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Chapter 19 – Punishment, Guests and a New Challenge

Naruto dived forwards lashing out with a kunai quickly. He felt the monstrous shape of the beast fly over his head and crash heavily into the ground behind him. Standing slowly Naruto let out the breath he hadn't been aware he had been holding. The beast behind him quivered for a few minutes letting out enraged and pained sounding roars. Taking pity on the gigantic beast Naruto carefully made his way towards it and put it out of its misery. Sighing Naruto stood up straight and looked down on the still form before him. It had to be the largest tiger anyone had ever seen, its full height was over 10 feet and it was more than triple that in length. Turning to see the remaining beasts standing around the clearing he shot them a feral glare before they turned and left the scene of the slaughter.

Dropping onto the ground he laid back and looked up at the sky, "They're gone." Hearing the voice he turned to see his dark haired teammate in one of the trees on the perimeter of the clearing. Sasuke looked over to Sakura who was crouched low on a branch in a nearby tree, they had all been planning on just hiding in the trees till the tigers passed them by, but after days of being hunted by the beasts Naruto had gotten fed up and jumped back into the clearing and faced the largest of them. Sasuke didn't like to admit it but it was actually rather impressive how efficiently his blonde and red haired teammate had taken down the beast.

Naruto watched as Sasuke and Sakura dropped down into the clearing and made their way to him, "Naruto, you know we could have just waited them out again." Naruto just shrugged seeing the irritated look on Sakura's face.

"We could have, but they've been after us since sensei dumped us in this stupid place and I had enough of it. This place is more like the Forest of Oversized Monsters that want Nothing More than to Eat You."

Sasuke just shook his head slightly, Sakura though was quick to bring up the now week old argument, "Yeah well sensei would have dumped us here if he hadn't figured out it was your fault his stupid books got banned." At this Naruto just dropped his head, 6 days ago Kakashi had shown up at his apartment in the morning and abducted him to a rather ominous looking fence all while chuckling maniacally. Half an hour the tied up forms of his teammates had also appeared.

Naruto had decided he was going to kill Konohamaru when he got back to the village, apparently telling his self-proclaimed rival about his greatest prank had been a bad idea. Their training had gone so well up until then, without his smut to read Kakashi had been working them harder than ever. Of course it had taken over a week to drag him away from the bars where he had been drowning his sorrow, but they had had a fully motivated and intense Kakashi teaching them for two full weeks before Konohamaru had ratted him out.

Grumbling again about horrible 'training exercises' Naruto stood and made his way over to the giant tiger. "What're we going to do with it? Sensei said he'd pick us up after a week and that's tomorrow, so what're we going to do with that?"

Naruto paused hearing his dark haired teammates words, to him it was obvious but apparently not so to the Uchiha, "Well I was gonna take most of the meat back to the village, I'd bet a lot of restaurants would pay a lot for this much meat." Sakura looked somewhat disgusted at the notion, Sasuke just shrugged, after all it was a rather exotic meat, and it probably would be worth something to the right butcher or restaurant.

Several hours later in the evening Sasuke sat with his back against a tree staring up at the clouds, a little over an hour ago Sakura had gotten upset with Naruto about his beginning to cure the tiger's pelt after he had come up with the idea of using some of its pelt as a cloak or something. As much as he disliked admitting it, he had grown somewhat fond of his team. Standing up he slowly made his way over to the fire Naruto had lit where he could smell meat cooking, it wasn't anything fancy, but Naruto had decided that they were going to have some of the meat on their last night in this kami-forsaken training ground. That of course had brought up another set of arguments about how it would just bring more predators down on them, but Naruto had just smirked at that sending out over a dozen clones to run perimeter.

After eating Naruto made a point of sealing away anything that may have been useful, he had decided against taking the skeletal remains of his kill with him as well as several of the organs. If anyone were to look at him he would have been the perfect image of a psychopath, his arms up to the elbows were stained red with blood, and he had more splattered all over him. Skinning and butchery were not nearly as simple as he had assumed they would be. Naruto sighed slightly remembering his argument from earlier about the pelt, he knew it was silly and he had made a point to be more serious as a shinobi, but he had seen a chance to potentially find his something that could be part of his signature look.

All the most renowned shinobi had something about their appearance that was uniquely them, like the Yondaime's White coat with the red flames. Besides since he had stopped using a sword his outfit had been lacking any orange seeing as he didn't need to wear the sash. Muttering about his own immaturity Naruto looked over his team, Sasuke had finished all the meat he had wanted, and eventually after smelling the cooking meat Sakura had given in as well. Overall he was pretty happy with how much his team had grown, Kakashi had also begun showing them some new jutsu, and he had even managed to progress to the next level in the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu Scrolls. He was now working on a few barrier and suppression seals as well as a few more techniques that looked like they would be very useful in a combat situation. Finishing up with his tasks he sat back down and stared up into the starry night sky, "I'll have my clones on watch so we can all get some sleep."

The night passed with little incident, several of Naruto's clones encountered unfortunate deaths via large carnivorous insects, thankfully though the clones were more than equipped to handle said bugs. Morning came which brought the rising of team 7. The two shinobi and one kunoichi once again began journeying towards the central tower of the training area; Kakashi had told them that he would meet them there.

Sadly that left the group fighting against any and all of the rather ferocious wildlife that was hunting around the tower as they were forced to wait until their chronically late sensei decided to show up. Six hours later one Hatake Kakashi found a thoroughly exhausted team 7 fighting off obscenely large bears. Deciding to sit back and watch the show he ended up waiting another hour until all the bears had either been downed or had fled the carnage.

"Hmm, good job guys. I must say, I'm rather proud you survived… Even you Naruto." Kakashi chuckled softly yet menacingly as his students all jumped at the sound of his voice, but he couldn't help but feel pride at the fact that they all had fallen back in to their combat stances.

"Sensei you didn't need to startle us!" Once again Kakashi chuckled seeing Sakura's glare.

"Mah, mah, well you guys did it, now let's get you all out of here."

-Several Hours Later – Training Ground 7-

Kakashi stood looking over his exhausted team. They all looked a little worse for wear, well a lot worse but then again what would anyone expect from genin who just made their way out of the Forest of Death. "Well guys, I have some news. I wasn't quite sure if you would be ready for this, but seeing as you've all survived my little training exercise I decided that I will be nominating you all for the Chūnin exams."

This brought an amusing reaction from all the genin. They had initially all comically scowled at his reference to the training exercise, however at the mention of the chūnin exam all of their reactions differed. A smirk appeared on Sasuke's face, Sakura went wide eyed before nodding to herself and Naruto's eyes grew determined and there was a slight movement across Naruto's mask that indicated he was grinning.

"Well guys, the jōnin are having a meeting today to make their nominations so we'll meet back up here tomorrow and I'll give you your forms." Receiving a nod from each of his students Kakashi shunshin'd away.

"Hn, well what do you think about the chūnin exams?" Hearing Sasuke's question Naruto just shrugged.

"I'm not sure, usually rookies don't participate in them, and I'm kinda worried we'll be facing people with a lot more experience." Sasuke nodded hearing this; Naruto though just broke out in a grin beneath his mask.

"Yeah, well then there are just more people to show how kick-ass we are. Besides how many of them will be able to say they faced down an A-Rank missing-nin." Hearing Naruto's confidence Sakura couldn't help but smile and Sasuke's smirk returned. "Let's all go get cleaned up, then we can grab lunch to celebrate."

The team met back up for lunch at Ichiraku, everything was going fine until one Konohamaru appeared. "Hey Boss!" The trio of shinobi turned to see the scarf wearing academy student running up to them.

"Hey Konohamaru, what's up?"

"Not much Boss, what're you up to?"

"Me and my team are celebrating; Kakashi-sensei said he was going to nominate us for the Chūnin Exams in a couple of days." Hearing this Konohamaru became wide eyed and started bouncing up and down.

"Coooool, damn Boss, I knew you were awesome, but now you're gonna show everyone else too!"

"That's the plan." Naruto couldn't help but smile seeing Konohamaru's enthusiasm. "Team 7 is going to kick some serious ass, believe it!" Sakura smiled at that and Sasuke smirked and nodded slightly. They were caught off guard by the slightly sinister look that appeared in Naruto's eyes, "Speaking of kicking-ass, you wouldn't happen to know who told Kakashi-sensei about my little prank now would you?"

Konohamaru froze with a look of worry on his face at this. It hadn't exactly been his fault that the Kakashi had found out, he had just been loudly boasting to his friends about his boss' latest masterful prank. Looking something akin to a squirrel caught in the headlights Konohamaru buckled down and began apologizing. Now Konohamaru wasn't the type to apologize willingly, it was a show of how much he looked up to Naruto that he went off for five minutes begging to be forgiven.

Eventually though, after the urging of his teammates to get him to shut Konohamaru up Naruto agreed, "Well I guess if it wasn't intentional I can forgive you, besides we did get some kinda hardcore training out of it." Seeing Naruto's eyes brighten the younger boy beamed.

"I bet Boss, hey, hey, hey, can I try on your hitai-ate, I'm gonna be as awesome as you someday so I gotta get a feel for it." Hearing the boy's request Naruto looked at both of his teammates receiving a shrug from both of them he looked back at Konohamaru, "Please, please, please Boss; I'll be super careful with it."

Sighing Naruto slowly untied it from his forehead and held it out to Konohamaru, "Alright, but be careful Iruka-sensei gave me this, and you're not supposed to be wearing one till you're a shinobi so this'll be our little secret ok?"

Konohamaru nodded excitedly at this and took the headband with a look of reverence. Quickly lowering his goggles to his neck he tied the headband around his forehead. Naruto should have expected it, but he was rather tired so the mischievous look on Konohamaru's face caught him off guard and he wasn't prepared for the kid cackling madly and making a dash for it screaming about how he was now a ninja.

Smacking his face with his hand Naruto jumped from his stool hearing the laughs from his teammates. "Damn that shrimp, see you guys later!" Naruto dropped some money on the counter to pay for his meal and ran off after the young shinobi-want-to-be.

Still laughing at their teammates comedic misfortune Sakura turned to Sasuke, "Do you think we should follow them?"

Sasuke still was smirking when he answered her, "I suppose, it could prove to be entertaining."

Sadly for Konohamaru his little prank had seemed to backfire on him, he had gotten away scot free from Naruto, cackling like a mad man and had led a somewhat more sluggish Naruto on a little chase. Sadly Konohamaru hadn't been paying all too much attention to what was in front of him which led to his running straight into an older boy wearing what looked like a cat-suit with purple make-up on his face.

Sadly for Konohamaru he found himself being lifted from the ground by the neck of his shirt, "Hey that hurt you little shit." Now Konohamaru wasn't 'scared' to say, or at least that's what he was trying to convince himself but looking into the angry older boy's eyes he was getting worried.

"Let the brat go Kankurō you'll just get us in trouble." Konohamaru looked to the source of the second voice and found another a blonde girl with four ponytails.

"I doubt it, besides this little shit caused it, look at him running around playing ninja." Konohamaru was getting upset now as well as worried; he didn't like being made fun of. "I'm going to teach this brat a lesson." The boy had about as sinister a smirk as a young teenager was capable of having plastered on his face. Unfortunately for the recently identified Kankurō and thankfully for Konohamaru that was the exact moment that an irritated Naruto landed right next to them cracking the ground with his landing.

"I'd put him down if I were you, you'll get yourself thrown out of the village for screwing around with the Hokage's grandson." The rather shocked Kankurō had released his hold on Konohamaru when the blonde and red haired masked shinobi had dropped in, and now it was his turn to look worried.

Konohamaru recognizing Naruto gave a small cheer and ran behind him. Temari was now looking over the shinobi who had quite literally dropped in on them. In her humble opinion the boy was kind of cute, plus the mask made him look a big mysterious. "I told you not to screw around Kankurō you could have gotten us kicked out before the exam even started!"

After receiving a smack to the back of his head from his older sister Kankurō looked thoroughly scolded. It was at that moment that Sasuke and Sakura arrived at the nearby rooftop, "Everything ok Naruto?"

Looking up Naruto spotted his teammates Temari's thoughts seeing them were something along the line of Konoha having all the cute guys. "Yeah, we're good." Receiving a nod from both of his teammates Naruto turned to Konohamaru and promptly smacked him on the head, "Apologize."

Everyone watching was shocked at this action, Temari and Kankurō were more surprised than Sasuke and Sakura who knew Naruto was on good terms with the Hokage's grandson, but to the two Suna-nin seeing someone just smack the Hokage's grandson and start ordering him around was something they had not expected.

"What! But Boss he was threatening me!"

This earned Konohamaru another smack on the head, "Just apologize, if you had been looking where you were going none of this would have happened." Seeing the serious look in Naruto's eyes Konohamaru started pouting.


Hearing what he wanted Naruto mussed up Konohamaru's hair, "There." Turning back to the two other shinobi Naruto looked them up and down when he quickly spotted the Suna hitai-ate, "I'm guessing you guys are here from Suna for the Chūnin Exam?" Receiving a nod from the pair he asked, "Then I guess the redhead hiding in the tree is your third teammate then?"

This got the other two Suna-nin to jump; Naruto had spotted the boy standing at a distance when he arrived. This however was the cue the redhead seemed to be waiting for as he chose now to shunshin to the nearby roof in a swirl of sand. "Kankurō, Temari stop this, you're an embarrassment to our village."

Seeing their younger brother Temari and Kankurō started muttering apologies, "Shut up or I'll kill you." Looking over the Leaf Shinobi Gaara's eyes fell on Naruto, he apparently had noticed him, and apparently could get away with smacking the Hokage's grandson the most important thing to Gaara though was the slight presence of demonic chakra that seemed to be emanating from the masked one. That got Gaara's attention. So did the fact that the only other one who didn't jump at his appearance was the black haired shinobi on the roof, the two had sparked his interest. "Who are you?"

Naruto was slightly put-off hearing the redhead so casually suggest killing his teammates but hid it. The thing that worried him the most though was the almost casual way bloodlust seemed to roll of the redhead, it felt similar to the bloodlust he'd experienced when he used the Kyūbi's chakra back in Nami. "Uzumaki Naruto, the two on the roof are my teammates Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura, now who are you?"

"Sabaku no Gaara."

Naruto nodded at this, he'd gotten the names of the other two Suna-nin when Gaara threatened to kill them, "Temari, Kankurō let's go." Gaara turned away with his siblings following, before they took more than a few steps he muttered quietly to Naruto, "You have my interest, I look forward to killing you... brother." Naruto felt his panic level jump hearing the redhead call him brother, combining that with the bloodlust rolling off Gaara he rather quickly cam to the conclusion that Gaara had also noticed the faint presence of demonic chakra coming off Naruto and noticed the similarities to his own. That meant one thing to Naruto, Gaara was a Jinchūriki.

After the group of Suna-nin had left Naruto turned to address his teammates, "I think we should avoid those three in the exams." Sakura looked surprised hearing that, Naruto wasn't one to usually avoid confrontation.

"Hn, why?" Naruto could tell Sasuke didn't like the idea of avoiding people who he concluded would be strong.

"I don't know, something just feels off about him too me, we can always face them later, but let's put it off until it's absolutely necessary." Hearing the concern in Naruto's voice Sasuke relented and nodded.

On another nearby rooftop three more shinobi with music notes on their hitai-ate were discussing what they'd just observed. "So what do you think?'

"I'm not sure, the black haired one seemed ready to jump in if anything got serious so we should keep an eye on him, the redhead and the one wearing the mask seemed more interesting, let's keep an eye on those three."

Three days later Team 7 found themselves standing together across the street from the Academy all with their admission forms to the exams. Naruto looked over at his teammates, he hadn't known what he would need for the exam so he had decided to take the liberty of bringing his long term mission scrolls with him, and after all he tended to carry the scrolls with him most of the time anyways, and it wasn't like it hurt him to be prepared.

Sasuke and Sakura though seemed to only be carrying their kunai pouches. "Oh well, I have enough stuff to keep us all alive for a bit over a week." The group watched as several groups made their way through the front doors, "Hey let's go in from the roof, we can avoid the other teams that way."

Receiving shrugs of agreement from his teammates they made their up to the rooftop and then down to the third floor where they were told to meet up. Approaching the doorway Team 7 nearly laughed seeing their sensei jump in surprise. "Hey sensei, what're you doing here?"

Kakashi chuckled before addressing his team, "Just waiting to wish you three good luck, I'm glad you all came. These exam's need to be taken in groups of three so if one of you hadn't come none of you would have been able to participate." This caused Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to look at each other.

After a moment of silence Naruto spoke up, "Makes sense, but you didn't really think any of us would pass this up, we're Team 7, we'll crush this exam like we crushed the bandits on our first mission."

Kakashi eye smiled seeing how determined his students looked, "Good, because you're representing more than just yourselves out there."

"What do you mean sensei?"

"What I mean Sakura is that you're also representing your village and your sensei. I know you guys will do us proud though." Taking another moment to look over his team Kakashi nodded to himself, "Alright guys I'm not allowed to tell you what the tasks are going to be but if you have some task where you are all working together in a combat situation I'm going to place Naruto as acting captain. You're all strong and have skills in different areas, but Naruto has had the most experience leading what with his helping you two train."

Naruto stood a little straighter hearing this. Sakura nodded and Sasuke seemed to stiffen for a moment before taking a deep breath looking at Naruto and then nodding once. Receiving a nod from both of his teammates Naruto stepped forward and addressed their sensei, "We won't let you down sensei."

"I know you guys won't, now get in there, I see another team coming." With that farewell Team 7 moved through the door.

As soon as they stepped in they felt a wave of KI, thankfully after feeling Zabuza's KI what they walked in on was nothing. Pausing only for a moment to glance at both of his teammates to ensure they were alright Naruto led Team 7 towards one of the walls. They had already discussed beforehand how they would try and keep a low profile so they moved quietly. Sadly for them they hadn't anticipated a certain platinum blonde, "SASUKE-KUN!"

Reacting on instinct Sasuke spun to the side, resulted on one Yamanaka Ino landing in a heap on the floor next to Naruto's feet. Sighing at the fact that their plan to go unnoticed had been completely thrown asunder Naruto offered Ino a hand to help her up. Ino however being the gracious individual she was just glared at Naruto's hand before turning and addressing Sakura, "Hey Forehead, didn't think I'd see you here, I thought you and the dobe would hold Sasuke-kun back too much."

Sakura's reaction surprised Sasuke and Naruto slightly, but their surprise was nothing compared to Ino's. Said blonde received a smack to the head, "Shut up Ino, you screwed up our plan." Taken back more by the lack of reaction to her comments about Sasuke, Ino grow more furious.

"What're you talking about Forehead; you're just trying to look good in front of Sasuke-kun!" Thankfully before Ino could actually manage to upset Sakura her teammates stepped in.

"Troublesome, honestly Ino could you try and draw more attention to us, I'm pretty sure the guards at the village gate haven't heard you yet." While Ino took that opportunity to yell at Shikamaru, Chōji greeted Team 7.

"Yo, I knew I smelled you guys." Team 7 and 10 looked up hearing another familiar voice to see Kiba approaching them with Shino and Hinata.

"Hm, so all the rookie teams are here… troublesome." Ignoring Shikamaru, Kiba looked at Sasuke.

"Well we're all here, how far do you think you're gonna get Uchiha?" Sasuke hearing this of course turned to face Kiba.

"Feeling confident Inuzuka?"

Hearing Sasuke's somewhat mocking tone Kiba bristled, "Hmph whatever teme, we've done a whole lot of training, I'm not going to lose to you." It was a mark of how much Sasuke had matured since his academy days that he just made a noncommittal noise and turned away.

Naruto managed to stifle a laugh seeing Kiba's frustrated expression and addressed the dog-boy's teammates. "Hey Shino, hey Hinata-chan you two feeling up for this?"

Hinata blushed at Naruto's attention and nodded, Shino spoke though, "Our sensei believed we have advanced enough to participate in this exam, we will therefore do our best to display how far our training has brought us." Nodding at his stiff response, as was typical of Shino, Naruto engaged the two in a minor conversation about what they expected might happen during the exam.

This time the group of rookies were interrupted by an older genin with long gray hair and glasses who was wearing purple. "You know you all might want to quiet down a little, you're drawing a lot of attention to yourselves."

Naruto looked up from his conversation at the new genin who had approached. It was then that Kiba spoke up, "Who're you?"

"My name is Kabuto, I just thought I'd give you knew guys some advice about this exam."

"Troublesome, so that means you've competed before?"

"Yes, it's actually my 7th time participating."

This response got a loud laugh out of Kiba, "Wow you must suck then."

Kabuto just smirked at this, "Well either way seeing as you were all drawing attention to yourselves I figured I'd offer to help you all out a bit." This got Naruto's attention and he shot a look towards Sasuke. Seeing his own lack of trust displayed on Sasuke's face as well they both moved in closer from their respective spots to listen. Kabuto gave a brief rundown of the other villages competing, before bringing out some info cards he made. Casting another glance at Sasuke he could tell his teammate was also suspicious hearing about these. Of course it didn't stop Sasuke from asking for the info card on Gaara.

Immediately after asking for the card on Gaara though Naruto spoke up, "I want to see the card about me." This got a slight look of confusion from most of the genin present and a slight look of suspicion from both Sasuke and Kabuto. Slowly though Kabuto nodded.

"Alright here you go." Kabuto handed the card directly into Naruto's outstretched hand. Doing a quick scan over the card Naruto's eyes went wide. It had his mission history, as well as an approximation of his skills, however what caused him the most worry was a none-to-subtle reference to the demon sealed inside him. Feeling his anger spike Naruto channelled his wind chakra through the card shredding it just as Kiba wandered over to take a look.

The paper ripping itself to shreds caused Kiba to jump back, "What the hell man, you shouldn't just go trashing other peoples stuff like that!" Naruto ignored the irate Kiba and glared at Kabuto who was doing his best to look innocent.

"I'd rather you not be able to share my secrets with anyone else. I'll be watching you." Naruto's hard glare caused Kabuto to falter slightly; Orochimaru had sent him here to gain the genin's trust so he would be able to influence Sasuke if he needed to during the exams. Kabuto began berating himself mentally with the Kyūbi container suspicious of him he wouldn't have any chance of getting close to Sasuke.

Knowing he still had to save face in front of the other rookies Kabuto just smiled slightly before responding. "Sorry Naruto-san, should have realized that most people would be worried about keeping their skills secret."

Kiba however didn't seem to understand what Naruto's problem was and wanted to make his opinion known. "Hey Uzumaki-teme, stop being such an ass!" By now Naruto was getting frustrated, he was about to say something to Kiba when his own teammate spoke up.

"Hn, shut up dobe if he trashed it he probably had a good reason too." Kiba fell silent with Sasuke agreeing with Naruto, using that silence Sasuke turned to Kabuto and held out his hand expectantly, "I want the card you have on me as well." Kabuto of course tried to salvage the situation with Sasuke but eventually conceded to the Uchiha's request and watched as another of his info cards was destroyed, this one going up in flames.

Sasuke's actions elicited multiple reactions, Ino's reaction was cheering about how cool her 'Sasuke-kun' was, Shikamaru muttered about how troublesome the situation had become, Shino remained quiet, and Hinata seemed too distracted by the upset and guarded look in Naruto's eyes. Kiba however being and Inuzuka and being raised in his clan's ideals just couldn't understand why Naruto and Sasuke were both giving a fellow Konoha shinobi such a hard time for offering to help them.

"What the hell is you guys problem, he was only offering to help us!"

Naruto who's patience was reaching its breaking point was saved from his exploding by Hinata speaking up, "Kiba-san, s-stop y-yell-ling at Naruto-k-kun, if he doesn't w-want anyone t-to be able t-to get information on h-him its h-his ch-choice."

Naruto felt his irritation lessen at this and he smiled beneath his mask, "Thanks Hinata-chan." He knew that Hinata had confidence issues, he'd learnt that on the occasions she would join him and Shino talking, he still found it somewhat odd that she almost always just happened to be right by them when they would talk, but he figured it must just be coincidence.

Naruto referring to her as Hinata-chan again caused her to redden, but thankfully she had gotten more accustomed to it so she no longer fainted just hearing that. "Y-you don't need to th-thank me Naruto-k-kun." Naruto may not have made a point of noting her shyly looking down and blushing but Kiba did, and he didn't like what he was seeing. Of course everyone had known about Hinata having a crush on Naruto aside from said blue eyed shinobi, but Kiba always figured that would fade. Apparently though Naruto had been spending some more time with her if her actions were anything to go on. Well that and the fact that Shino had mentioned that he would talk with Naruto and occasionally Hinata joined them.

Kiba was about to shout out again when a door slammed open loudly, "Alright you maggots shut the hell up!" Everyone in the room turned at the voice. Standing at the far end of the room was a rather tall man wearing a grey uniform as well as a long black trench coat, two scars running across his face and a black bandana. "My name is Morino Ibiki, and I will be the Instructor for the First Stage of the Chūnin Exams."

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