Okay, this is my first Fairy Tail fanfiction so I tried to keep all the characters in character.

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Chapter One

"Alright everyone, gather around!" Mira called from behind the bar. "We need to discuss today's plans to get Natsu and Lucy together before they arrive today."

At Mira's call everyone in the guild began to gather around close to the bar. After countless attempts at getting the two teammates to realize their feelings and get together Mira had recently decided to enlist the help of the entire guild. So far they had had no luck.

"Alright, we've got to give it our best shot today to get Lucy and Natsu together. I expect everyone to have a plan." Mira announced.

"I am in agreement with Mira." Erza said. "Those two need our help or they might never get together. They even went on a mission with just the two of them last week and didn't realize their feelings."

"Flame Brain is so dense that I don't know if he even knows what love is." Gray said, as he unconsciously stripped his shirt off. "We might be able to get it through to Lucy though."

"So everyone has an idea right?" Mira asked the gathered guild members. A chorus of agreement rose up from the guild members.

"Juvia will try her best so that Lucy will no longer be a love rival for Gray-sama!" the determined water mage exclaimed.

"I'll give Lucy a fake card reading to indicate that Natsu likes her." Cana said, taking another swig of her beer.

"And I'll talk to Lu-chan about Natsu liking her." Levy added from her seat.

"I guess I can try talking to the Fire Idiot as well, I guess, though I don't know if it will help." Gray said.

"I'll help you." Gajeel added, from the back of the crowd. "That idiot's so dense that it will take more than one person to get it through his thick skull that he likes Bunny Girl."

"Helping your friends in love is Man!" Elfman exclaimed.

Evergreen smacked Elfman on the back of his head. "Will you stop saying that everything is 'man'." She told him.

"Oh, Ever and Elfman are having a lover's quarrel." Bixlow teased from next to them.

"We are not!" they both denied.

Mira smiled upon seeing this adding them to her list of couples to fix together.

"So does everyone understand what to do?" Erza asked in a stern voice, glaring at all the guild members.

"Of course, Erza!" everyone hastily agreed.

"I feel kind of bad doing this." Wendy admitted to Carla quietly. "Shouldn't we let Lucy-san and Natsu-san confess in their own time?"

"Those two are too dense." Carla replied. "If we waited for them to confess on their own it would never happen."

"Everyone, Nastu-nii and Lucy-nee are headed this way! They are almost here!" Romeo exclaimed as he rushed into the guild.

"Okay everyone act normal." Mira said as the guild members dispersed and went about their normal activities.

"I don't get why you're so upset, Luce." Natsu was saying as he walked into the guild with Lucy beside him.

Natsu, that food was supposed to last all week and you ate it all in less than a day!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Well you need to buy more next time." Natsu replied.

Lucy sighed. "I don't think I have enough storage for all the food you would eat in a week, Natsu."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!" Natsu exclaimed.

"It means you're a pig, Flame Head!" Gray yelled out.

"You looking for a fight, Ice Pick!" Natsu yelled back.

"Bring it, Fire Breath!"

"You're on, Stripper!"

And with that the usual fight between Nastu and Gray was on.

"Hello Lu-chan!" Levy called as Lucy approached the bar.

"Levy-chan, hi!" Lucy replied. "Oh, I finished the latest chapter of my novel for you." Lucy pulled a sheaf of paper out and held it out to Levy.

Levy squealed with delight as she took the papers from Lucy. "I've been wondering what was going to happen next, Lu-chan!"

"Well now you don't have to wait any longer, Levy-chan." Lucy said as Levy began to read the chapter.

"Hey Lucy, how about I give you a card reading?" Cana asked as she sat down on the other side of her.

"Sure, why not?" Lucy replied with a smile.

Cana pulled her cards out and began her reading as she drew several cards out. "Hhmmm." Cana mumbled, pretending to be deep in thought.

"What do they say, Cana?" Lucy asked eagerly.

"The cards are predicting that your true love is closer than you think." Cana replied. "He's probably in the guild right now."

"Really, I wonder who it could be." Cana's face paled at how dense Lucy was.

"I think I know who it is, Lu-chan." Levy said helpfully.

"Who, Levy-chan?"

"Natsu." Levy replied simply.

"Levy might be on to something here, Lucy." Mira said, joining their conversation. "After all you and Nastu are really close."

"Don't be silly," Lucy replied. "What makes you think Natsu is my love, Levy-chan?"

Well I recently came across this book that lists signs that a guy likes you." Levy explained. "One sign is that he'll find ways to touch you. Natsu is always grabbing your hand or putting his arm around your shoulders. It also says a guy will tease you if he likes you. Natsu calls you 'weirdo', Lu-chan. Another sign is they always want to be around you." Levy concluded.

"That's right! Natsu's always going on missions with you, Lucy." Mira said.

"You know, Levy-chan," Lucy started with a sly look at her friend. "That sounds a lot like you and Gajeel."

"W-what?" Levy stuttered. "It's not at all the same!"

"Oh, yes it is, Levy-chan. Gajeel is always calling you 'shrimp' and I heard he's been going on missions with team Shadow Gear lately."

-Nice avoidance tactic, Lucy.- Mira thought. –Turn the situation back on Levy. - Mira made a mental note to make Levy and Gajeel her next couple project. It was definitely time for them to get together.

"I wouldn't disregard what Levy and Mira-nee said, Lucy." Lisanna said from behind Lucy. "I've known Natsu for a long time and there's definitely something there."

"I agree kina." Kinana said as she walked behind the bar to fetch an order for one of the guild members.

"You guys are just imaging things." Lucy said. "Natsu and I are just friends."

The girl's sighed as their hints were completely ignored by the blonde celestial mage.

"Lucy," Erza said as she came up to the group of girls after breaking up Natsu and Gray's fight. "If you need to go on a job today you'll have to go with just Natsu. Both myself and Gray are unable to go."

"Actually, Erza, I don't need to go on a job right now. Amazingly on our last job together Natsu didn't destroy anything so I got enough of the reward money to cover two months of rent." Lucy said, happily.

Erza sighed as she sat down on a bar stool. –Of all the time for Natsu to not destroy anything. - She thought. "Mira, can I get a piece of strawberry cake?"

"Of course, Erza." Mira replied, as she turned around to get the cake. "None of our hints have been working." Mira whispered to Erza as she handed her the cake. "That's hope the guys are having better luck with Natsu."

They both took a quick glance at the boys sitting at a table a little ways away.

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