a/n: warnings for consensual spanking

Dave Strider was a painslut, plain and simple. There was no other explanation for the sharp throb of pleasure he felt when John brought his open hand down hard on his rump, or the way he almost begged for more when his hand drew away.

"You like that, don't you?"

Dave gasps and writhes into John's leg. "Oh, fu-u-" he slams his hand down again and Dave keens.

"Rhetorical question, I knew you would." He pauses his slaps to unzip his pants, letting his hard cock out beside Dave's face. Dave doesn't have to be asked before he licks long and slow up John's balls, but apparently that's wrong today. John grabs his hair almost-but-not-quite too hard and shoves him over his dick. "No teasing, slut," John growls, and there's something in his tone that makes Dave's eyelids flutter. He wraps his lips over John, taking pride in the little moan he shudders out.

"Such a good cocksucker. Watch your fucking teeth, now," he warns, and brings his palm down.

Dave does, nearly yelling with the effort of keeping his mouth so open around John's girth. Another smack, on the side of his hip. "Keep going, you lazy dick." He starts to bob his head as best he can, moaning every time that hand makes delicious contact. It's starting to burn and Dave can feel his cock throb with a little pulse of its own.

After a few painful, blissful moments, John gasps and pulls Dave off. He spanks him hard, so hard, the pain is new and bright and Dave cries into John's thigh, tears stinging his eyes. But John pulls him up by the hair so he's facing his dick, still wet with spit. John's whispering "take it, take it, take it…" and jerking hard and fast and Dave takes it over his cheeks, his nose, his bangs when John cries out his name.

Dave is half out of his mind with overstimulation, and when the tight grip on his head loosens he lets out an embarrassing groan at the loss. John seems happy, though, and starts stroking Dave's hair with a smile. His fingers catch on a bit of come and he collects it, then presses it against Dave's lips. Dave opens up without hesitation and John rubs his come-coated thumb all over his tongue. "Perfect whore." Dave whimpers. "So good, let me spunk all over your pretty freckles, let me spank you pink," he says, watching as Dave's eyes droop when he shoves hard into his mouth. "Good whores gotta come, don't they?" His thumb vibrates with Dave's moan. "Hands and knees, babe."

Hazily, Dave gets into position. "Babe?"

He's rewarded with a smack that makes his hips buckle. "I'll call you whatever I want."

"Oh, fuck, yes-" Harder now, on his thighs.

"You're gonna feel this, tomorrow." Smack. "Every time you sit down." Smack. "You'll feel me." Smack, and John winds his hand down to Dave's prick and starts taking him apart. "I'll be with you, I'll be the one making it sting every time-" he brings his hand down again and Dave screams and comes in angry white spurts over the bedsheets.

John works him through it, finally spooning into him after he's stopped twitching. "Good?"

"Mmmm, good. You sure are a kinky fucker, Egbert," Dave says lazily. John just laughs and holds him tighter. Dave's really glad they're both naked because he's pretty sure any cloth on his ass would probably give him blisters or something. But this, this could work.