A/N: Hello and welcome to the Dominant! Okay, so this is a sequel to my other story, "The Submissive," so you might want to read that to know what's going on. I'm Zane, call me Rene95, or Zane, I don't care. This takes place two years later, by the way.

The Dominant

Chapter 1: A Rainy Beginning

Story Warnings: Mpreg, explicit sexual themes, violence, sub/dom themes, abuse, punishment, bondage, strong language, angst, usage of sexual toys and gadgets, use of alcohol (May add throughout story)

Chapter warnings: Dom/Sub themes, strong language, mentions of Mpreg, angst, death and funeral scenes

The weather was a prominent and depressing reminder of the day that was before them. Rain was pouring down, drawing thick, wet lines over the windows of the kitchen. Kurt Hummel wiped away lazily at his eyes. He hated how he was already crying, and the funeral had not even started. Blaine Anderson came in behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Blaine's chin rested on his shoulder.

"You okay?" Blaine asked, staring out the window with Kurt.

"Not exactly, but it's you we should be more worried about,"

"Me? Why?"

"He was such an idol to you. Such a good friend."

"Yeah, I know baby. It's tough."

"You seem to be handling it better than me." Kurt said, feeling another rush of tears enter his eyes.

They were silent for a few minutes, and Blaine broke the quietude. "It certainly is stereotypical weather for this kind of event."

Kurt chuckled. "Right."

"We'd better go."

"Right." Kurt repeated.

Kurt was Blaine's submissive, and they had been together for three years now, in fact, and were experiencing more. Blaine no longer had to worry about his malicious father, Sterling, or his joke of a wife Zoe, who then apologized to Blaine for the terrible things she had done to him. In Blaine's life span, his father had given him hell. Sterling abused him verbally and sometimes Physically, and a lot of the time emotionally. He had taken away and killed the only good thing in Blaine's life, Penny, his sister, and his mother had done nothing about it. Pray, she was a Submissive herself, but she could have called the services, or even the police. But she didn't.

Blaine had gathered enough evidence to take his case against his father out, and Sterling was sent to jail, no trial. Sterling had done something, it was unsure of what it was, but was rewarded freedom, re-claimed his wife, Zoe, and abused her both sexually, emotionally, physically and most defiantly mentally. Sterling had gotten drunk on a particularly rough night, and drove them out and killed them both. Blaine's mother and himself were on good terms, but it was still reliving to know that his father was dead.

The world was growing more dominant. Kurt, when going out in public, was scowled at and had to be restrained by a leash, but they still did many things. They went out to eat, to parties, to drink, to club, and even to romantic getaways. This funeral was one of those occasions. They were going out more, and he liked it. They both did.

Blaine opened the car door for Kurt, and Kurt muttered a quiet 'thank-you,' before Blaine shut it. Kurt could tell his Dominant was starting to really feel the weight of the loss. He could see it in his beautiful hazel eyes.

The drive was long, and the rain only got heavier. Kurt rested his head on the opposite side of the car from Blaine, and toyed with his leash. Blaine had been stressed lately. He had gotten a new job, gone through counseling, and was really turning himself around. Kurt was proud of him. But, with this new job, (theatre music writing and research for musicals to be written accurately) came a lot of time away from home, and that meant time away from Kurt, and then when he was home, he never wanted to have sex, or was too tired, and never paid much attention to Kurt.

Blaine had been going to counseling for his anger. He was learning ways to still be in control, but to make Kurt still feel like a valid mind and opinion. The methods had been going smoothly when Blaine actually got the time to work with Kurt. When Blaine did have time for Kurt, they usually just had sex and then Blaine would fall right asleep, barely cuddling his lover.

It was Spring break. Blaine had the week off. There was no major production that needed his writings or assistance on, so he was awarded a week off. Blaine had been showering Kurt with attention. Kurt bathed in it. Blaine did everything for Kurt. Cooked, massaged, loved, made love to him, and went out of his way to make sure every night was special and romantic. The sex was sweet and never rushed, and Kurt loved it.

Then they got a call. Helen Bauer was her name. She called saying that Howard, someone who had been more of a fatherly figure in Blaine's life than anyone, had passed away from a stroke. He was about seventy-eight, but never stopped protecting Blaine, even though Blaine did not need it anymore.

The parking lot was slippery, and when Blaine opened up the door for Kurt, the Submissive almost slipped. Jesus, it was cold. Blaine gave Kurt his coat, and the two walked into the church, being about ten minutes early.


"Yeah, babe?"

"What did you like best about him?"

"Who? Howard?"


"Well...he stuck by us, even when he knew his protection was unnecessary, he stayed. He protected us from the monster of a father you had. He...he heard me...he heard what had h-hapened...saved me..."

"Right." Blaine took Kurt into his arms and let him cry quietly for a minute.

"So.." Kurt wiped at his eyes. "What did you like best about him?"

"Mostly the same things. Here, have my handkerchief. He saved your life, and for that I'll be forever grateful, he saved my life countless times, he never left my side, and when you came in, he never left our side. His family needed him more than we did, but he stayed faithful. He was a true man."

The audience sniffled, and Blaine stepped off the stage, joining Kurt in the pews.

"Amen." The preacher said.

"Amen." Everyone followed.

Blaine had been honored to be able to speak in the service, and it was amazing to have shared their story of Howard with the guests. Kurt, tugged at how tight his leash was, and Blaine loosened it a bit.

"Let's go. It's over." Blaine said.


A/N: Short chapter, I know, but they should be getting back to my normal 4,000 or so words soon. Thank you for reading.

P/S: A quick filler-inner: When Blaine was talking to Kurt about his favorite things about Howard, and then he stepped off the stage was a transition between him talking with Kurt, and then finishing it on the stage. Writing it, it seemed cool but then reading it was weird, so maybe that's a movie only thing. Thanks for reading.