Redemption To chapter 8

Katherine did enjoy some alone-time.

She remembered in seventh grade (for part of the year) she would sit at a lunch table all alone with the newest book she borrowed from the school library.

When she was eighth grade it was on her bus; she would listen to her Mp3 player and sometimes (most times) wouldn't utter a word.

Katherine loved long car rides as long as she wasn't driving.

Well actually Katherine was still sort of a loner.

But none of that is importation because she could finally have some alone-time. Loki and Bruce were at the Avenger's HQ for Primus-knows-what (Bruce was probably working on science-stuff), Tony was working on his newest Ironman suit design, Steve was… actually Katherine wasn't sure what he was doing, and Clint and Natasha were on a mission.

No school today, no papers to write, and today was her day off!

So the Avenger-in-training hooked up her Mp3 player to her stereo and pushed play.

Katherine Zeds smiled and began to dance.

When she was a child her biological father said her dancing was too 'spazy'. For years she couldn't dance in front of other people. She did finally gain enough confidence to dance in front of people but that was very rare.

But she enjoyed dancing. When she was alone. Completely.

Which; she wasn't.

Tony emerged from his work station to see Katherine dancing to 'Part of Me' by Katy Perry.

He tried to hide his laughter as he pulled out his cell phone to take pictures and video it.

But Katherine quickly snapped out of it when she heard the camera-phone noise.

She quickly looked at with fury (and something else Tony couldn't identify) and Ironman had the decency to look ashamed (Which he wasn't). He knew she was going to go off on him.

But she sighed dramatically, pushed some buttons on her Mp3 player, turned off the stereo, and went to her room without a word.


Loki walked into his and Katherine's room to find an upset Katherine.

"What did Stark do this time?" He asked her thinking of a 100 ways to get him back.

"Nothing beside baring witness to me dancing." She said.

Loki knew how insecure she was about that. But she's had compliments about her dancing before. Very 'creative' they said; while Katherine was secretly pleased.

"I was about to go off on him. But I walked away avoiding a Asperger's meltdown." She said.

"It still shouldn't bother you so much." Loki said.

"I know it shouldn't." she said.



"He got pictures. And a video I think." Katherine said.

"Probably be on Facebook by tomorrow." She added with a groan.

Then Loki's face broke into an evil grin.