Well, I forgot telling you something: In this fic it's as normal as women that men are pregnant

Chapter 2: Memories


"You're a fucking stupid James! I hate you!"

"Logan please!"

"How long have you been cheating on me? Ah?"

"3 months"

"3 months? 3 MONTHS?! 3 FUCKING MONTHS?!"


"How many people?"



"Why James? What did I do?"


"You know what? I don't wanna know"

"Logan wait!" he said and grabbed my arm.


"Not until you let me explain!"


"Logan calm down!"


In that moment someone arrived, it was Kendall; he's a player of the hockey team. "What's happening here?"


"Don't do anything hockey player!" James said.

"Let him go" Kendall said.

"Or what? You're going to hit me with your stick?"

"Let. Him. Go"

James released my arm, in that moment I kicked his crotch, hard, earning a moan with pain from him, then I ran to the bathroom, leaving James on the floor, writhing in pain.

I entered to a cabin and sat on the toilet while crying, I did everything James wanted, except for having sex with him. Someone entered to the bathroom.


It was James, Oh no, I tried to stop crying, and I did it, but James kicked every door until he got to where I was.

"I found you"

"Leave me alone!" I said, crying.

He entered to the cabin and kicked me out; I fell on the floor very hard, hurting my left arm.


"Everybody's in class. No one can hear you"

"HELP! S-SOMEONE, PLE-ASE!" I screamed, I was crying so much.

James started to hit me on the face with his fist, I tried to cover myself but it didn't work, I curled into a ball on the floor while James kicked me. Then someone entered to the room and hit James, right in the face.

"Logan! Oh Logan are you Ok?!"

"N-no-o, J-James hi-t m-e to-too m-much"

"I'm going to kill you!" Kendall yelled at James.

James tried to get up, but Kendall got over him and started to hit him in the face, very hard.

"Kendall stop!" I said, but he wouldn't listen. "Kendall!… KENDALL!"

He stopped hitting James and turned to me, James got up and ran out of the bathroom.

"Can you get up?"

I tried to get up. "N-no"

"Ok, so I'll have to lift you up"

Kendall lifted me up and brought me to the nursery. Once there, we entered and met with the nurse.

"Oh my god! What happened to you" she asked.

Kendall put me down on the bed. "James Maslow hit him"

"Oh god, I have to call an ambulance, you're too bad to be treated here" and she left to call an ambulance.

Kendall's POV

We arrived to the hospital, two paramedics got Logan out of the ambulance in a stretcher, they brought him to a room, and I had to run after them.

One hour later Logan was sleeping, I was sitting on a chair next to his bed when the doctor entered to the room and woke Logan up.

"Hi Logan, how are you feeling?"

"Better I think, what did exactly happen to me?"

"Well, you have a broken arm, also your chest is injured, and you have some bruises in your face, but you'll be perfectly fine in a month" the doctor said and left.

"Oh god, how am I gonna tell this to my parents?"

"You don't have to" I said.


"Your parents are in the waiting room, I told them everything like half an hour ago"

"Were they upset?"

"Your father was, but with James, and your mother was too worried"

"Oh god, fucking James!"

"He's at the police station right now"


"Yes, I think they're going to bring him to the reformatory"

"I don't care, but I hope he's raped there for every single man!" he said angrily. "Emm… Kendall, why did you protect me so much?"

"Because you're my friend"

"Am I? We have barely talked"

"Logan, almost everybody in school is my friend" I lied.


I sighed in defeat. "Ok, I'm… I'm… I'm in love with you!"

"What? Why? I'm a nerd"

"You're not a nerd Logan, you're the most beautiful person I've ever met"

"But you're dating Kate"

"Kate? No! She's my best friend, we just pretended that"


"I wanted to see if you would get jealous" Logan chuckled. "What is so funny?"

"You're so sweet"

I narrowed my eyes. "What?"

"Come here"

I got up from my chair and went to the bed Logan was on. "What's wrong?"

"Kiss me"


"Just kiss me"

I closed the distance between our lips in a sweet kiss, Logan tasted so good, I think I'm getting addicted to him, even with just one kiss.

"Your kisses are very good" he said.

I chuckled and my face went red. "Thanks. Emm… does this make us couple?"

"I don't know Kendall. James hurt me so bad and…"

"Please Logan, I wouldn't be able to hurt you"



I kissed Logan eagerly, then the doctor entered and said that Logan had to sleep, and made me leave.

The next day:

Logan was being released today, they had him in observation the whole night, he has to come again in a month for revision.

I was so happy that he accepted to be my boyfriend, but he didn't seem as happy as me.

"Logie, I want to ask you something: ¿Why don't you seem happy about us?"

"I'm happy Kendall. The thing is that I'm afraid you would hurt me like James did"

"Logie, I'm never gonna hurt you; please Logie, you can trust me"

"Ok Kenny; I'll trust you"

Flashback Ends

"Kendall was very brave" Carlos said.

"Yes. Well Carlos, it was good to see you, I have to go back and check on Kendall"

"Bye Logs"

"Bye Carlos, bye Chris!"

I left Carlos' room and went to my husband's. Kendall was asleep, but he looked like he was having nightmares, I ran to him and saw sweat all over his body, but it was cold sweat. I had to wake Kendall up.

"Kenny! Wake up!"

"Ah? What happened Logie?"

"You were having nightmares"

"Was I?"

"Yes, you also were sweating coldly"

"Oh god. What are we gonna do? You can't go home in this condition"

"I can go home, it's just nightmares"

"Do you know how much important sleeping is?"

"Yeah I know. But I can go home"

"No you can't"

"Yes I can"





"Stop being so stubborn! You can't go home like this!"

"I hate you!"

"I love you too Kenny"

Two days after:

We decided that Kendall could go home, but I had to supervise him the whole day. When we arrived home, Kendall went straight to our bedroom and locked the door.

"Kenny open the door"

"Logie, I want to be alone for a while"

"You can't"

"Why? I'm not going to do anything"

"Kendall, I have orders to don't leave you alone, there are risks"

"What kind of risks?"

"I'm not gonna tell you, it's going to upset you"

"I'm not going to, I promise"

"You can suicide or kill the baby"

"I'm not gonna do that!"


"Please Logie! I want some minutes alone"

"5 minutes. Not more"


Kendall's mental moment:

I heard footsteps going downstairs, I was so upset! I'm going to kill James, he knocked me up, and now I had to stand 9 months of unwanted pregnancy.

This is going to destroy my work, well, it had already done it, I can't get out of my house, Logan has to be the whole day by my side, I'm also puking the whole day, I have headaches, stomachaches, and Carlos said I'm going to be worst.

But Logan didn't mind being with me the whole day, and I didn't too, I love him, that's why we're married.But I don't want the baby, and Logan does, and he isn't gonna change my mind, when this baby is born, I'm going to give to a family that really wants to have it.

Kendall's mental moment ends.

"Kendall, open the door" I said.

"It hasn't been 5 minutes"

"It has been 10 minutes Kenny"


"Yes, look: it was 1:25 when you entered, and now it's 1:35"

"Oh, Ok"

Kendall opened the door and I came in. "You should sleep"

"I'm not tired Logie"



"Want something?"



"Do you wanna shower with me, Logie?"

I rolled my eyes. "Ok, take your clothes out"

- Short Kendall's mental moment: By my mind crossed memories about the day James raped me, and when he said what Logan had just said, it was so scary -.


"Kendall what's wrong?" I said and tried to take Kendall's arm.


"Kenny calm down"


"Kendall, I'm Logan, Logie"


"What?… James?… Oh no"

I went to the bathroom and took an injection with a medicine for stress, I came back and Kendall was in a corner, crying and shaking, I knelt next to him, put the needle in his arm and injected the medicine in him.

"What is that?"

"Something for stress, don't worry Kenny"

"Who are you? Who's Kenny? I don't know you!"

- Oh fuck - I thought. "Kendall, calm down. My name is Logan Henderson, I'm your husband, in this moment you have amnesia, I have to take you to a hospital, but I need you to be calm and listen to me, Ok?"

Kendall just nodded. We got up and went to the car, then I drove to the hospital.

"Where are we going?"

"To the hospital"

"What's that?"

"Don't worry about it Kendall"


When we arrived at the hospital, Kendall and I went in, I talked to the receptionist, she called the psychologist of the hospital, who met us in her office.

"Hi Logan"

"Hi Lena"

"Why are you two here?" I told here everything that had happened to Kendall these days. "Oh god, that's very bad"

"Yeah, and now he has amnesia"

"Well, wait for him outside please"


I left the room and sat at the waiting room, Kendall is so bad, and I don't know what's gonna happen to him.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realized I was crying, I'm so worried about Kendall, fucking James this is his whole fault!, I'm gonna get him and put him in prison for this life and the other!

Kendall and Lena went out of the office, Kendall walked to me and sat next to me.


"Yes Logie?"

"Oh god you're fine"

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"It's a long story"

"Shall we go home?"

"Let's go"

We got up and went to the car, Kendall drove us home, there we went to our room, it was late, so we took our clothes out and put our pyjamas on, we rapidly fell asleep.

One week later:

Kendall and I were in the bathroom, Kendall was in front of the toilet vomiting and I was rubbing his back, he finished and I started talking. "Feeling better?"

"Yes Logie, but vomiting is disgusting"

"Don't worry about it, it's gonna disappear in a few months"

"How many months are left?"

"8 months and 3 weeks"

"Oh god, that's too much. I can't wait to give this baby to a family that really wants it"

"Emm… Kenny, you know I wanna keep the baby"

"But I don't"

"But I do, seriously Kendall, I want this baby!"

"But I don't!"

"But I do!"


My face dropped, Kendall sometimes was so mean. "Ok"

Kendall sighed. "I'm sorry for yelling at you Logan, but I don't want this baby"

"Don't worry. But you should think about it, having a baby would be a big responsibility, but it's something amazing too Kenny, and this would be out first child, it would be so amazing!"

"I don't know Logie. Wait, did you just say 'our baby'?"

"Yes, why?"

"This isn't your baby Logan, it's product of a raping"

"But this is like my baby, it's inside you, my husband!"

"Well, if you say so"

"Oh Kendall, what is in your mind that doesn't let you see, eh?"

"Nothing Logie, it's just that…"

"You know what? I don't wanna know, you should go and eat something"

Kendall and I stood up, he went downstairs to the kitchen and I lied on bed. A moment later Kendall came in and lied next to me.

"What did you eat?"



"All the food in the fridge is disgusting"

"You bought everything!"

"But I don't crave anything there"

"Oh god" I said and rolled my eyes and went to kiss Kendall.

We stayed in bed for half an hour watching TV, I saw that Kendall was a bit desperate when he finally snapped. "Oh Logan I'm so hot!" he said desperately.

"And what do you want me to do?" I asked funnily.

"Wanna make love to me?" he asked seductively and started kissing my neck.

"I don't know, I'm so tired" I said while stretching out.

"What?! You don't wanna make love to me?!"

"Of course I want!"

Kendall instantly kissed me, he got on top of me and continued with my neck, I moaned and Kendall started taking my clothes out, he took my shirt off and started sucking on my nipples, he bit my left nipple and I groaned in pleasure.

"Please Kendall speed up, I need you!"

"Clam down babe, I want more pleasure"

Kendall bit my right nipple and then traced his way through my abdomen right to my pant's while he licked all of it by the middle. Kendall undid my button and unzipped my pants, I was so hot that my boxers were hurting me down there.

"Kendall please, the boxers are hurting me"

"Nice bulge Logie"

"Kendall! That's embarrassing"

"Why? I like it"

"Just keep going please!"

Kendall lowered my boxers and took my cock in his right hand and started pumping it, then he took it in his mouth and started sucking on it while I moaned.

"Oh god Kenny, that feels so good!"

"Owh Lowguie ywo twawste swo goowd"


Kendall took my dick out of his mouth and repeated. "I said: oh Logie you taste so good"

"Oh" I said ashamed.

Kendall chuckled. "You're so adorable, my beautiful Logie"

"You're more adorable, my handsome Kenny"

"I love you"

"I love you too"

"Well, let's keep going" Kendall said seductively.

Kendall sucked my dick for 15 minutes before I exploded in his mouth, he swallowed it all and went back up to kiss me.

"No!" I snapped at him.

"Kiss me!"

"No! You have semen in your mouth!"

"It's your semen!"

"It's still disgusting"

"Just kiss me"

I sighed and connected out lips, Kendall lifted me up so I was over him, he still was dressed, so I started undressing him.

I went to his nipples and did exactly what he did to me, but I bit harder than he did.

"Ouch! Logie I didn't bite you so hard!"

"But I felt like doing it"

Kendall shut up while I sucked on his nipples, then I went to his jean and undid his button, then I unzipped his jeans.

"You meant it when you said you were SO hot" I said and started lowering his boxers.

"Yeah, now suck it!"

"Hey! hey! hey! Wait a minute"


"You're treating me like, I don't know, a slut?"

"Why do you say that?"

"You know what I mean Kenny" I said sternly.

"Ok, Ok, I'm sorry Logie. I'm gonna say it again: could you please suck?"

"That sounds weird" I said and started sucking my husband's cock while I heard his moans of pleasure.

A moment later Kendall's cum was in my mouth, I opened my mouth and all the semen was spilled over Kendall's body.

I went to kiss Kendall, waiting for him to push me back, but instead of that he attacked my lips, I took a condom out of the nightstand and put it in Kendall's dick, then he took it and put it in my entrance.

"Ready?" he asked.


Kendall started entering slowly, he got out and entered again, I made him stop and started bouncing on his dick.

"Wow Logie it feels so good!"

"I-I K-know!"

We made love for about an hour in different positions before Kendall cummed inside me - in the condom obviously. We fell on the bed, Kendall wrapped his arms around me and I was about falling asleep when Kendall spoke.

"Do you remember out first time?"

"Yes, it was the most perfect night we've had"

"And remember what happened the day after?"


7 years ago, when Kendall and Logan were in 10th grade:

Kendall's POV

I entered to Mayo high school with my boyfriend, Logan, I was extremely happy 'cause we had had our first time last night, Logan kissed me on the lips and went to his locker, I saw my best friend, Carlos, and walked towards him.

"Hi Carlos!"

"Hi Ken-dork"

"I told you not to call me that"

"Sorry. Hi Kendo"

"Better. Now you're not gonna believe me what happened last night!"


I looked everywhere to make sure no one was hearing us. "Logan and I had our first time last night"


"Yes! It was so amazing"

"Is Logan good?"


"I just wanna know!"

"Yes, he is" I whispered. "What about Dak?"

"You know we're not couple"

"Oh please Carlos, don't lie to me, you spend every single day together"

"Ok! We're hanging, but we haven't made it official"

"Oh, Ok. And Carlos"


"DON'T TELL ANYONE I TOLD YOU THIS!" I whisper-shouted him.

"Ok, I won't tell anyone"

"Specially Dak, you know he always tells everyone about everything", the bell rang.

"I swear"

"Ok. Bye Los"

"Bye Ken-dork"


"Bye Kendo!"

I rolled my eyes and went to my class, there I met with my boyfriend looking at me bitterly.

"What happened Logie?"

"I waited for you like 20 minutes in my locker until the bell rang like a jerk"

"I'm sorry Logie! But I was talking with Carlos and the time passed"

"You didn't tell him about last night, did you?" he asked.

"No Logan"

"You better keep shut"

"Ok. Can I have a kiss?"

"Yeah, I think so"

I leaned and kissed Logan sweetly on the lips, then I kissed him on the cheek before the teacher entered to the classroom.

"Good morning class"

The class went by pretty quickly, when we went out of the classroom I took Logan's hand and walked him to his locker, but something strange was on, some people were looking weird at us and some others would whisper to a friend something.

"Do you know what are they talking about?" Logan asked confused.

"No Logie"

"You're lying to me"

"Why would I?" I asked and moved my shoulders.

"You told him!" Logan yelled.



"Calm down Logie, you're just making people look at us"

"I don't care! No one needs to know that we had our first time last night!"

"You are telling them by yelling at me"

"Like they didn't know!"

"You're just reaffirming what Dak told 'em!"

"You know what? I wouldn't care if anyone knew about what we did last night if James wasn't here anymore, but guess what, he still is here! And now I'm gonna have him after me just for that! And guess something else too! I'm sick of this!… You know? I better get to class"

"Logan please! Are you gonna let a rumor destroy what we have?"

Logan just walked away to Spanish class, I walked after him and tried to take his hand, but he would just take it away and walk faster.

"Logan please! Don't destroy what we have just for that"

"I'm not breaking up with you because you told Carlos"

"So why are you doing this?" I asked almost crying.

"I'm breaking up with you because you fucking lied to me!", tears started rolling down my face. "Why are you crying?"

"Because I don't want this to end! I wanna be with you Logan! I'm so sorry if I lied to you, and I know you can't stand being in a relationship with someone that lied to you! But I'm really sorry Logan!" I answered while crying, some people were around us.

"So why did you do it?!"

"I don't know! I was really excited and needed to tell someone about it"

"Just leave me alone" he said and left.

I wanted to kill Zevon and Carlos, I was so angry, I went to the bathroom, went into a cabin and hit the wall as hard as I could until some of my knuckles were bleeding, I got out of there and washed my hands, then I went to Spanish class but didn't see Logan there.

When the class was over I went to the parking lot and looked for Logan, when he was upset he would come here and sit at his car, but this time his car wasn't here so he would be on the sidewalk, I spotted him next to the road and went where he was.

"H-hi Logie"

"What do you want?"

"I want to apologize, what I did was wrong knowing that you didn't like liars in a relationship, but, you know, I was so excited and had to tell someone"


"What do I have to do to gain you back? Do you wanna hit me in the face, in the stomach, in my balls?"

Logan slapped me in the face as hard as he could, and it was worse than I thought it would have been, I moaned in pain and took my burning cheek. "Does this bring us back together?"

"We'll see" he said and kissed my burning cheek.

Flashback Ends

Logan's POV

"… we almost broke up" I said.

"No, we don't almost broke up, we BROKE UP"


"And that was the first time you slapped me too"

"Yes, it wasn't pleasant"

Kendall chuckled and hugged me, I kissed him on the cheek and went to sleep.

I hope you liked it! Sorry if I wasn't with you for 2 weeks but I was too busy!