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Chizuru's brown eyes widened in shock and her knees buckled down to the dusty ground as she gaped the the male in front of her house.

"H-hijikata-san? W-why? I though you-!"

Hijikata's expression softened and he showed one of his rare smiles. "I know, I was supposed to be dead. But I'm not. Would you like an explanation?"

Chizuru nodded slowly, still caught up on the fact that her lover was alive.

"Well, let us go in. It will be a long story."

"So you are telling me that because a demon approved that you were a real demon although the potion made you artificial, your body stayed preserved and kept you from dying. Also you became a full-blooded demon? What about the other shinsengumi members? I know that only Sannan-san, Heisuke-kun, Okita-san, and Hijikata-san took the ochimizu." Chizuru was puzzled and her head was jumbled up.

"There is something that you don't know about the others... The day before they died, they took the ochimizu to ensure that they will live on and help us in the near future. But it had to be kept a secret so they couldn't come out until after the end. One of our allies forcibly chained Kondo-san and sent a replacement to become beheaded. That person was dying from a wound anyway. Saitou took it before he agreed to lead that suicide mission and although the rest thought he died, he was in hiding. Shinpachi didn't die at all. He is in hiding and I recently found him and Saitou. Sanosuke became a rasetsu and Shiranui spoke to him. I guess that completed Sanosuke's oni process." Hijikata explained.

Chizuru started sobbing and Hijikata could only look in sorrow. "I'm sorry that you had to deal with it alone, not knowing. Kondou, Saitou, Sanosuke, and Shinpachi decided that if they had to come out in battle, they could've died and that they didn't want to disappoint you."

Chizuru thought to herself I suppose that it would've been better for me. Knowing myself, I would've left the battle to go and search for them. "If t-thats the c-case, then where are the o-others?"

"They are enjoying themselves. They haven't been able to go outside since they 'died'. I guess they want to stuff themselves with food and sake. They know where we are so they will probably come barge in at night. Don't be too startled if you hear a fight in the middle of the night."

Chizuru wiped her tears off and smiled. "I'm so glad that you guys are safe. Don't ever leave me again."

Hijikata's face had a small pink tint as he replied "Y-yeah, we won't." He looked the other way and nonchalantly looked at the wall, trying to hide his apple red face. Wait. The others are at the bar so Chizuru and I are a-alone? T-this will be torture.

Chizuru stopped her sniffling and moved closer to Hijikata, caressing his face. "I missed you so much." She then embraced him tightly. Hijikata was stiff, shocked at the bold movement. He hugged her back and buried his face into her hair.

They continued to embrace until they heard loud stompings and the door to the living room (the one they were in) opening clumsily.

"Oi! Hijikata? Chizuru-chan? W-what's going on!"

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