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Summary: Finding out he was being used a heartbroken Merlin moves out of Uni and goes to live with his granddad Dragoon, leaving Arthur behind who didn't really realise what he got until he lost it. Determined to win not only Merlin back but his heart and trust as well Arthur learns it is not just Merlin he has to win over.

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Warnings: Malexmale. AU

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Dragoon watched from afar as Cenred went into his dorm coming out seconds later and leaving with Amy. Once they had left Dragoon stood by the door waiting, once he heard a thud he knew that was Valiant collapsing.

Dragoon walked inside and saw him on the floor; he had to be quick as he would be awake again in ten minutes. He quickly started to strip Valiant from the waist down. "He's wearing these to show off? Show off what exactly?" Dragoon mumbled as he pulled off the blue swim pants and put some different ones one. Quickly dressing Valiant again and leaving the room.

Arthur walked around to the back of the house and saw long tables covered in food and drink. He saw a lot of people from Uni in the pool laughing, he saw Hunith and Balinor laughing with his mum and dad, Gwaine and Percival seemed to be glued at the lips. Hunith or Ygraine often shouted over to them that there are plenty of empty rooms inside but they seemed happy where they were.

Despite it being warm, Arthur shivered when he felt a pair of hands run down his back before resting on his hips. He looked over his left shoulder and smiled when he saw Merlin's face close to his, smiling back at him, moving forwards to kiss him. "Will you be going in the pool any time?" the brunet asked.

"Might be. I will be if you will."

"Of course I will. Weeks of learning to sw -" Merlin stopped when he saw what was in front of him. "Granddad what do you look like?"

Arthur looked to see what Merlin was looking at and couldn't help but laugh at Dragoon boldness.

"Pops!" Balinor said, walking over to Dragoon. "What are you wearing?"

Dragoon looked down at himself, seeing his light blue, knee length beach shorts on which had pictures of palm trees on, his white vest, his long hair tied back and his beard resting on his chest with his blue flip flops on. "What's wrong with what I am wearing son? It's a pool party."

"Well yes but..."

"Would you rather I wear something like what Arthur has on, it barely covers his arse cheeks?"

"He can get away with that as he is only twenty one why don't you just wear some loose khaki trousers like me and Uther."

"Because I am comfortable the way I am."

"Why do you keep looking around pops?"

"I am waiting for that bastard Valiant to turn up. Bullying Merlin because he thinks he can."

Balinor looked at his father closely. "Pops what have you done to him?"

"Nothing... much."


"Leave me be son and let me enjoy this party, when are you going to start the BBQ?"

Balinor sighed; there really was no arguing with his dad. "I will start it now."

The food had just been cooked when Valiant and Cenred made their appearance Merlin who was in the pool with Arthur, Gwaine and Percival swam up to Arthur, who took Merlin in his arms, both of them missing the smiles on Gwaine and Percival's faces.

"Now I am here the party can begin." Valiant said. He took off his top and flexed the muscles on his arms whilst looking at the girls and then unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to his ankles.

As soon as he did this there was silence followed by outbursts of laughter and finger pointing. Valiant looked down and felt his eyes go wide when he saw that instead of his tight blue swimming pants on he was wearing vibrant pink tight swimming pants. He quickly pulled his jeans up. "These were not what I was wearing." his eyes narrowed, remembering something. "I passed out this morning, one of you must have done something and swapped them whilst unconscious. Which of you was it?"

When some calmed down but were still snickering Valiant got angry. "Who?"


Valiant turned to see Dragoon stood there.

Merlin moved forwards and out of the pool along with Arthur. "Granddad what did you do?"

"Taught the fucker a lesson. No one upsets or hurts you Merlin. He has been bullying you and I bet others as well for a long time. After what has just happened I am willing to bet that this will never be forgotten, you used to bully these people, now it is their turn."

"Why you -"

Balinor stood in front of his dad when Valiant made his way towards him. "You take one more step and I will have you on your back before you can say 'pink speedos'." He threatened.

"This isn't over." Valiant snarled before leaving, Cenred following.

"Thank you son."

Balinor turned and faced his father. "Next time you have something like that planned let me know pops please." he said, patting Dragoon's arm and making his way back to the BBQ as the party continued.

"Thank you granddad. I don't think anyone will be bullied by him again."

"You are welcome laddie." Dragoon laughed, hugging his grandson.

After the party had finished Dragoon turned to his grandson. "You coming back laddie?"

"I am staying here with Arthur tonight granddad."

Dragoon looked to Arthur who looked shocked. "You look after him."


That night Arthur got out of the shower and walked into his room and stopped when he saw Merlin sat up in his bed. "Merlin what are you wearing under that cover?" he asked, seeing Merlin's chest.

"Nothing. I am ready Arthur."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Arthur."

Arthur let his towel drop and smiled when he saw Merlin's eyes drop to his hard cock. He walked over to the bed where Merlin threw the covers back, revealing his naked form. "Do you have lube Arthur?"

"No. I can't remember the last time I stayed at home."

"It's a good job I brought some with me then." Merlin got onto his knees and turned away from Arthur, bending over to reach his jeans where he the lube was in the pocket, jumping when he felt Arthur's hand on his cheek.

Merlin looked over his shoulder to see Arthur climb on the bed behind him, his left hand joining the other one, he squeezed the globes gently, smiling when Merlin moaned and pushed back into Arthur's hands.

Arthur moved his hands from Merlin's arse and up his back, kissing the base of the brunet's spine as he took the lube from his lover. "Lay on your back Merlin. I want to face you."

Merlin laid on his back, looking up at Arthur. The blond covered two of his fingers in the lube. "Spread your legs Merlin."

Merlin did as he was told and gasped when he felt Arthur's finger breech him. "Shh." Arthur soothed as he pushed his finger further in.

"Slowly Arthur."

Arthur seeing Merlin was in a little pain, moved down and began to kiss him as he pushed his finger all the way in. "Another one?" he asked.

Merlin nodded and brought Arthur's lips to meet his, Arthur now entered him with two fingers, it burnt a little at first but Merlin knew it would with it being his first time, thankfully the action Arthur's free hand was doing on his cock was giving him pleasure making the slight burn bearable.

"Please Arthur. I want your cock now."

"I need to prepare you more."

"No. Please Arthur. I have waited so long."

"It will hurt Merlin."

Merlin reached up and cupped Arthur's face. "I know. But it will be worth it Arthur. Because it is you."

"Love you Merlin."

"Love you too Arthur."

Arthur covered his cock in the lube and got between Merlin's spread legs. "It might be better Merlin if you are on your hands and knees."

"No. I want to see you."

Arthur nodded and slowly moved forwards, the head of his cock pushing past Merlin's ring of muscle, both of them moaning. "Let me know when baby."

Merlin looked up at Arthur, smiling at the endearment and slowly nodded. "Touch me."

The blond smiled, taking his lovers cock in hand once more, pumping it slowly as he slowly entered Merlin. Once he was fully inside he paused, waiting for Merlin to nod and let him know he was comfortable before moving.

At Merlin's nod, Arthur kissed him lovingly as he slowly started to move in and out of the man under him, pulling out until just the head was inside before slamming all the way back in, making Merlin arch his back and cry out. "Oh fuck Arthur...yes!" he screamed.

Reaching up, Merlin gripped Arthur's shoulders, his fingers digging in the flesh there, probably marking the blond's shoulders but Arthur didn't seem bothered. "Arthur, harder please. I don't know how long I am going to last."

"Me either." Arthur moaned as he picked up his pace, thrusting hard in and out of his lover under him, taking his cock in hand, pumping it vigorously, squeezing the brunets cock. "Come Merlin."

Merlin moaned and came, his head going back, his back arching and his eyes rolling back as he screamed out Arthur's name, spilling all he had on their stomachs between them.

After one, two, three more thrusts Arthur came deep inside of Merlin, moaning the brunet's name as he dropped down, panting heavily into Merlin's neck who wrapped his arms around him.

After they got their breaths back Merlin kissed Arthur's ear. "We need to separate otherwise my cum will stick us together."

Arthur laughed and slowly pulled out of Merlin and stood up, walking to the en suite bathroom and coming back with a damp cloth, cleaning them both before climbing into bed. "You sleeping here tonight?"

"Yes. If that's alright with you."

Arthur smiled and pulled Merlin close to him, kissing his temple. "Perfect. Night Merlin.

"Good night Arthur." Merlin replied, kissing the blond's chest.

The next morning after waking up in each other's arms and showering together, Merlin and Arthur went downstairs to breakfast and found Uther and Ygraine eating breakfast along with Balinor and Hunith.

Hunith looked up and blushed a little before looking away. "What's wrong mother?"

"Your mother and I had to move to a bedroom further away, you weren't exactly quiet last night." Balinor informed his son who now looked more embarrassed than his mother. After eating breakfast with an awkward silence Arthur dropped Merlin off at home and when he got back to Uni he saw Lancelot packing up the last of his things. "Lancelot?"

Lancelot looked up. "Hey mate. I am moving back to my old dorm, closer to Gwen that way."

Arthur laughed a little. "So I will be on my own then?"

"Looks like it. Sorry mate."

"No don't apologise. You go wherever you are happy." Lancelot grabbed the last of his bags and hugged Arthur as best he could. "See you around mate."

"Yeah... You too Lancelot."

That night Arthur sighed as he looked up from the paper that was due in the next day. He ran his hand through his hair and dropped his pen, letting his mind wonder back to the night before, and that morning, him and Merlin waking up in each other's arms, Arthur waking Merlin up with kisses.

A cough behind him had him turning in his chair, his jaw dropping at the sight. There stood Merlin his bags at his feet. "Merlin?"

"I once told you when you asked that you will know when I trust you completely again with my heart, body and soul and that will be the day I move back in when all is forgotten and it is just me and you and you will have a hard time getting rid of me."

"You told me at the beach, I remember."

"I am moving back in Arthur. I woke up in your arms this morning and found it is how I want to wake every morning, so I am here offering myself to you if you will have me."

Arthur got out of the chair and moved over to Merlin, quickly pulling his things inside before pulling Merlin in, shutting the door behind him. "Of course I will have you Merlin I love you. With everything that I am."

"And I you Arthur."

"Welcome home Merlin." Arthur said, making his boyfriend laugh before pulling him into a passionate kiss. He finally had his Merlin back where he belonged, in his arms, forever and he'd be damned if he was going to ever let him go again.

The End.

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