Dead and in the ground was where I currently was positioned. I had been killed in the worst way possible. My eyes had been torn out without mercy and my body was savagely gutted and mutilated. While I had bled my life out, my girlfriend, Bethany, had been with me; she had told me stories and her voice slowly faded. My best friend, Jam, had held my head on his lap. He had suddenly gotten up and through my haze I could hear terrible sniffling and I'm pretty sure he was getting pretty choked up. I suppose I would be too, though.

Now I was watching from a bird's eye view. I could see anything I wanted as it happened. At the moment I was watching as Jam held Bethany tightly as she slept. I could see his mind was elsewhere. He suddenly got up and walked out the door. I followed with my eyes. I imagined myself walking with him. He ended up at a huge cemetery. He stopped at a certain gravestone.

Erec Rex

This was the gravestone that marked my grave. Then I watched as Jam, the man I had known to be stronger than anyone, pull out flowers from his coat and completely lose it. He fell to his knees, clutched the flowers to his chest and sobbed uncontrollably. His crying did not cease. He abruptly raised his chin up so his face was toward the sky. It almost seemed like he could see me watching him. As soon as he had lifted his head he let loose a bloodcurdling scream of agony and sorrow. Jam's eyes were closed tightly.

I cried along with him. I had caused my best friend so much pain even while I was alive and I realized that the pain I caused while I was dead was much, much worse. Jam let his head fall on his chest. He leaned forward, placing the flowers on my grave. Then he sat back on his legs, his back hunched. He was still crying and trying to compose himself. It wasn't working much.

I felt something different then. It felt as though I was being pulled down against my will. I landed on the ground. I walked up to my friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. He started and looked back at me. His bloodshot eyes widened.


I nodded. I pulled him into a tight hug, smiling as I did so. Something still felt off, however. I looked down at myself and saw that I was slightly transparent. Then I knew. I had come back as a ghost. That meant I could be with Jam forever until he joined me. I could be with Bethany again. I could see my father every day like I used to. Jam slowly fell asleep against me.

I looked at the flowers on my grave.

"Good night, Jam," I said. I kissed his head softly. His breathing was normal and his tearstained cheeks lifted as he smiled gently.