Title: Firefly Tides

Author name: CherryStain

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Category: Drama/Angst

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Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, FB, QTTA, Gundam Wing.

Summary: Harry, forever The-Boy-Who-Just-Wouldn't-Die meets familiar faces after thinking them dead for over Five-Hundred Years. Crossover with Gundam Wing, will have slash, though won't be centered on it.

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--Duo and Heero met in the Manga way- guns and all :-) just because I love that whole scene.

--My missions are not going to be the same- although I am not nearly clever enough to think up completely new missions- and as such, the missions in this story will be *somewhat* like some in the Manga.

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Chapter Seven- School, What a Drag

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"There are a lot of girls here, Harry,"[1] Seamus remarked, staring out the window of the car at the people milling around. Duo, who was halfway out of the car, duffle bag in hand, glanced over at Seamus.

"It's a women's school, Seamus," he said patiently, having a good idea where this would be heading. A slow grin spread across Seamus's face. The others rolled their eyes at him. They were standing in front of a large school, the words 'Peacecraft Academy' emblazed across the side.

"It's good to see you again Heero," said a feminine voice to their left, and they all turned towards the voice of the girl that was coming down a large white staircase, which lay in front of the school. The four wizards and Wufei, who had never seen the strange pink and brown frilly school uniform, wrinkled their noses in the universal gesture of disgust. Duo sighed but grinned up at her, Heero's face remained impassive.

Heero nodded in greeting. "Relena."

Duo threw an arm around her shoulders, grinning. "How's everything with you, Miss Pacifist?" Relena rolled her eyes and, picking up Duo's arm and moving it off of her shoulder, backed up a step to face him.

"I was good until I found out you were coming here," She mock sighed, pulling at the front of Duo's sweepers cap so that it covered his eyes. An indignant grunt followed.

"Hey! I thought you'd be glad to see us! We brought Heero!"

"At least this meeting is better than the last one. Anything beats a gun pointed to the head," Everyone blinked. ~'Yet another thing to ask about later'~, the four time-travelers thought in unison.

"Well, anyways, these are my friends. Friends, this is Relena Peacecraft. She's the owner of this school and was kind enough to let us stay here for a few days."

"Isn't she a little young?" Draco scoffed, his eyes showing how little he thought of her.

"This coming from the famed Gundam Pilots' friends?" drawled another voice. The group turned as one to look at a blonde teen that had just gotten out of a car previously unnoticed. Heero and Duo looked at her coolly, though both moved as if to stand between the blonde and the rest of the group. Wufei, who had heard enough about her to know who she was, tensed; looking around to make sure that no one had heard her comment.

"What gives you the right to butt into others conversations?" Draco asked, folding his arms across his chest. Dorothy smiled coldly in return. Duo put a restraining arm on Draco, who shrugged it off. Duo looked at Draco, a warning in his eyes, as if to say 'don't mess with her without caution.'

"Her name is Dorothy Catolina, and she's a student here," the braided boy said, his voice bland and unemotional. Dorothy turned her icy eyes from Draco to settle on Duo.

"I find it somewhat disappointing that someone with your . . . profession does not understand the thrill of a good fight. The blood too much for you?" Dorothy looked him up and down with clear disgust. Duo blanched, then went red, though he held back a retort. The three sixth year Hogwarts students were looking at him questioningly.

Wufei started to move forward, opening his mouth in preparation for a retort, but Relena beat him too it.

"Dorothy," she said, her voice firm, "this school is about peace and *everyone* must at least make en effort to keep it as such." Dorothy, if she heard Relena, did not acknowledge her at first. She kept her eyes trained on Duo who was visibly trying to restrain himself, the muscles in his jaw flexing and unflexing. Finally, he turned towards Heero, (avoiding everyone else's eyes) nodded at him in a silent agreement for him to handle any problems should they arise, and then walked up the staircase and through the main door. Dorothy turned towards Relena with a smile that was both open and guarded.

"I am sorry to cause any trouble, Miss Peacecraft, I only speak the truth. I cannot change your views as surely as you cannot change mine." Relena gave a sharp nod.

"Another fact you should learn about my school," Relena directed her gaze to the group that she had not yet been properly introduced to, "is that tolerance is key. However much you may disagree with one's opinion, learning to cooperate with one another is better than fighting." Here, she clapped her hand together, the tension leaving her face. "Now, we haven't been properly introduced; and you are . . .?"


After introductions, they had all been sent to their dorm rooms. In truth, they weren't much to look at. Two beds, white sheets, white curtains, and a plain wooden desk. Draco would have raised all kinds of hell about this, if he hadn't been distracted. As little as he wanted to admit it, his mind was on Potter and what had happened on the front steps. Potter had been absent throughout the afternoon, and it was now nearing dinnertime. Because of the school's rules, anyone within the school, with the exception of adults, had to wear uniforms, even if they weren't taking any classes. He was hoping that Potter would show up with his uniform and maybe even directions to the Kitchens, because he was hungry. His curiosity was peaked and he wanted to ask Potter more about his "profession.'

They'd been told back at the blonde boy's house about this supposed mission, although the wizards were still a little confused about all of it. On the car ride over, before Potter had fallen asleep, all he'd said was that the three boys were supposed to blow up some sort of base of the enemies. His erstwhile adversary had said that they would most likely see it on the news at the next safe house, so he had not told them anything else, wanting to keep the rest of what they were to be doing quiet. Snape had later told him that it was most likely because the other two, Heero and the Chinese boy, didn't want them leaking any information.

Draco looked over at Snape, who was systematically emptying his borrowed muggle clothes out of his duffle bag and into a desk drawer.

"Why do you think Potter got all huffy about what that strange girl said? And what was all that about blood? I doubt that he could ever actually kill anyone," he commented, rolling his eyes at the idea. Snape put away the last of his pants before turning to Draco thoughtfully, leaning his back against the desk and folding his arms.

"Remember, Draco. It has been five-hundred years for him. He is a different person, and has undoubtedly done things he is not proud of. Also remember that he is at war, and must do things he would not wish to do for the greater good. I am positive that he does not wish for us to find out his darker side." Draco scoffed, turning back to his duffle bag.

"Potter, no matter how far into the future, could never *be* Dark, Professor."

"Draco, there is a difference between Dark and Evil. Potter is too inherently *good* to be evil, but anyone with eyes can tell that he is not a care-free fifteen year old anymore." Draco rolled his eyes, and started to turn away from Snape again. Snape reached an arm out and gripped Draco's upper arm, forcing him to face Snape again.

"Your father kept you away from all that was happening after He-Who-Must- Not-Be-Named rose. You do not know what true Evil can be, nor do you have any idea what Potter has been through. I am surprised that he hasn't lost his mind, yet."

"What, now you're sticking up for him?" Draco's eyes widened. He wasn't stupid; he knew that he had gone too far with the last comment.

Snape sent him that look that he usually reserved for Gryffindors. Gryffindors like Weasley who had said something so stupid, Snape was both exasperated and angered with the speaker. "No, you stupid boy! But I do understand what it is like to be misunderstood!"

Draco sighed, and nodded his head. "I'll take what you said into consideration, Professor." Snape let out a breath, his eyes not nearly as harsh, more inquiring, if anything.

"That is all that I ask of you, Draco."




Seamus looked nervously to the left, then to the right. He was in the girls' dormitory hallway and he was half terrified that some girl would come out of the bathroom at the other end of the hall in a towel. He turned back to the door, hearing a distinctive click.

Pushing the door open, he looked in to see Hermione's back towards him, walking over to the bed. She turned and sat down, scooting herself against the wall. In the afternoon light coming in through the window, Seamus could see silver tracks, not yet dried, streaking down her cheeks. She brushed at the tears, smudging them from view.

Seamus sat nervously on the chair next to the bed. He had never really been close to Hermione, and had no idea how exactly to talk to her. He knew that Hermione and Harry had talked earlier, but Seamus just didn't want to ask Harry about everything. He was just so . . . different. At least Hermione's presence was familiar. Harry felt alien, not at all the Harry he had shared a dorm with for six years.

Seamus looked up at the crack in the ceiling, watching the dust flitter in the beams of light. The room smelled of disuse and soap from being recently cleaned. Hermione had been given an unused dorm room to herself for privacy.

"Ron became one of those Siphons, you know?" Seamus looked over at Hermione, more tracks replacing the smudged ones.

"Really? Do you know what happened to everyone over the years?"

"No. Harry- sorry, Duo told me about the Weasleys, and he told me that soon after the attack, Voldemort was killed, but nothing else."

"I miss everyone. I just wish that . . ."

"That we could go back? I know," Hermione smiled; though it looked forced, "Well, Duo said he'd try; maybe we can go back." Her smile disappeared. "It's just so . . . wrong somehow. I mean, Dumbledore, half the Weasleys, almost everyone important to us," She choked back a sob, "they're all gone. And even if we do make it back, we won't be able to stop what happened. It's just . . . too far into the future to change it all."

Seamus stood from his chair and walked over to Hermione. He awkwardly pulled her into a hug, one armed like he used to hug his little sister. "Harry said he'd get us back. Even if we can't change what happens, at least we'll be able to help the people who survive the attack."

They needed to have hope or else they truly would be lost.


Dinner was a boisterous affair. Because of school rules, they were all dressed in borrowed school uniforms, save Snape who was too old to be a student. Students had arrived in trickles into the cafeteria and now the room was filled with laughing and shouting girls, half of whom kept turning towards the few boys in the room as if not really believing that they were there. They had heard more than one comment drift to their table about them, most of which would have made lesser people blush.

Of the group, the three pilots had arrived first, staking out a table in the corner of the room. Hermione and Seamus arrived next. It was obvious that they had both splashed their faces with water, as both of their hairlines were soaked, making Seamus's short cropped hair stand on end. After them, Draco and Snape had drifted in. They were followed closely by Relena, who smiled at the multiple greetings.

She sat down between Heero and Hermione, as it was the only seat left. Wufei was in the middle of a diatribe about something that had happened at one of their safe houses.

". . . And you wouldn't believe the mess Maxwell made! So what if there wasn't an available shooting gallery within miles? He didn't have to use the *wall* as target practice!" Duo burst into very uncharacteristic giggles.

"You see, it was a very old wooden cabin, no more than a wooden box in the middle of the Himalayas. I'd only had one gun with me, and something had gotten jammed in it. After fiddling with the damn thing for hours, I finally cleared it out and wanted to see of it was still working. Justice- boy here had gone out to get some snow to boil for water, and I almost hit him when he walked through the door! I think I had a black eye for a week after that."

Hermione looked horrified, Relena rolled her eyes, and the three other wizards just looked surprised.

"You're kidding, right? He didn't actually punch you, did he?" Draco leaned forward towards Duo who was across the table from him, as if expecting to find remnants of the black eye.

Relena muffled her laughter with her hand. They turned to her. When she wasn't forthcoming with why she was laughing, Snape sighed.

"Well what is it? Why are you giggling like an imbecile?"

Of course, the comment did not anger her and she let it pass." You wouldn't believe how they were when they first met."

Duo groaned, protesting, "They don't need to hear that story, Relena." Relena cracked a smile.

"You see, the first meeting between Heero and Duo was very . . . well, violent. They didn't know that they were *both* on the same mission. Actually, they didn't even know that the other was a Gundam pilot." The wizards all sort of mulled over the title.

Duo snapped his fingers, interrupting Relena. "I completely forgot! I haven't even shown all of you Deathscythe!" Blank looks. "She's what I pilot, a Gundam, it's a-you know, in space, and- oh, I'll just show you when she comes tomorrow."

Relena continued, " Anyways, I wasn't supposed to know who Heero was, and him being well-"

"Mr. Stick-up-his-ass?" Duo winced and scowled in Heero's direction, bending down to rub at the shin that Heero had just kicked.

"Um, that wasn't the term I was looking for Duo, but- anyways, I'd followed him one night, and he obviously knew I was there. He was fully intending to kill me when this scruffy, tiny, long haired kid appears out of nowhere!"

"Hey! So, I'm a bit small for my age . . ." Snape mumbled what suspiciously sounded like, 'a bit?' but Duo chose to ignore it.

"Yes, well, he appears out of nowhere to save me from Heero. Imagine my surprise when Duo shoots him in the arm, making Heero drop his gun." Duo looked sheepish, the others spluttered in his direction.

"You SHOT him! With a gun?" Draco was incredulous.

"No Malfoy, I shot him with a bow and arrow," Duo replied, completely deadpan. Draco huffed, but stayed silent. He really didn't feel up to getting into a fight with Potter- or Duo- especially in front of Snape, who he- shame as he was to admit it- really wanted to please. Professor Snape, even outside of Hogwarts, was his favorite teacher- and with him defending Potter as of late, he didn't want to anger his Professor any more than he had been back in the dorm.

"And now you're friends?" he asked instead. Heero and Duo looked at each other.

"Friends with the braided baka?" Wufei ducked under the napkin flung at him by Duo.

"They're more the 'comrade's in war' type of friends, but they work well together," Relena explained as she took a roll from the middle of the table, buttering it with a knife.

"Hey! We're the best of friends, aren't we guys?" Duo punched Heero's arm, then Wufei's. They both turned towards him, raising the same eyebrow.

"That's kind of freaky guys." Duo wrinkled his nose at both of them just as an older woman came over to their table.

"Miss Relena? A Mr. Winner is on the Vid-phone in the room adjacent to the cafeteria calling for your guests."

"Thank you, Professor Stevens (A.N. I don't think they ever name a teacher at the school)," Heero, Wufei, and Duo stood up. Duo turned towards the others, saying, "when you're finished, you guys can go if you'd like, we'll find you later." The others nodded. They all knew next to nothing about the this future and Seamus, surprisingly, had suggested to Hermione that the four time travelers go to the library of the school to find out a little about the world that they had been dumped into.

"We'll be in the library if you need to find us Duo."

Duo smiled reassuringly before turning and leaving the cafeteria with the pilots, the teacher leading them out of the room.


Professor Stevens ushered them into the room, then left, going to the kitchens to get herself dinner.

"Ohayo, 04."

"Hi, 01. I'll have to keep this short. You have the explosives, am I correct?"

"Hai Q, I've got it stashed up in our room, enough for the whole floating Oz base. We both have the layout of the base memorized."

"Good, I've already sent a few of the Maganacs with Deathscythe, Wing, and Shenlong. They should arrive tomorrow, midday, I think."

"Could you also send a Space shuttle? I'd like for my friends to be at the next safe house by the time we get there."

Quatre nodded on the screen, smiling at Duo. "Hai, it should be there in a few short hours. Just ask Relena for docking privileges and it's all set. Remember; alert Trowa or me if there are any problems." The three nodded as Quatre's face disappeared from the screen.


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