Hello! This is my first Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan fanfiction. I have noticed that there aren't a lot...:( Well, here it is!

Chizuru's POV

How long has it been since all of the Shinsengumi members have died? I still visit their graves everyday and take care of their rooms. How long has it been since I last embraced Hijikata-san. When was the last time since I last heard their voices and laughs? Although I miss them, all I can do is wait. Wait someone kills me because I cannot die from old age. Nevermind that, I must clean the house and dust minna's rooms. I thought. I finished my self-pity and began to sweep the ground in silence, longing for the sound of Heisuke's voice, laughing with the other members. As I finished the sweeping, I went back into the house, starting to dust Hijikata-san's room. Hoping that perhaps, maybe perhaps, I could hear him asking for tea.

I finished the work and wiped the sweat off my forehead, going to the bathroom to refresh myself with a bath. After I slipped into the warm water, I began to cry. I cried uncontrollably, yearning for the ones that I love and cherished. Cursing my demon blood and wishing for a life with the other Shinsengumi members. "Okita-san, Kondo-san, Sannan-san, Shinpachi-san, Harada-san, Saito-san, Heisuke-kun, I m-miss you! Hijikata-san... I l-l-love y-you." I whispered out. After I finished consoling myself, I quickly jumped out of the luke-warm water and got dressed. I went to my room and my dull eyes closed, seeking comfort in my dream world.

A raven haired man with purple eyes watched at a women who seemed to be sweeping her ground. His eyes softened at the sight of her face determined to clean. Chizuru, I'll come for you soon.

Chizuru started her day just like any other, going to town and buying supplies. She greeted the other men and women, smiling and hiding her anguished soul. "Ohayo, Madoka-chan!" Chizuru giggled at the joyful child who tugged on her kimono to play with her. "Gomen! I can't play today. I have to clean my house and get ready for the day."

The little girl pouted and whined "Mou! Chizuru nee-san! You never play with me these days!"

Chizuru looked at her thoughtfully and winked "Fine, I'll get a surprise tomorrow. Will that make you happy?"

"Yay! Okay! Don't forget!" Madoka sprinted to her mother and talked rapidly.

Chizuru looked fondly and thought I wonder if Hijikata-san and I got a child, would she be as happy as Madoka? The chestnut haired women blushed and shook her head I shouldn't think of that. He is gone forever now. I should get my supplies now.

She continued walking around for the right things and had many small conversations with the townsmen but only one caught her attention. "Hey, Chizuru! Who are those men who asked where your house was?"

Chizuru looked at the old man with confusion. "I'm not sure. I am not expecting anyone today. How many were there?"

"I think there was about 8 of them. They separated after I told them but only one went to the direction of your place. They were here just a couple of minutes ago. Had odd color hair too. Kinda looked like the old Shinesengumi. Perhaps they are relatives?"

Chizuru gasped and her basket filled with food dropped. She shook her head and picked up the dropped objects and gave a farewell bow. "I'm sorry, I have to go now, ji-san. I'll come back soon!"

The old man looked puzzled at the girl's panicking expression and just stared at the running figure.

Chizuru was panting as she continued sprinting to her house. Damn! Why is my house so far away? That man might've been a relative of Hijikata-san or the other shinesengumi members! I should tell them why they haven't seen the shinsengumi for a few months. But I don't remember anyone mentioning their family. I should go just in case. Chizuru finally reached the house and gasped again as she saw the tall broad figure in front of her house turn to her. N-no way. Could it be?

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