Chapter One-I'm coming home

Sighing in slight fatigue, I let my bags sit by my feet as I stood in the terminal, waiting for my father to come get me. I looked around to see the other passengers, wearing raincoats, multiple layers, or soaking wet, I smiled, glad to be almost home. I could still remember my mother's annoyed voice when she told me that she was sending me to live with my dad, to 'straighten me up' in her words. Since I had turned twelve, I started wearing black, a lot of it, as in, it was the main color in my wardrobe. With all my black clothes, sense of sarcasm and sailors mouth, my mother has deemed me an uncontrollable child that needs to learn her lesson. So, here I was, in Washington State, waiting for my dad, Charlie Swan, to come get me and take me to Forks, where I will live the rest of my teenage life until I can afford college and be on my own.

Shifting my weight to my right leg, I could feel some of the cool air seep into my parka. Once I felt it in my jacket, I felt it seep into my jeans and was thankful for the flat leather boots I had on, since they seemed to keep the cold out the most.

"Izzy!" looking to my left, I felt my expression brighten as the sight of my father in his police uniform, came towards me. Yup, that's right, my father is the Chief of police to the good town of Forks, which is a reason why I wanted my own car, so that I didn't have to ride in the police cruiser feeling like a criminal.

"Hey dad!" I laughed, Charlie gave me an awkward one armed hug, but I didn't care, awkward or not a hug is still a hug, maybe if people hugged each other more, the world wouldn't be as screwed up as it is.

"How's Renee?" he asked gruffly, picking up my bags, I felt myself grimace, he just chuckled, knowing what my relationship with my mother is like.

"She's good, so is Phil" Phil is the new male in the household back in Phoenix, I actually liked him, he was pretty cool with my love of black clothing, dad as well. Charlie, unlike mom, allowed me to wear as much black as I wanted, he knew it was something I enjoyed, and as long as it doesn't hurt me then he's fine with it. Plus, Charlie understood my sarcasm and sense of humor better. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm more like my dad than mom.

"That's good, how are you doing Izzy?" I smiled lightly,

"I'm good, though I'm a little tired, plus I'm just glad to be away from Renee" at that moment, my stomach grumbled loudly, my dad and I froze as I stared at my stomach, laughing I rubbed the back of my neck,

"Guess my stomach is hungry too" Charlie cracked a smile, I carried my knapsack and duffel while he carried my suit case.

"Guess we'll just have pizza tonight, how does that sound?" I nodded,

"With Dr. Pepper?" I asked hopefully, everyone that knows me, knows that Dr. Pepper is like my crack, I drink so much of it, that the caffeine doesn't even affect me anymore.

"Of course, well, lets get you home first" home, a word I never really associated with living with Renee and Phil, yeah, I love them and they're good to me, it's just that, ever since I started wearing and doing different things that Renee doesn't approved of, we started drifting. I reached out and opened the passenger door of the cruiser and got in, after Charlie put all, but my knapsack in the trunk.

While Charlie drove us home, it was silent, except with the sound of the radio coming through, it was a Country station that my mom would absolutely hate. She was more into pop, some of it is okay, but I prefer Country, Alternative, some Pop, and even Celtic music.

"So, there is something I need to tell you" I looked back to my dad, getting my mind back to the present and focused my attention to Charlie.

"What is it?" he seemed nervous, his fingers flexing on the steering wheel, that was usually a sign of nervousness he does,

"Well, I have a present for you. A homecoming gift" I nodded slowly, telling him to go on,

"A car" I blinked, a car? He got me a car? That's so cool!

"Seriously? Dad, that's awesome! Thank you!" I exclaimed, Charlie smiled, quite pleased with my reaction.

"Yeah, it's a really good one too. I think you'll like it" I raised an eyebrow,

"What kind is it?" I asked,

"Can't tell you" he grinned,

"Why not?" I asked again,

"Because it'll ruin the surprise. Plus, I want to see the look on your face when you see it" I blinked and mock scowled at him, Charlie knows I hate being surprised, but I decided to go along with it.

"Okay then" I smirked inwardly when I saw him give me an incredulous look.

"Your not going to ask about it?" I could hear the disbelief in his voice,

"That's right" I crossed my legs awkwardly on the seat.

"Okay then" though I could tell from his voice he was still unsure if I was planning something or not. I grinned, I had something planned for him for later.

The last thing I clearly remembered was seeing a monster sized jeep pulling in behind us before I fell asleep.

"We're home" I nodded and got out, stumbling a bit since I was still too tired, guess I was more tired than I thought if I fell asleep in the car. Yawning hugely, I grabbed my knapsack as Charlie carried my duffel and suitcase upstairs to where I'd be staying. Closing the door I followed him up and smiled at the sight of my old room. The baby furniture had been replaced with older, more modern stuff. Instead of a crib, a double bed had been placed in it's stead, with a desk with a computer and landline phone so I can keep in contact with Renee at her demand. I smiled at my bedspread, it was black with green vines crawling and twining with each other with thick, fat leaves sticking out as well.

"I hope you like it, that was all they had at the store" I nodded and put my stuff on the bed, when I turned back, Charlie was already halfway downstairs. I shrugged, happy for the peaceful silence he offered. Grabbing for my suitcase, I pulled out my books and put them on the shelf. When I got to a copy of Robin McKinley's 'Beauty a re-telling of the story of Beauty and the Beast' I held it in my hands tightly. It was worn out greatly. The spine was visible in some places, the pages were all stained, dog eared a lot, and, in some cases, had been taped back in. It was so worn out, I was surprised it was still alive.

The book had been a gift by this kind man I met once when I was little. He said it might turn out as special to me, as it did for his late wife. Shaking my head, I placed it on my nightstand and went back to my clothes.

Most of my outfits consisted of spaghetti strapped tank tops and short shorts, with a couple pairs of jeans and a few t shirts. Though, I had gotten more jeans, t shirts and a couple of long sleeves, then for shoes I had converse, high tops, low tops, leather boots, either to my mid calf, or to my knees, with hiking boots and snow boots. My favorite pair though, is a pair of black leather boots that go to my mid calf, the heels were short and wide, making it easy to walk in, and they lace up; I was currently wearing them.

Putting the last of my clothes away, I changed into a pair of basketball shorts, and a light grey spaghetti strapped top, going into the bathroom I grabbed a banana clip. Twisting my hair, I clipped it back, the edges of the makeshift ponytail tickled the back of my exposed neck. Heading downstairs, I saw dad on the couch and sat with him, he was watching a football game and I knew his favorite team was winning by the giant grin on his face. By the time the pizza got here, I was tired, but I needed to eat first, so, I grabbed a couple of slices and ate at the table while Charlie headed to the living room. When I finished, I washed my plate and headed upstairs, nervous about my first day of school, normally I'm great with people, but only after I get the time to get to know them. Until I do that, I'm going to be as quiet as a turtle is slow. Pulling my hair out, I closed and locked my bedroom door and pulled the curtains of my bedroom window so nothing could see me and crawled into bed. My room was in total darkness as I fell asleep.

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