learnt it that quicky…. How did you manage that so easily, and how are you not dead from chakra exhaustion?"

The Sarutobi was skeptical at the thought of it, a genin, mastering a jōnin level technique in under an hour, it was unheard of.

Naruto was surprised by the Sandaime's reaction, after all it wasn't that difficult to learn, but upon hearing that he had mastered a Jōnin level technique, he was pulled out of his depressed slump, he wasn't bouncing around, but he'd probably do that later "Ha, take that everyone, the class 'dobe' mastered a forbidden Jōnin level technique, and didn't even get in trouble for it!"

"Actually Jiiji, I was kinda shocked how easy it was, I mean I've always sucked at the academy bunshin, and no matter how much chakra I pumped into them they'd always turn out sickly, but with these, I barely needed to use any chakra and they turned out awesome!"

By now Sarutobi's mind was searching for some way to explain this occurrence, "The only thing that would make sense is if the boy has an impossibly high chackra reserve- BAKA, oh kami, how did I not realize before, as an Uzumaki he was bound to have abnormaly high chakra reserves, and on top of that he does have a demon that is essentially a giant mass of chakra sealed inside of him… wait, if he's got that much chakra, then there's something else I need to test."

"Ok Naruto, I think I know why you've been having so much trouble with the academy jutsu's, but before I explain, I would like you to perform the three standard academy jutsu."

Naruto was a bit confused, but he slowly made his way to his feet with the Hokage, who walked around his desk to stand in front of Naruto. "Alright Naruto, I want you to try use the henge no jutsu to look like the scroll, can you do that Naruto?"

Naruto was surprised he was being asked to do something so simple so he quickly went through handsigns, "Henge no Jutsu" Sarutobi was shocked when the puff of smoke cleared, and he was staring down at an exact duplicate of the villages Forbidden Scroll, he reached down, and slowly picked up the scroll examining it, with a shocked expression on his face. He placed the scroll back on the ground and asked Naruto to return to normal, and with a puff of smoke Naruto was back.

"It seems like my suspicions may by correct"

"Ok Naruto, I would now like you to use the Kawarimi no Jutsu to replace yourself with me." Hiruzen made sure he spoke calmly, so as not to suggest something may be unusual about his request"

Naruto once again surprised by the odd request, went through the necessary hand signs, "Kawarimi no Jutsu" he was once again engulfed in a small puff of smoke, and when the Hokage looked up, he saw Naruto leaning against his desk smiling slightly, "Well that answers that, he was able to switch places with me, the only people able to do that should be the other Kage's"

"Very good Naruto, now please, the bunshin."

At this point Naruto began to feel worried, "Noo, why does Jiiji need to see the bunshin, I've never been able to do that one" Naruto in a very downcast manner, went through the hand seals, "Bunshin no Jutsu" to Naruto's dismay, a pair of sickly looking clones appeared at his feet, looking thoroughly dejected, he dispelled the clones, and turned to look up at the aging Hokage, surprised to see him with a large smile on his face.

"Now Naruto if you would please, show me the Kage Bunshin, just show me how many you can make in this room." He was positive that his assumptions were right, he just couldn't resist the opportunity seeing this would give him to praise his surrogate grandson, he knew how much the boy suffered, and wished he could have done more, but he knew the praise would help the boy out.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu"

All of a sudden the room was filled with a plume of smoke, and when the smoke cleared, the Hokage couldn't hold the shocked expression off of his face, surrounding him, literally wall to wall, were Naruto's, he even saw some on top of his shelves, and saw them all squirming for room.

By this point in time, the Hokage was beaming, he was immensely proud of Naruto. "Naruto dispel them and have a seat again, I'd like to talk to you about your techniques."

Naruto was a bit worried about this, but seeing his surrogate grandfather's smile told him that at least he wasn't in trouble, so he dispelled the clones, feeling a small headache coming on and settled down in the chair in front of the desk.

"Well, well, well Naruto today has proved to be a very interesting day hasn't it? First you steal a forbidden scroll, then you stop a traitor, and now I find you've mastered 3 Jōnin level techniques before graduating the academy, if it wasn't for the fact that the graduation exams were over, I'd probably have to make you rookie of the year, sadly, it's too late for that…"

"Jiiji, what do you mean 3 Jōnin techniques, 2 of them were just the academy ones?" To say Naruto was slightly confused was an understatement, but thankfully, he saw the Hokage was still smiling, and he had a feeling that he'd find out what the Hokage meant.

"Naruto, those 2 are academy techniques, but you've been using them at a Jōnin level, if you paid more attention in class you'd know that the Henge is supposed to be a genjutsu, and just make you appear as something else, what you've been doing is actually a full transformation technique, which makes it Jōnin level, and as for your Kawarimi, normally somebody your age shouldn't be able to even switch themselves with another person, the fact that you could switch places with me means your chakra reserves surpass even mine, and I'm the Hokage…"

"But Jiiji, if I've got so much chakra, how come I can't even do the Bunshin?"

"That's simple Naruto, you just have too much chakra for it, your clones always turn out sickly, because they are overcharged and the amount of chakra you put into them quite literally kills them." The Hokage couldn't help but smirk at the young blonde's expression, the boy was opening and closing his mouth trying to figure out something to say, but the words were obviously eluding him.

"Now Naruto, I need to tell you something about the Kage Bunshin that should help you with your training over the next three months before we have the genin team announcements."

Now that Naruto had gotten his mouth to stop opening and closing, he looked back at his surrogate grandfather, "I wonder what my super cool jutsu can do, I've gotta get really strong before I get on my team, I hope it'll help." Naruto thought desperately.

"Naruto there are two reasons the Kage Bunshin is a forbidden technique, the first being that it requires a lot of chakra to use efficiently, in fact it requires so much that most shinobi under the rank of Jōnin can't even create 2 without passing out from chakra exhaustion. The second is because of the mental and physical stress it causes on the user."

"Do you mean that's why my head hurts a bit after I use it Jiiji, cause I was wondering about that?"

"Yes Naruto, the Kage Bunshin causes mental stress, because everything your clones experience gets transferred to you."


Sighing slightly at the boys confusion, he spoke again, "Naruto what I mean is that when your clones learn something you learn it too, and before you interrupt me asking what I mean let me just give you a demonstration, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" with that an exact duplicate appeared next to the Hokage, and the clone instructed Naruto to create a clone as well.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu"

"Ok Naruto, now our clones are going to step out of the room for a moment and then dispel, I think that'll help you understand what I mean." The Sandaime was smirking at the look of confusion on Naruto's face as he watched the clones leave the room, and a second later, he felt his head tingle.

"Jiiji, when're we getting that rame- wait, how do I know you said you'd buy my ramen…"

The Aging Hokage just stood there waiting for Naruto to figure it out, and after a few minutes, he saw Naruto's face light up. "Oh I get it, so if my clones learn something I can learn it too, aww man, this is gonna be so awesome, I'm going to get so strong with this stuff, just you wait old man, I'll get that hat from you sooner that you think -ttebayo."

Naruto had a giant grin plastered across his face at the thought of sitting behind the Hokage desk in the robes and hat, and got more and more excited at the idea of being the one handing out orders and having everyone respect him.

Meanwhile, the Hokage was chuckling, "Well Naruto, I'm sure you will get strong, but before you go running off I've still got more to tell you about the technique." This got Naruto's attention, and he dropped right back into the chair he hadn't even realized he had sat up from.

"Naruto the main reason this technique is so dangerous is because each of your clones is technically you, so whatever they experience you experience, but the danger comes from the fact that because they are all you, whenever they dispel, you also get all the exhaustion they've experienced, so it's a very physically draining technique, so as good as it is for training, you have to make sure you give yourself time to heal after using it, and also Naruto, physical training will exhaust your clones, but if you have your clones using weights and everything, it'll tire them out, but you won't get the effects of the weights, so any body conditioning you still have to do yourself."

Naruto was a bit downcast at this, knowing that he'd have to be the one running around with weights, but he quickly decided that it didn't matter much, cause he'd just have his clones working on his taijutsu katas, and his ninjutsu, so when he got rid of the clones he'd be way better at everything.

"Ok, but Jiiji, where can I go to learn more stuff, I mean, most of the academy teachers hated me, and Iruka is in the hospital, so where can I go to learn more stuff?"

The Hokage sat there for a few minutes, thinking over Naruto's question, he continually cursed the elders of the council forbidding him from giving Naruto his inheritance, from the Uzumaki clan, he would have to find some way around that, but the only way that would happen is if Naruto asked him for them first, and with the boy knowing nothing of his clan, that wasn't going to happen, when suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"Well Naruto, you should head to the shinobi library, they have hundreds of Jutsu, though as a genin you'll only be eligible for E and D rank ninjutsu scrolls, but they have scrolls on all sorts of things from Taijutsu, to Kenjutsu, Genjutsu, and even some minor Fuinjutsu, and now that you have your hitai-ate, it is impossible for them to bar you entrance. There are even the Shinobi record inside that will tell you about all the ninja who ever served Konoha."

The Sandaime couldn't help but smirk in his mind at this, he knew that Naruto would jump at this opportunity, even if the boy didn't like reading, the thoughts of all those techniques, would override his dislike for studying, and with the mention of the shinobi records, the boy would without a doubt search through the records, for some sort of family, especially since he told the boy years ago that his parents had been shinobi who died in service of the village.

Naruto was in deep thought by now, "Maybe the old man is messing with me, I mean, going to the library to get stronger? Sounds crazy, maybe his age is getting to him. I guess I could send some clones to look is there's any cool stuff there, and maybe the records could tell me something about my parents, I mean Jiiji did say they were shinobi… Ok, I'll go look at the library for some cool techniques."

"Say Old man, what do you think I should look for in the library?"

"Well off the top of my head, I'd say you need to get a book on chakra control, and maybe look into some shinobi tactics, and if you're serious about taking my hat someday, you should look into some history books as well as some of the shinobi laws, because you need to know all that to be Hokage-"

"But Jiiji, that's all so boring"

"Well then why don't you make your clones do the reading, while you go train, it's all information you should know, so if it's to tedious to do yourself then just send your clones to do it."

Naruto thought about it for a minute, and decided that if he had to know it, he might as well put the clones to use, and make them study the boring stuff, and he could go do some cool training. "Wait a minute, if I can just do that, then why don't any other shinobi use clones to do all that stupid boring stuff?"

"Hey Jiiji, if I can use my clones for that, then why don't you just use them to do all that paperwork, that's what I'll do when I'm Hokage, I don't want to be sitting around all day when I can be off showing everyone how badass I am – ttebayo."




The Hokage couldn't believe what he'd just heard… "Was this your secret Minato, how could I have been so blind not to see it… I don't care what his grades say, Minato, Kushina, your boy is a genius." After a few minutes of awkward silence, he got his face under control, and looked up at Naruto in awe, the you blonde had just given him the secret to defeat the one great enemy of all the Kage's the secret method of challenging the Kage's bane that only Konoha's Yondaime had ever been able to defeat, paperwork…

"Naruto, you don't know what you've just done for me."

Naruto was confused, the old man was tearing up, with an impossibly happy smile on his face.

"Naruto for the service you have just done me, you deserve a gift, before you get your team assignments, I'm going to take you out equipment shopping, to get you some new shinobi tools and clothes, but for now, get some sleep and tomorrow morning I'll take you to see Iruka, we can grab some ramen, and I'll buy you a set of chakra weights to help out with your training."

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