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Summary: Finding out he was being used a heartbroken Merlin moves out of Uni and goes to live with his granddad Dragoon, leaving Arthur behind who didn't really realise what he got until he lost it. Determined to win not only Merlin back but his heart and trust as well Arthur learns it is not just Merlin he has to win over.

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Warnings: Malexmale. AU

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Twenty one year old Merlin was sat at his desk in his dorm. A paper in front of him, adding more words as he looked through a book that he had opened up and leaning against the wall. His biology work was due next week and he wanted to get it done and handed in as soon as possible so he no longer had to worry about getting it done. He paused from writing to look up and out of the window and shook his head when he saw Arthur, his dorm mate and also best friend, kicking a ball about with Gwaine, Percival and Leon, laughing as they messed about.

Merlin had just finished his paper and shut it in one of his books when Arthur walked in. "Hey Merlin."

"You alright Arthur?"

"Yeah just been kicking some ball about."

"I saw."

"What you been doing?" Arthur asked as he dropped down onto his bed.

"Just finished my biology paper."

"That's not due in until next week, we only got it yesterday."

"I know but you know me Arthur, get it done as soon as possible then I have one less thing to worry about. You know this Arthur. I have been like this since school. If you were the same you could have more time to kick a ball about."


Merlin swivelled in his chair and saw the look Arthur was giving him as he sat up on his bed. "No."

"You don't even know what I am going to ask."

"For help?"

"You know me well."

"Only too well Arthur. Do the biology paper yourself."

"I will, I just ask that you check it before I hand it in."


"Come on Merlin. That's what friends are for." When Merlin just looked at him, he continued. "I'll do anything for you."

"You won't."

Arthur stood up. "You do need a favour. I can help Merlin, a favour for a favour please."

Merlin sighed he didn't really need a favour, more like a thank you from Arthur instead of being clapped on the back with a 'cheers mate.'

"I have a date at the weekend and I am nervous about kissing him goodnight."

"Why? Aren't you a very good kisser or something?"

"I don't know. I haven't really kissed anyone before."

"Seriously? Then how do you know you like men?"

"When I found that gay porn does a whole lot more for me. I like men Arthur I have always fancied the same sex."

"So you need to practice on kissing someone."


"Then don't worry I can find someone who will kiss you."

"I have already found someone."

"Oh I get it. You are nervous about asking them."


"Well who is it?"

"I'm looking at him."

"Me? No Merlin. I'm straight."

"I know that but hey, it's like you said. That's what friends are for."

Arthur sighed. "Touché. Okay but don't linger or anything will you."


"You know what I mean."

"Do I?"

"Shut up Merlin. Don't say I never do anything." he said and with that he quickly moved forwards and kissed Merlin, stepping back seconds later. "There."

"There? Arthur what was that?"

"A kiss."

"That was not a kiss."

"Lips joining is a kiss."

"Yes it is but that wasn't. I need to practice properly not something that lasted a second. Besides I want to kiss him goodnight. It will look bad if I grab his face and do what you just did before slamming the door in his face."

"Fine. How do you want to do this?"

"I want to practice on you how I will kiss him goodnight."

"Fine, you won't tell anyone you practiced on me?"

"Only the same people I tell that I check your papers."

"And that's no one right?"

Merlin laughed. "Yes Arthur, just try not to tense up, because if you do it will make me worse and we will have to try again, just try and ignore the bit of stubble I have and just try and pretend it is perfume you smell."

"Okay. I'll try."

Merlin took a breath and walked slowly up to Arthur. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

Merlin moved his head forwards and gently placed his lips on Arthur's. Finally, he thought, how long he has wanted to do this. Merlin breathed through his nose and deepened the kiss a little more, finally pulling away, moving back for a small kiss before stepping back.

"Thank you Arthur."

Arthur opened his eyes. "There is no way that was your first kiss."

"Actually Arthur it was."

"Well you have nothing to worry about. Who is it that you are going on a date with?"

Here it comes. Merlin thought. "No one."

"No one? But you said you needed practice."

"And I did. Now when I have a date I don't have to worry if a straight man says I have no worries."

"Merlin why ask for a kiss?"

"I have been checking and correcting your work since school, I wanted something more than a clap on the back."

"You used me." Arthur accused.

Merlin gasped. "Shocking. Like you have never done that to anyone before. Relax Arthur it was a small kiss and that's it."

"Umm, you are not expecting a kiss every time you help me are you?"

Merlin laughed. "No Arthur."

"Why did you want to kiss me anyway, of all the blokes here?"

Merlin sighed, looking slightly defeated. "Can't you guess?"

It was a couple of days later when Arthur handed his paper over to Merlin. "I would say thank you but I have already done that." he laughed, playfully tapping Merlin on the shoulder.

"You have done it already?"

"Always the tone of surprise with you isn't it. Yes. Spent yesterday in the library. Whilst hiding... er... reading I thought I might as well do my paper."

"Who were you hiding from Arthur?"

Arthur sighed. "Sophia. We went on one date and now she is discussing meeting her family and getting to know them. I didn't even like her all that much."

"Arthur what did you say when you ended the date?"

"That we should do it again sometime."

"Did you mean it?"


"Arthur no wonder she wants another date. You can't end the date on those words and think she will not be waiting for another. Take her out again at the end of the date say goodnight and that's it."

"But that means going on another date."

"It's two hours Arthur. Do this, just tell her goodnight at the end of the date and she won't bother you again."

"You're sure?"


"If this doesn't work..."


Arthur opened and closed his mouth a few times. "No more thank you kisses."

Merlin laughed. "It was one kiss Arthur."


The following Monday, Arthur and Merlin were just walking out of class when a girl hurried over to Arthur, blushing as she handed a note over saying she was told to give it to him. "Oh god."

"What's up?"

"It's from Sophia, saying she enjoyed the second date and is looking forward to the next."

"What?" Merlin grabbed his arm and didn't let go until they were in their dorm. "What did you say to her?"


"Arthur you must have said something if she is looking forward to another date."

"Honestly. We went to the cinema I walked her to her dorm she said she had a great time and she would look forward to doing it again sometime and I said me too."


"What? I didn't say we should do it again sometime."

"No but she said she will look forward to doing it again and when you agreed she took that as in a third date."


"Yes Arthur. Otherwise she wouldn't be sending you notes looking forward to more dates."

"What am I going to do? I can't take her on another date; she says something and then stares at me expecting me to agree."

"Then don't. Whatever she says when she stares at you expecting you to agree just say goodnight to her and then that is it."

"Okay so take her for something to eat, say nothing to encourage her and when she mentions anything about another date just say goodnight."

Merlin walked forwards and placed one hand on Arthur's shoulder and used his other hand to lightly tap his cheek. "Arthur I think you finally got it."

"I'll go and see her now and take her out tonight and that will be the end of it."

"Here's hoping." Merlin said as he sat down at his desk to read one of his books.

The following day Merlin walked into the dorm and heard the shower going. He slammed the door behind him and chucked his bag on the floor by his bed before marching into the bathroom. He saw the outline of Arthur behind the shower curtain and walked over to the toilet and flushed it.

Arthur yelled and jumped from the shower. "Merlin!"


"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asked, catching the towel Merlin threw at him.

"Me? Oh not much, just this!" he snapped, pointing to his reddened cheek.

"Who hit you?"

"Sophia. I had just come out of class and she walks up to me, slaps me around the face, calls me a home wrecker and says I should be ashamed of myself for taking you from her. Arthur what have you done?"

"Well she just kept going on and on about future dates and how happy we will be together and our future. Merlin she started talking about how many children she wants and names. It's the third date."

"So what did you tell her?"

"That I can't do any of that stuff with her and that I took her out to let her down gently. I told her I was with you, romantically."


"Well she kept going on what was I supposed to say?"

"That you don't see a future with her and what you had was good while it lasted."

"Sorry. I didn't think."


Arthur reached up to touch Merlin's cheek who flinched and took a step back. "Don't touch it, it stings."

"How hard did she slap you?"

"Well she was shaking her hand when she walked away so I am guessing she hurt her hand as well."

"Please Merlin."

"Please, what?"

"Please. Just go along with it. Just until she gets the message, she knows we are never from each other's side, the most we will have to do is hold hands."

"But then everyone will think you are gay."

"They won't I will tell anyone who questions it."

"I don't know Arthur."

"Please Merlin."

Merlin sighed. "Fine."

Arthur laughed and moved forwards hugging Merlin.


Arthur and Merlin broke apart to see Sophia stood in the doorway. "So gone running off to tell your boyfriend what I did. Well you deserved it, taking him from me. I was sent here to apologise but you can forget that!" she screeched and slammed their door shut.

"Well if she didn't believe it then she does now."

"Why? We hug sometimes."

"Yes Arthur. But never when you are wet and have only a towel covering you. That's a first."

"Ah. I suppose I better finish my shower."

Merlin had just walked out of class with Gwaine behind him. "How's Arthur?"

"Still hiding."

"Merlin why have you gone and agreed to help him like this? You are not making it any easier on yourself."

"I can take care of myself."

"Just be careful Merlin."

Merlin was about to answer back when he got a text from Arthur. 'Emergency, dorm, ring me.' Merlin sighed. "What now?"

Merlin rang Arthur who answered straight away and could hear Arthur talking. He quietly told Gwaine he would meet up with him later and slowly made his way back to his dorm, listening to Arthur and Sophia over the phone.

"But Sophia..."

"No Arthur. We have been on dates I know you too well. This is just a phase you are going through and I am here to make sure you are you again."

Merlin rolled his eyes at the sound of her voice. Merlin knew he had to do something more believable than a hug for her to see that Arthur doesn't want her any more. Taking a deep breath Merlin opened the door to their dorm. "Well that's it for me until after dinner I am all yours sexy."

Sophia looked up and scowled, Arthur quickly stood up from his chair causing Sophia who was sat on his lap to nearly fall over.

"Merlin. This isn't what it looks like." Arthur said.

Merlin walked further into the room and dropped his bag. "What this looks like to me is that someone won't take no for an answer."

Arthur nodded. "Then it is what it looks like."

"I will get Arthur back again Merlin. He is confused and you are abusing that by throwing yourself at him."

"Like this?" Merlin asked, placing a hand on Arthur's shoulder and jumping up. Arthur catching him with his quick reflexes. "This isn't something that Arthur is going through, and he isn't confused, this is who Arthur is and he is all mine." he said and kissed Arthur on the lips.

Arthur surprised, kissed Merlin back, hoping he looked comfortable in doing so in front of Sophia, Merlin pulled back and buried his face in his neck making him squirm a little. "Merlin that tickles."

Sophia shrieked and stomped her foot before leaving their dorm, the doing closing with a loud bang behind her.

As soon as the door closed Arthur dropped Merlin on his own bed. "Was that much really necessary?"

"It got her believing you didn't it." he asked, sitting up.

"Only time will tell."

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