Chapter 1


Kagome stomped angrily though the forest wanting nothing more than to get to the bone eaters well so she could go back to her time. She had another fight with Inuyasha he had compared her to Kikyou again; she was getting tired of it. The more she thought about it the more it made her mad. She looked at the sky and prayed to the sun Goddess Amaterasu, wishing she could be strong enough to defeat Naraku on her own, a demon unlike any other, she wanted to be the extinct black Inuyoukai. Legend has it the last ones died long ago over 3,000 years in fact; no one has ever seen one except Inutaisho the great dog demon who died at the age of 4,000 years. Another legend says that the strongest of demons formed together as one and killed the Black Inuyoukai's so there are none left because the demons were scared of them. And another Legend says they are the strongest of all demons even while in their Humanoid form which is weaker than their true forms. And Kagome wished to be one. When she was done praying she opened her eyes and looked to the sky, a ray of sun hit the ground near her and a woman from high in the heavens came down to her. Kagome gasped the woman was absolutely beautiful.

"Kagome Higurashi, I am the Goddess of the Sun and I am here to grant your wish" The goddess Amaterasu said

"My Wish" Kagome asked

"You prayed to be a black Inuyoukai so I shall grant your wish" Amaterasu said

"Wow okay but will I be able to control my beast" Kagome asked

"You will be able to control it most of the time, but if you get to angry your beast will break through its prison and attack anything that you do not hold dear. So be careful" Amaterasu said/warned

"I will. Let's do it" Kagome said with confidence

"Very well it will be a bit painful, are you ready?" Amaterasu asked

"Yes" Kagome said once again

Amaterasu sent a blast of demonic energy directly at Kagome. Kagome screamed in pain, her ears becoming pointed, and her hair reaching the back of her knees. Fingernails became claws, her human canines pushed out to make room for demon dog canines. Her eye color changed from doe brown to an ocean blue. Two ocean blue marking appeared on her wrists, hips, ankles and on each cheek. Strangely there was no marking on her forehead and all Inuyoukai's have one. She grew no tail either which was very strange. Finally the transformation was complete.

"Rise, your transformation is complete" Amaterasu said

"When did I fall? Oh well it doesn't matter. Um Goddess, why don't I have a tail or a marking on my forehead?" Kagome asked

"Because female Black Inuyoukai's don't have tails and they can only get the marking of their mate" Amaterasu said

"Oh okay, Well I should probably get back to the group. Thank you very much" Kagome said thankfully

"You are welcome, now then only the fox kit will recognize you in your group and you will still be able to travel back to your time." Amaterasu told her

Kagome jumped up and down excitedly until she jumped like 50 feet in the air, she screamed all the way down but she landed gracefully on her feet which shocked her. She turned around and saw the goddess was rising back into the heavens.

"Will I ever see you again" She yelled since the goddess was very high up now

"Yes but it will be soon" Amaterasu said as she disappeared into the heavens

Kagome sighed in content, she was what she wished to be and it felt wonderful being a demon to tell the truth. Her good mood was ruined when she smelled Inuyasha coming; she really didn't want to deal with him right now. Just when she turned around he came bursting into the clearing yelling her name. He was looking around probably because of what little human blood there was. He looked at her a fire in his eyes telling her he was ready to fight and he was mad…

'Why would he be mad' Kagome asked her inner beast through thought

'He is mad because he thinks you're not Kagome and that you killed her or something similar' her beast replied

'Oh okay… SAY WHAT' Kagome yelled in her head

Her conversation with her beast ended when she heard Inuyasha yell 'Wind Scar' that attack came directly at her. But she easily dodged by jumping high in the air. The rest of the group burst into the clearing ready to fight except Shippo who had wide eyes and an open jaw, he RECONIZED HER.

"What do you want Inuyasha" She spat with venom

"What do you mean what do I want it's obvious you killed my Kagome" Inuyasha shot back at her

"Well you're always comparing her to your dead clay bitch Kikyou" Kagome said angrily

"You take that back right now" Inuyasha yelled

"I don't think I will" Kagome said calmly

"Inuyasha, Don't kill her" Shippo yelled falling to his knees

By now Shippo was scared for his adoptive mother's life. He was freaking out right now, he was in tears. Kagome noticing this decided to calm him down.

"Shippo come here, it's alright" Kagome said sweetly

Shippo got up and ran into her arms sobbing into her chest as she held him close, trying to sooth him. The others were shock why would Shippo run to someone he didn't know and why was this demon comforting him like a mother would. That's when it hit them, Shippo only ran to Kagome when he was upset and the demon was comforting him like Kagome always did.

"Kagome is that you" Sango was the first to speak/ask

"Yeah it's me, now then Inuyasha SIT." Kagome yelled the last word watching him fall to the ground "You made my poor little Shippo cry how dare you! SIT" Kagome screamed

Kagome kept yelling sit until he was at least ten feet in the ground and unconscious too. She then turned and stomped off Shippo following her, the others knew to leave her alone, that she would come back in her own time. Sango wanted to go with them but Miroku said Kagome needed to be alone.


(3 hours later)

(With Kagome and Shippo)

Kagome was walking now, she had calmed down long ago. Shippo sleeping quietly in her arms, she didn't want to wake him up, not now anyways. A light shined brightly drawing both Kagome's and Shippo's attention, Shippo gasped as a woman came down but Kagome knew it was Amaterasu.

"Kagome" Amaterasu said

"Yes" Kagome answered

"I am going to bring another powerful priestess back to life as an Inuyoukai to help you with the battle against Naraku. You may be strong but you need training to kill Naraku and the final battle is sooner than you think" Amaterasu said

"Okay which one" Kagome asked now curious

"I am bringing back the powerful priestess Midoriko… Here comes her soul now" Amaterasu said watching the bluish light come from the Nether World

The light formed into the human Midoriko and then Midoriko as an Inuyoukai, She looked confused.

"Midoriko, you have been given a second chance at life but as an Inuyoukai, do you accept this new life" Amaterasu

"Well I'm not too fond of being a demon, but yes I accept… I get to keep my miko powers right" Midoriko said

"Of course you can keep them, but know this you both need to train with each other in order to learn your demonic abilities and defeat Naraku and you can also train your miko abilities by defeating lesser demons." Amaterasu told them as she rose into the heavens once more

Once Amaterasu was gone the two priestesses felt an immediate bond form between them. Shippo had calmed down from his shock after about 15 minutes and was staring straight ahead as if something was coming. Kagome and Midoriko sniffed the air in that direction and smelled a lesser demon. Just as they smelled it coming the demon burst through the clearing, it was a lizard about six feet tall.

"You ready" Midoriko asked

"Yeah, let's do it" Kagome said confidently

Kagome and Midoriko combined their miko powers together and blasted the demon, the demon screamed in pain as it was reduced to ashes. The 2 females were so happy that they still had their miko powers that they grabbed each other's hands and jumped up and down in circles like two little school girls.

Once they calmed down, they sat down and talked about each other's lives. Kagome told Midoriko about the future and her relationship with her friends. While Midoriko told Kagome of her training to be a great priestess and how she didn't get to have friends because of her duty and training as a priestess. It saddened Kagome that Midoriko didn't know her family nor had any friends. It saddened Midoriko that Inuyasha always said that Kagome was a replacement and that he didn't care about what happened to her. Just then Kagome had an idea.

"Hey Midoriko I have a question" Kagome said

"What is it" Midoriko asked

"Well I was wondering if maybe, if you want too, we could be sisters" Kagome said

Midoriko had happy tears in her eyes she finally has family not a full family but a sister and it made her very happy, she couldn't even describe the joy she felt.

"Kagome, I would love to be your sister. Thank you for being my family." Midoriko said

The two females smiled at each other when they heard a cough, they turned around and saw Inuyasha and the group, they both glared hatefully at Inuyasha.

"What do you want, to hurt Kagome more" Midoriko hissed venomously

"Yeah what she said" Kagome spat agreeing with her new sister

"No, Inuyasha's not here to hurt you Kagome." Miroku said

"Then whys he here" Midoriko said tapping her foot like a mother wanting an answer from a child

"I'm here to apologize, will-" Inuyasha started

"Um, Kagome is that really Midoriko" Sango asked

"Yep, and my new sister and my new sparring partner" Kagome said happily

"Wow, incredible" Miroku said looking at Kagome's and Midoriko's bodies

Sango noticing this hit her future husband on the head with her Hiraikotsu instantly knocking him out. Kagome, Midoriko and Shippo started to laugh at what just happened. Kagome and Midoriko started whispering to each other

"I say we go high in the mountains where demons are numerous, we'll get better faster" Kagome whispered

"I agree let's go" Midoriko whispered back

"What are you two talking about" Inuyasha screamed

"Oh we're just going to the mountains to train" Kagome said to her friends

The two females turned around and headed for the mountains.

"Wait will you at least come visit Kagome" Sango asked

"Yes we will, Bye" Kagome said as they disappeared into the forest


(2 Hours later)

(With Kagome and Midoriko and Shippo)

The 2 demoness's known as Kagome and Midoriko were running through the forest trying to get to the mountains before dark, Shippo was holding on to Kagome's neck for dear life she was going so fast it scared him. They were going so fast, normal humans and lesser demons couldn't see them.

Finally they reached the mountain, now all they had to do was climb to the top, which wouldn't take long considering they could jump at least 50 feet without really trying so who knows how high they can jump when they're trying.

"Midoriko I think we should rest here what do you think Sis" Kagome asked

"I think it would be a good idea, rest here and then climb in the morning. Goodnight sister" Midoriko said and laid down by a tree

Kagome quickly made a fire; she laid down near its warmth and fell asleep. Shippo however couldn't sleep he stayed up late thinking about what could happen? He has an aunt now, and hopefully will get a father someday and maybe he'll get some siblings who knows. He kept thinking the only male Inuyoukai he knew that was full-blooded was Sesshomaru and he was just cold hearted the only human he cared for was Rin and that was it.